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  • Believers dumb as stumps? I wonder why this is said?

    Though it is virtually unknown among laypeople, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is an independent and remarkably influential body within the Holy See. Over the years its membership roster has read like a who’s who of 20th-century scientists (including Max Planck, Niels Bohr, and Erwin Schrödinger, to name a few), and it currently boasts more than 80 international academicians, many of them Nobel laureates.

    Could those who consistently categorize ALL believers as 2nd grade dropouts (in essence) please read the above and if not open your minds then at least close your mouths?

    Ask questions about our faiths. Let us answer them. Please. Enough with the querulous rants and the non-objective invective.

    And I know that the thought police are gonna scratch this sucka because it doesn't fit their tiny, pre-conceived notion of what constitutes a "question". But with the increasing amount of diatribe they allow here, from BOTH sides, I think it's time we started policing ourselves. I'm betting we have what it takes to do it fairly. (I hope)

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  • Question for atheists? If we're all just worm food, why show up here?

    If all we are is dust in the wind, what should it matter to you who believe that, WHAT anyone else believes? Why waste believers' time and your own by coming here? If all you've got is this tiny stretch of time, why spend it here instead of on hedonistic pleasures? Just curious.

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