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Construction Professional Energy Auditor and HERS Rater from San Diego CA.I often am int the cycling section.As a child of the 60&70 a bicycle was freedom .Did my first tour in 82 and have been a hobbyist since I have climbed Mt Grappa completed the KOM Challenge I share what I know

  • Why have I often heard Whole Life Policies are a bad investment?

    I am reviewing my decision and have often heard that whole life insurance is not a good deal

    My wife and I bought policies 20 years ago

    in review

    Benefit has gone up 33 percent

    cash value of policy is 25% more than money spent

    what strategies would have been better over the last 20 years

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  • Should you be able to vote your own answer as best on YA?

    I have noticed that many of the "best answers" are not even good answers and are sometimes even awful answers. It seems that many manage their way toward best answers. seems a bit silly to even worry about but I wonder if the quality of answers would change and the tone be more congenial if one could not vote their own answer as best.

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  • Advice on system build and power supply?

    I am building a system and would like suggestions

    Intel i7 2600n

    MSI x Power

    12 g 1600 or better ram

    diamond hd 5850 1g Card

    I currently have a 4600 series diamond with 1 g I was going to use a s my second card

    I was going to use my old case

    I own win 7 ultimate already

    My current power supply is only 350 w What size power supply would be adequate for this system

    My main reason for building the machine is it seems I can get more for my money a piece at a time.

    I am not an extreme user but have found over the years if I over buy on the system it will last a longer amount of time. I am not a gamer but do use graphics programs at the same time such AI, PS, CAD. my budget is about 1k-1200

    Any advice from experts would be welcome

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  • What is the difference between weather and climate change and how do we differentiate the two?

    Ok so I know this will seem like a troll question but I am serious.

    I understand climate change is long term and weather is the now. However the two are appear to be intimately related. Both skeptics and proponents use this argument regularly. The one that has always bugged me is that any extreme weather is used as proof of AGW hot or cold which makes no sense. If weather patterns are inconsequential for proponents why continue to use short term data for conclusions. If we continue to produce colder than normal winters how does this support the Proponents? Furthermore if summer and annual temperatures continue to climb how does this support Skeptics?

    By the way I believe we affect the environment and need to do better. I believe strongly that we need to end this oil/coal addiction and move to cleaner sources of energy. I So on one hand I am a proponent.

    I am against Pigovian Taxes to remedy externalities that are not completely understood and those funds being distributed to god only knows where. I have also seen outrageous claims by proponents that will almost surely never be realized. So on the other hand I am a skeptic

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  • What is your opinion on Shale Gas?

    Will this help get coal plants offline and reduce carbon emissions?

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  • What are your hill climbing workouts?

    I am on a quest to improve my hill climbing.

    I have never been the best climber in my group but never the slowest either. I have been climbing with purpose lately and pushing my envelope. I have dropped some weight and increased my saddle time on hills and attack them now rather than survive them.(unless I crack which has been happening less frequently on hills of late)

    I live in San Diego so I have a wide choice of climbs. From the mile and steady to the short and steep. There are plenty of flats in between.

    So as I have received some good advice here in the past what are your hill climbing workouts and strategies?

    Besides running what exercise could compliment hill climbing workouts?

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  • What are the best riding puncture resistant Road Tires?

    Ok so with 6 flats in 700 miles including two in one day my Maxis Detonators have blown up for the last time.

    I am off to my LBL for tires later today. What are the best riding puncture resistant road bike tires in the opinion of the community. The tires are for everyday use. I want a good traction and good handling. Not so worried about resistance or speed.

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  • How to increase speed?

    Okay I am not a novice biker. I am trying to increase my avg and have pretty much hit a wall. I ride a bike bath with varied terrain. Pretty flat to downhillish to the end, pretty flat to uphilish on the way back. All in all about 1100 feet of descents and climbs (gps)

    One section that is a bit busy that I have to slow down for safety at times

    There are a couple of lights which are averaged in as well but short stops and part of the everyday average.

    Never much cared about speed in the past. Just didn't like when folks passed me and stuck on their wheel till they broke me or I broke them I threw out my cycle computer in the early eighties as I obsessed about it too much. Now with a quasi mid life crisis(48) I want to see results and improvement and or failure during my training rides.

    I am carrying a 16 to 17 average solo over a 19.5 mile course and would like to improve.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Why is three phase 240v not called 360v?

    120V + 120V = 240 but 120V+120V+120v is 240 three phase Why?

    I was asked this question by my brother in law from Europe and did not have an answer.

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  • How can we move toward a sustainable energy future if the current conditions prevail?

    This is not the first sustainable energy project that has been thwarted due to environmental concerns.

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  • Should companies be able to offset pollution with Plantings?

    Article form the San Diego Union link below. There is a plan to replant areas damaged from wildfires. Conoco-Phillips is willing to invest 2.8 million dollars to offset pollution it produces.

    Is this good or bad in your opinion.

    1 AnswerGlobal Warming1 decade ago
  • What is your yardstick score?

    I thought I would lighten up the board with something I found fun.

    EPA has a neat little program that has a "yardstick score".

    If you plan on doing it you will need a years worth of bills. My were on line so it was easy.

    needed info therms per year usage and cost if applicable

    KwH usage and cost

    zip code number of occupants

    I had to use 2007 instead of 2008 to calculate why I don't know

    Here is the link

    I was surprised at my score of 9.2. I do not have solar by the way. This measure is more of occupancy behavior analysis than a rating

    I live in the most mild climate of the country so I am sure I enjoy an advantage. We heat in the evenings for a short part of the winter. I have a window air conditioner that only cools one spot in the house, My chair by the TV. I use it probably less than 24 hours per year.

    1 AnswerGlobal Warming1 decade ago
  • What does AWG stand for?

    I see it here allot sorry for my stupidity.

    I thought it stood for American Wire Gauge

    It seems like AGW would make more sense

    Please clarify

    5 AnswersGlobal Warming1 decade ago
  • Why is Solar Thermal (DHW) not discussed more as a viable option to Co2 reduction?

    I notice that the arguments are focused on cars. I do not disagree that this area has huge potential for reduction. I am however surprised that Domestic Hot Water is not included. The potential for reduction of Co2 is huge in this area as well.

    So as many question on YA are statements as well as questions this one might not be an exception.

    I would like to see answers toward why this is not discussed on a national level.

    3 AnswersGreen Living1 decade ago
  • Why was there no effect from the ecological movement of the seventies?

    Ok so I believe that that mass burning of fuel can have an effect on the environment. I recycle and believe in energy efficiency and conservation. I believe in the mantra of think globally and act locally.

    What that effect is and how we solve it is the subject of debate on this forum.

    But there is something that does not seem to be addressed and was wondering if there were an answer.

    I was a kid in the late sixties and early seventies.

    I can remember the smog was so bad that it hurt your lungs when we played sports. We even had some practices canceled because it was too smoggy and back then coaches were not as kind and loving as they are today. You could on the worst days see feel it and smell it. It would seem that we have less smog in the 1998 to present compared to the dire pollution of the sixties and seventies.

    When cars went to the catalytic converter and unleaded gas the difference was huge.

    Factories across the nation have significantly reduced the off gassing from that time as well. The Ohio river has not been on fire since that time period.

    So why are we seeing Temperature rising after these measures of significant reduction of greenhouse gases were employed?

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  • What Vitamins do you take?

    Ok I am 46 year old male. I have decided to go on a quest to lose weight.I have a goal of twenty pounds and expect about six months to get there so far I have lost eight pounds in three weeks. I do not think my next eight pounds will come as quickly. I have reduced my caloric intake and increased my fitness

    I have reduced my calories and meat and increased my fruits and vegetables. I am not a saint so the diet modification is more like a guideline than a rule. I am not counting calories yet. I am not sure I will.

    I am on a exercise program as well. I ride three to four times a week more than one hour at a pace that not many pass me up.(I have always rode but never on a schedule before now, I love to bike so this is not a problem) I am going to the gym to lift weights twice a week for about 40 minuets. I have a physical job

    I am taking some vitamins but am not sure what would best suit me and my goals. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

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  • Is the Garmin National Parks software worth getting?

    I have the TOPO map already for my GPS. We are going on two separate trips to National Parks this summer. Should I get the NP software?

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds1 decade ago
  • Define MMA school designation in detail?

    I know it means Mixed Martial Art but that is vague in my opinion. I am not looking for the sport or competition. I have seen it on TV. I understand the sport.

    I see this term thrown around very loosely.

    What process does a Dojo,Studio,Gym go through for using this designation and what is the authorizing organization.

    What should one expect from a school

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  • What can you do for your Country?

    JFK posed this question and I sir am no JFK. However given our current political landscape I feel that this question might be relevant. I will clarify the is a question for US citizens. Others are welcome to answer what they can do for their own country just clarify what counrty you are answering for if not the USA

    13 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago