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The monkey on my shoulder is called Bob, he makes me do naughty things! I'm not mad, ask my monkey, He'll vouch for me.....Wibble! Seriously though, I'm 27 years old, I come from Gravesend, Kent, UK. I'm an Avionics Technician in the RAF and I'm currently in Lincolnshire working on the Eurofighter Avionic Systems. I love music, especially metal. I've been told I'm a nice guy, so I must be doing something right.

  • Name the tune on "Me, Myself and Irene"?

    This may be staring me ight in the face, but I really would like to know the name (and who sang/wrote) the tune that is played whenever Charlie (Jim Carrey) Flipped into Hank. Ithe lyrics are "Na na na na na, We're gonna rock you!"

    It's not on the soundtrack.

    I live in the UK. Any ideas where I can buy it please?

    (Websites to reputable firms are welcome.)

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  • Anyone going to the Iron Maiden gig in Manchester on the 14th of December?

    Are you as excited as I am...already?

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  • Lordi Video?

    Anyone know of anywhere on the 'net where I can LEGALLY download the "Hard rock Hallelujah" music video? (I'm willing to pay, of course)

    I'm on about the video with the girl walking along the school corridor etc etc.

    Thanks in advance guys and gals!!

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  • For all of you religious types....?

    First of all, I am not intentionally trying to offend. I was wondering why the firm believers of religion (of all types) are so insistant on (for want of a better word) "preaching" on this website? I personally am agnostic. I don't really know, or care about religion at all. Do you honestly think that telling people to turn to God/Christ/Allah will actually work? My philosophy is "Each to their own" I think/believe one way, and don't try to get people to say/do as I say/do. Everyone is their own person. Again, sorry If I have offended any of you. Not my intention.

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  • Anyone heard of these guys?

    Anyone heard of "Sum of Nothing", A band originating in Kent, UK

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