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I am A Seventh Day Adventist Christian we live in A world that has A total death rate, I invite you to put nothing between you and The Lord as more important. i am A Single Christ centered man, no family no one close, seeking A SDA lady who is looking for a man, i am poor but am lonesome and in need of a wife. Would Love to have A daughter before i die.

  • Anti mal wear anti virus?

    I got a "old" dell computer with a small memory using Norton.360 but need better and a anti mal ware program any good ideas please be sure.

    4 AnswersSecurity8 years ago
  • Any doctors out there?

    I can eat pizza but mushroom soup tears my stomach up. Sends me to the bathroom. I can't afford a doctor so "friendly " advice please. I am afraid to even enjoy a malt.

    3 AnswersCancer8 years ago
  • Facebook blank on Internet explorer?

    on Google Chrome it works okay but why on internet explorer does it show a blank page, no photos nothing, i have installed the latest adobe flash what do i do to fix this and please go "step by step" thanks i need the help not a computer expert.

    2 AnswersFacebook8 years ago
  • Several Computer questions for those who know what there doing.?

    First i have Windows XP Media center i run Internet explorer i do have chrome from Google but don't know how to make it my main thing instead of Internet explorer cause on internet explorer i get on a lot of sights "invalid argument" all the time as a pop up and i "hate" that and don't know how to make it stop, how do i make Google chrome my main browser and please go "Step by step" but on some sights that "annoying" pop up "invalid argument" still pops up on Chrome also what do i do to make that stop thanks. Oh if it matters i got me a old Dell computer desk top.

    2 AnswersSecurity8 years ago
  • Pop up keeps saying "invalid pointer" how do i fix it and why is that happening.?

    i got a older Dell Computer running windows xp and how do i fix this annoying problem, i do have system mechanic but it don't seam to fix that problem? the pointer i have is a nice one i would hate to have to buy another.

    4 AnswersSecurity8 years ago
  • Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome which is best and why?

    Firefox not a option as it don't work well with my COMPUTER which is a older Dell Computer, need input thanks.

    8 AnswersGoogle8 years ago
  • Google Chrome as a browser your input its okay or bad?

    Internet explorer is not as good as it should be and Firefox a lot of sights it won't operate in i have a Old Computer not much memory space so which browser do i use?

    4 AnswersGoogle8 years ago
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers?

    Firefox won't let me use it on Facebook on and on a lot of sights some its fine how and please go step by step do i fix Firefox so it works better?

    2 AnswersOther - Internet8 years ago
  • McAfee, Norton, NOD 32 which is the best?

    and please from people who know what there talking about looking for a good anti virus i got a Dell Dimension E310 with Windows give me some helpful ideas on the best protection for my computer thanks.

    3 AnswersSoftware9 years ago
  • Who would make a good President for The USA and why?

    give an honest answer please and be polite thanks.

    4 AnswersGovernment9 years ago
  • if a single Seventh Day Adventist Man from The USA was seeking a single woman same faith:?

    Would Yahoo Answers be a good place to place a ad for that purpose your opinion. i mean to me it looked like a great idea.

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Browser and Computer Question knowledgeable answers please?

    if is my understanding that places i visit attach a cookie to my browser that lets them know its me, is that the "Only" Way they know its me, i mean say i got Firefox and Internet Exp. i deleted the Internet Exp. cookies but some places know my computer anyway, so in "easy" terms explain how this works, dose it work the same way say on Firefox? i am not any computer expert so use easy words please serious answers only Thanks and God bless.

    3 AnswersProgramming & Design9 years ago
  • Yahoo Messenger question:?

    People even when i am not giving Messenger the ability to send forward it to my cell phone too do that anyway. if i add a cell phone number i am very careful "not" to allow messages to be sent to my cell but "Only" when "i" tell it to send to that mobile number but some people from some countries can send it to my cell phone anyway even when i did not tell it to do that, how are they having the ability to do that? does deleting my cell phone mobile abilities the "only" way to keep people from doing that, its very annoying when at work to get messages from Yahoo Messenger when i was not wanting that to happen. Even sometimes people from msn Messenger can do that and i am not signed into a mobile devise there. So step by step tell me how to fix this thanks God bless.

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Messenger9 years ago
  • Google mail from A few questions.?

    Okay i know yahoo and hotmail have messenger programs, However how about Google does not have a messenger program is this correct? How safe is anyway what do you know about it and how do you know it? Honest answers only please thanks and God bless.

    3 AnswersGoogle10 years ago
  • I am in A lot of trouble and need some advice on what to do.?

    I have went to A debt consolidation place and they advised me to file bankruptcy but in my state it cost about $1500.00 to do that i have been paying some each month but could not come up with the payments they wanted now i it is being turned over to an collection agency or attorney i have no way to defend myself i do not have the money to fight this what do i do PLEASE no nasty remarks i am just seeking some honest "friendly" advice. Thanks.

    3 AnswersOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • Picture taking problem only serious answers please?

    I have A Kodak Easy Share z650 and another smaller one and this one has several settings of flash but when i take photos of people i almost always come up with red eye and i hate that, how exactly step by step do i handle that. Now i can fix some of it on my computer but how do i prevent that red eye in the first place?

    3 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago
  • Someone wants to connect to my Answers 360 page???

    Okay someone and please i am new at computers wants to "connect" to your Yahoo answers page, your 360 page i believe they call it a blog or something close, what exactly does that mean when they "connect" there a fan or what? Does that give them control or something? If i wanted to ask Yahoo itself who would i email? Again i am new at computers so please explain in simple and polite terms, Thanks.

    1 AnswerYahoo Profiles1 decade ago
  • Answers photo problems?

    Problem, i am new at computers but i had my photo on my display that is on my answers so when i post or answer a question they can see me, but sometimes it just shows this blank image or no photo at all, is there something i can do and if i must do and go step by step as i said i am new, is it me or are they messing up.

    1 AnswerPreferences and Settings1 decade ago
  • Error 999 Message what to do?

    I am very new at computers but i enjoy these Yahoo Answer things and answer these things regular now i am coming up with these error messages everytime i try to reply and hit sent to answer a question, not i know its not my computer as i've dell on call its not me and i can't contact Yahoo because they won't reply exept with a recorded answer which to dell on call and me makes no scence at all, so what do i do to get Yahoo answers to let me alone with getting in my way ot answering questions, i have the latest norton 360 so again its not me, what do i do, and make it step by step as me and dell on call have tryed everything.

    3 AnswersNotices and Errors1 decade ago
  • This is a computer related question?

    Okay I have Norton on my dell computer and I've also something called Ad-Ware SE when i right click on it, it gives me the option of useing my Norton to scan my Ad-Ware with is it safe to use my Norton to scan my Ad-Ware with, will the two get along? Thanks I am "new" at computers so please make sure your anwser is correct, thanks.

    8 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago