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I have worked in horse racing for 10+ years and will do my very best to answer any questions you may have on the subject.

  • Sadler's Wells has been retired. Any thoughts on the next great racing sire?

    It was announced this afternoon that Sadler's Wells - champion sire in Europe countless times - has been retired due to declining fertility and old age - he's the same age as me, 27!

    Who do you think the next great sire to emerge in Europe will be?

    I'd have to be obvious and go with either Monsun (he's got great horses so far from pretty limite opportunities), Pivotal (again great things to come from this one) or even Montjeu (temperamental, and prone to passing it on to his progeny, but a brilliant racehorse with good results from only a few crops to race).

    What do you think?

    6 AnswersHorse Racing1 decade ago
  • Gives us some tips for Cheltenham!?

    I've had a poor week - 1 winner, 3 seconds!

    What are your tips for today?

    I'm having an each-way flutter on Exotic Dancer but that's all I can come up with for now!

    10 AnswersHorse Racing1 decade ago
  • The Green Monkey Retired to Stud!?

    Someone shoot me now! What on earth is this horse doing going to stud?! He is a failed racehorse with a not exactly red-hot pedigree.

    This is why we have an over-production problem - sub-standard stallions covering sub-standard mares!

    Anyone disagree with me or have another take on the situation?

    10 AnswersHorse Racing1 decade ago
  • Fallon has been given an 18 month ban - your thoughts?

    Kieren Fallon has been given an 18 month WORLDWIDE ban from race riding following his postive test for cocaine.

    Is this the end of his career or can he come back from it and will Coolmore stand by him?

    I personally doubt that Coolmore will stand by him, but a comeback is possible.

    It is a great shame, he is a very talented horseman, but obviously a tortured soul.

    12 AnswersHorse Racing1 decade ago
  • Is this the end of the road for Keiren Fallon?

    The B sample has tested positive and he now faces a hearing in January.

    Can his career recover from this latest blow?

    Will Coolmore continue to stand by him?

    I don't want answers full of Fallon bashing, just opinions on whether he can make a comeback from such a low.

    8 AnswersHorse Racing1 decade ago
  • What do you think of the George Washington/Holy Roman Emperor saga?

    For those of you that don't know, George Washington has been taken out of stud duties as he has turned out to be infertile: Coolmore have responded by retiring Holy Roman Emperor in his place with immediate effect. Antoone else think this is appalling? Its not like Coolmore need the money, and Aiden O'Brien seems VERY unhappy about it. Unless a horse suffers an injury, there is no way a horse should be retired after only 1 season to race.

    Perhaps they will send George back out on the racetrack, but I'd say that's doubtful.

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  • Barbaro - the inevitable?

    Very sad to hear that Barbaro was put down on Monday, but wasn't this the only outcome? There is a reason why they usually euthanise horses immediatly after such a severe injury: there are just too many complications involved and you could argue that Barbaro was put through 8 months of pain for nothing. Don't get me wrong, I'm very sad that he has been put down, we were all rooting for a miracle, but surely it would have been kinder to destroy him at the time.

    What do you think?

    8 AnswersHorse Racing1 decade ago
  • Invasor v. Discreet Cat?

    Who of these two would you back in the Dubai World Cup, assuming they run, and why?

    I think Discreet Cat is a very talented horse, but he has never had to fight for a win and Invasor is far more battle hardened. Saying that Discreet Cat will get a weight allowance for being younger and has won his races very impressively. Debate!

    9 AnswersHorse Racing1 decade ago
  • Pregnant or just paranoid?

    I last had sex about 10 weeks ago, I am on the pill and during my 2 "Pill free" weeks I have had slight bleeding, but not as heavy as my usual period. I have taken 4 home pregnancy tests over the last 6 weeks and all have been negative. However I have been feeling sick and dizzy for a few weeks and am worried I may be pregnant. I know that home tests are supposed to be 99% accurate, and surely 4 cannot all be wrong. Am I just paranoid?

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  • Is Frankie behaving like a spoilt child after the QEII on Saturday?

    For those of you who don't know, after the QEII at Ascot on Saturday Frankie Detttori claimed that Seamus Heffernan had intentionally caused interference on Ivan Denisovich (also trained by Aidan O'Brien) by bumping his horse when coming round the final bend. Is this not hypocritical? Look at what happened in the 2001 Irish Champion Stakes with Fantastic Light and Galileo.

    Another case of Coolmore v. Godolphin?

    What are your views?

    2 AnswersHorse Racing1 decade ago
  • Is it true that Joss Whedon is working on a Spike film? I still have Buffy withdrawl!?

    Where can I find out more info if this is true

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