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  • What's The Best Way To Put Together/Improve This Dragon Fusion Deck Without Synchros and Tuners?

    I have a Dragon Deck that works on Fusion (the reason for it being Fusion-focused is that I have a thing against Synchros, and wanted to show them up as the retarded bastard child they are) that I really like, but it has some problems I'm not quite sure how to solve. I want to make this a really, really good deck, able to play competitively in today's metagame against decks like Lightsworn, Gladiator, Monarch, and Macro. I plan on getting Future Fusion, three Dragon's Mirror and one or two Five-Headed Dragons to pump this up.

    The Deck is as follows:


    King Dragun x2

    Dark Paladin

    Fiend Skull Dragon


    Masked Dragon x3

    Divine Dragon Ragnarok x2

    Blue-Eyes White Dragon x2

    Lord of D.

    Twin-Headed Behemoth

    Buster Blader

    The Dark – Hex-Sealed Fusion x3

    The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave

    Cave Dragon

    King of the Swamp

    Mirage Dragon



    Giant Trunade

    Wicked-Breaking Flamberge – Baou

    Emblem of Dragon Destroyer

    Fusion Gate x2

    Stamping Destruction x3

    Polymerization x2

    Pot of Avarice

    Monster Reborn

    Metalsilver Armor

    Axe of Despair

    Mage Power




    DNA Surgery

    Ultimate Offering

    Seven Tools of the Bandit


    Dragon’s Rage


    Jar of Greed

    The general strategy is fuse powerful creatures as fast as possible; DNA Surgery is there for Buster Blader/Dark Paladin/King Dragun (they can't target their own monsters for effects, like Equip Cards), as well as breaking down type-based walls (i.e., two Marauding Captains).

    Thanks for the help!

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