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I live in San Jose with my boyfriend. I generally take public transit.

  • can't moderators turn off mics?

    during debates when a contestant talks over the assigned time, or talks, out of turn, over their opponent??  Doing so would save time and respect everyone's time.  

    I think we have the technology for that!!

    4 AnswersElections3 weeks ago
  • are we engaging in national suicide?

    are we really that stupid??

    A mature response would be to have the public health officer of the area come on TV/ radio/ internet, whatever, give us clear, straightforward facts, and AS ADULTS without the need for mandates, we would follow their advice and "protect each other".  "Were all in this together" I always read, so the mandate ought to be in our HEARTS and MINDS.  

    But no, we are CHILDREN in the bad way: mommy and daddy are stealing our freedoms, so we rebel, and pay with our lives, literally.  

    Embarrassed and ashamed of our national response (that has led to the above article.  Thanks to heroes and mature, essential people, incl me a DC.  )

    Politics2 months ago
  • Don't patients need protection also?

    I was at my optometrist office just now to renew damaged reading glasses. Their website warned us that the office would take our temperatures upon entry, and I had my "script" ready:

    What if I refuse?

    and their "question" (May I use this device to take your Temp?) is really a polite command.   

    Since vision is essential, legally and otherwise, do we have a practical choice??

    My Q now: don't people with fevers 

    (from whatever cause, and 

    who would apparently be denied opto services) also need their eyes tested and need usable reading glasses too?? (The "temperature lady" couldn't answer)

    Optical4 months ago
  • Is corona the earth's way to cut our #s?

    For humans, corona is Public Enemy #1 (at least 1 of them)

    From the earth's perspective, I often feel that WE are ITS #1 enemy:  our population is increasing at a geometric/ exponential rate; we are causing massive climate change, causing numerous life form extinctions, creating various environmental emergencies; unwise law and policy decisions, etc.

    If humans were to be totally/ largely wiped out, Gaia might finally begin to regenerate itself.  What think you?

    5 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology4 months ago
  • with all the fun we're having online, will we ever want to go back..?

    to in person gatherings, when health authorities say its safe to do so?  

    I hear everyone talk about the non-health advantages of online: 

    you don't have to leave shelter! 

    people can join in regardless of location (next door or other side of globe)!

    you can chat during meetings!  

    you can see people's names! and faces!

    you can stay anonymous!

    Some drawbacks: not everyone is online?  power or signal might be low, flaky, or absent?  People need exercise?   But I fear I am spoiling everyone's electronic party.

    5 AnswersEtiquette4 months ago
  • What should I do?  just let USPS do its job?

    I mailed 3 bill payments 1t class since late May: DMV, credit card, and nursing home.

    DMV is due today, and no checks show up in my bank online.

    Credit card and NH both mailed last Tuesday.  The first is due tomorrow and NH is Wed.  

    My boyfriend is telling me that USPS is just slow these days for obvious reasons, that I should simply wait until I receive angry notes from people.

    I am RARELY late with payments, and dont want to start now.  Do I need to call anyone and tell them that "check is in the mail"?  Will they believe me or care?

    2 AnswersCredit5 months ago
  • Are County Health Officers also government officials?

    is that how they have authority to "order" residents to do this or not do that?

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police5 months ago
  • possible to have a symbiosis with corona somehow?

    it possesses amazing power and abilities, and after we no longer feel threatened by its very existence, we can cooperate together and we can benefit from each other in some manner.

    That is my very long term goal during these times.  

  • what if 2 conflicting states of emergencies are issued at same time ?

    like shelter in place (now) and evacuate house due to fire or hurricane (common in E. Coast)?  How does THAT situation resolve?

    We are already in a chronic climate emergency now.

    2 AnswersGlobal Warming7 months ago
  • what happened to this "epidemic"/ "crisis"?

    The government never "ordered" stores to stop selling fattening foods and drinks.  I understand that obesity is not contagious, nor does it kill as fast.  But our officials seem selective as to when they shut down human society.  

    1 AnswerPolitics7 months ago
  • Does every person in US have easy internet access right now?  ?

    Even though it seems even more critical to have it nowdays, I tend to doubt it.  Homeless, and lower socio-eco people prob have limited connection ability.  

    Plus, the equipment, backup, and antivirus for ownership and maintenance is expensive 

    1 AnswerOther - Internet7 months ago
  • Is this the other reason "everything" is closed?

    A hypothetical: an organizer decides that they will have a "small" group, open to the public, during this time period.  The group meets, and someone has the "virus".  It spreads to someone else.  This "someone else" gets sick or dies.  This second person (or their family) sues the organizer.  Does this suit have merit?  Is the organizer liable?  

    2 AnswersPolitics7 months ago
  • does "social distancing" reinforce society's long standing ambivalence on human contact?

    hugs are not customary between strangers.  

    5 AnswersEtiquette7 months ago
  • WWJD today?

    Both my Catholic and Unitarian churches are physically closed today (yes I will attend both groups (so alike and so different).  

    Would Jesus "livestream" a mass or service to "social distance" himself?  Or would he heal the sick with his higher consciousness?  E.g.

  • I want a 3d option!!?

    My senior citizen mother needs oral surgery soon because of absesses, but this is not an "emergency". The surgeon she was referred to will charge us $12,000 for 1 jaw. That is unacceptable.

    This surgeon's office has offered Care Credit, but either way this amount is way too much.

    Im trying to create a dental miracle: create oral health without exorbitant expense: visit a naturopath, give anti-inflammatory supplements, eat properly and wash teeth. etc..

    How do I give her the care she needs at a reasonable price? I want a third option.

    2 AnswersDental2 years ago
  • Are the Olympics really happening in S. Korea?

    Watched the opening ceremonies convinced it was N. Not watched anything since then. Then in my language class, they told me I was wrong. Really?

    6 AnswersOlympics3 years ago
  • just realized I made a 10c mistake. Anyone else feel same way?

    when I shop for food and other stuff, I remember to avoid "buying" the bag (that used to be free).

    Just realized my guard was down last week buying bulkier objects. "Do you want a bag?" "Yes please". (false customer service, just like the waiter asking if you want x: must ask if its extra :(

    I already bicycle and take public transit a lot. I don't need to "prove" my envirnomentalism thru this. But I refuse to buy what was once at no charge. Below my dignity. Thankfully I think I know who will pay for it.

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys4 years ago
  • Can someone explain to me why WFB can not / will not give me a receipt for in branch payment of safe deposit box rental?

    I am in the habit of collecting receipts when paying in person. They gave me "paper", but it was non specific. If there is a misunderstanding, how do I prove myself? At least I have 3 names, a place, and a date. :{

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Late bank statements. Simply wait patiently?

    So I am Power of Atty for my mother, and I like paper, meaning I like to receive paper statements from my bank each month.

    I haven't received any "paper" for January, even though customer service said it was mailed prob Jan 11. I can always see checking activity, and so far its OK.

    1) How would I detect ID theft? Unauth W/D?

    Also, if I mailed a check to same bank to pay a bill and check arrived late, bank would be charging me fines for lateness. Well I havent received statement, so I feel the bank is late with me, but I don't feel they have any accountability, ie I can't "punish" them if I haven't received their stuff.

    2) Double standard I have to live with?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • to the minority population: are you now satisfied?

    (HRC won more pop votes) the electors gave you your old white male whom you think will look after you.

    7 AnswersPolitics4 years ago