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  • I lost my phone what should I do?

    I left my phone in a taxi but it has a lock on it so someone would need to know the combination in order to use it (I'm hoping). The screen automatically locks after so many seconds of non-use, so, If someone does a battery pull and then switches the phone on again, are they able to get straight onto the main desktop before the phone automatically locks? Or would they still need to unlock regardless to a power on/off? Im worried if someone finds it I am still logged into eBay, Facebook, my Bank App and whatever else.

    The phone is on Giff Gaff, so its Pas as you Go with GoodyBags.

    I just didn't want to result in blocking my sim card just yet as theres still a chance that It could be handed in to the taxi rank. How long should I wait?

    Even if they put their own sim card in the phone would they still be logged into my eBay and Bank App?

    Any advice please??

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  • I have a Laptop power problem...Can anyone help?

    I do happen to know a fair bit about computers, fixing them etc, but this specific problem I'm unsure.

    I have a laptop and when the power cable is plugged into the laptop's power socket, it will only gain power if the power cable is held push towards the screen. Its as if the power socket on the laptop itself is loose and the cable has to be held in a certain way.

    Does anyone have any advise or help on how I can fix this?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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  • Is there a website to help you look for a clothing style?

    I know there are these ones "", "" & ""

    but people on don't always note where their clothes are from, and is only for women's clothing. is usually the best, still people don't always note where their items are from. is there any other good sites like these?

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  • Is there any companies that do apprenticeships for Game Development?

    I know its a little hard to teach via an apprenticeship when it comes to programming, and I do have some basic programming knowledge such as Visual Basic, Dark Basic & some C Sharp.

    If not an apprenticeship, is there any Game Development companies that would be happy to take on Voluntary work! Im keen to learn languages such C Sharp & C++.

    Ive looked on the internet high and low for months and months and months now, and had no success. The only thing I have come across is Train2Game.....which has bad reviews and I am not willing to pay £3K+ to basically teach MYSELF from videos they provide online. Its seems a pretty ridiculous option to be honest.

    So yeah....any apprenticeships or voluntary work going about that anyone knows of?

    Many Thanks in advance! :)

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  • Whats the best way to get into Computer Games Programming?

    I know there is the option of going to University for a Degree, but at the moment due to an seriously ill family member its a little unideal for the to leave as I am half needed present near a bouts home.

    I have approached many games companies, big & small to see if they are able to take on any voluntary work, to which I have been unsuccessful.

    A long while back I was approached by a member of TIGA which I know to home based learning which you have to pay for the tuition.....which was basically allowing you to view view tutorials online. No actual teaching as such. So I was weary if I should take up the challenge and if it would be worth it.

    Is there any Diploma's in Game Programming? Or even an Apprenticeship! Im not entirely sure how an apprenticeship would work with Programming as I would basically be shadowing an employed Programmer....although in my opinion this would be the best way to learn.

    I have had friends who have been to Uni and got their degrees, and unfortunately they haven't made it into the Games Industry. They are stuck in ICT jobs doing something they don't exactly wish to do or didn't intend to do. This was due to their courses teaching a LOT of 'jargon' that wasn't really required, which that time could have been spent learning the topics required to get into the jobs they had hoped for.

    So, my question is, what is the BEST route to take to become a Computer Games Programmer, what are the Industry requirements, and what are my options?

    Please don't just throw me a link, I could do with some real info on all this please....

    Many Thanks in advance! :)

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  • Where can I find Custom Clothes Shapes, Seamists/Tailoring for t-shirts & vests etc?

    I am wanting to start my own brand selling clothing online. I am a graphic designer / Illustrator & also have done web design in the past so I will be building the online site myself. I also hope to do the designs for the clothing myself too which will be labelled and tagged professionally.

    I have searched high and low on the internet for custom t-shirt seamists/tailors to cut & sew my designs but not had any luck....Someone local would be ideal, but if the shipping cost is 'kind' then im more than happy to purchase abroad. Im from Barnsley, England.

    I have had NO trouble finding printing companies, there seems to be hundreds online!! But finding someone to do custom shaped garments has seemed kinda tricky!

    If there are any companies, or even individuals that are up for this role for my new company then please message me back some sort of detail so I can get in touch. A facebook page or website would be fine if you do not wish to leave personal details on here. =)

    Many Thanks in advance!

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  • Volusion, BigCartel, Shopify or Big Commerce?

    I am opening a small online clothes store/boutique. I will be designing the Illustrations for the clothes myself but using a third party printing company to print the designs to the clothes.

    I have made a basic website myself of how I am wanting it to look... but i was told its usually best to use a web template from my Shopping Cart provider as these are fully customisable usually.

    Firstly, is this a good bit of advice?

    Secondly, which Shopping Cart would be best for me?

    Thirdly, the site will be a '.com' and so I would prefer for it not to mention something silly like "Powered by Big Cartel" etc on the page.

    And lastly, the price! Im on a low budget as I am just starting up. I still need to buy a '.com' so if any of the Shopping Carts comes with Hosting/Domain this would be a help too.

    All advice is welcome - Many Thanks in advance! :D

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