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  • Is there any truth outside of God's truth? Or can you disprove any of God's truths?

    By God's truth, I mean that of the Holy Bible; the Ten Commandments, for example, or the example of Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus "is" the truth.

    People live like there is some other truth. Is there?

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  • What is there without truth? (or w/o God, same thing)?

    Maybe I'm making us all out to be hypocrites, because none of us are perfect, but if you strive for excellence and strive to follow the truth, say the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, it still doesn't mean your life will be perfect or without strife.

    But is there anyone or any way to live outside of the truth of God, and not mess up your life completely? For example, God does not like divorce, but we hop from one spouse to another.

    Does anyone know of a happy thief or drug dealer (or user) or happy hedonist? Every met a happy alcoholic (that is, when they're not drunk)? What a messed up life.

    Isn't it obvious and beyond proof or even debate, that if you break the rules of truth, you will be miserable and pay?

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