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  • Should I still try and get pregnant or give up ALL hope?

    I am 40 years old black female, single and working. I wanted to be a mother more than anything else in my life. I put off having a child because of my career. I wanted to finish my degree in education. I completed my degree in exceptional education, I own my house and pay all of my own bills. I don't rely on the government for anything. Just to be clear. I wanted to ask if I am too old to have a child? I don't know if there are any sperm banks in my area. I live in Leesburg, GA. I think I am too old, I have been told I am too old by my friends, they all had kids when they were 18 or 19. I don't have anyone special in my life. Not looking for it. Just a sperm donor. I am able to take care of my child on my own. I am in good health and the doctor told me I have an ample supply of eggs. I have prayed that I could have a baby for as long as I can remember.

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  • What legal steps can I take to follow to make an ex remove photos he posted online?

    I was dating this guy who drives semi trucks for a trucking company out of Arkansas, he has worked for companies out of Utah, and Georgia in the past. While we were together, he took photos of me when I was asleep. They were nude photos. He posted them online WITHOUT my permission. i have tried to contact this jerk by pone via text and phone calls. He refuses to answer my calls or respond to my text about removing my photos. Can I call the company he works for and ask speak to them about asking him to remove them. Also, is there any lawyers that will handle the case? I live in Alabama. I have tried to ask this jerk to remove the photos but, he will not remove them. He has sent photos of himself to my cell phone. I only want him to remove them from the web sife. Like I said earlier I never gave this jerk permission to take my photos.

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  • Can I sue my ex boyfriend for rape?

    I need to know if I can sue my ex RDB for rape? He raped me this past Feb. I contacted his then employer, a national trucking company. I filed a complaint with the company, yet,they told him that I had reported him for rape. He quit the company. I filed charges with the local police. He raped me, held me against my will and then threatened me with bodily harm if I told. He then followed me in March and raped me again. I filed charges with the local police. But, since the deputy who took my report was a friend of the family, nothing was done. He still lives in the small town in GA. and drives his white impala around as if nothing happened. I have given the police ALL the information I have on him including a recent photo, description of tats that he has on his body and ALL of the aliases he goes by, I have even given them ALL three cell phone numbers. I showed them the text and explicit photos he sent, but still nothing. What can I do? I was told I have seven years to file a rape charges. I don't know if he will try and attack me again or what. Please someone help me. I don't know if it is because he is white and I am black and that is why they won't help me or what!

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  • Is it possible to have a child if you are over the age of 36? All the data I read said it is impossible...?

    I have checked online and with local doctors, they have told me it is impossible for me to have a child..I want a child so bad it hurts, I was pregnant about 2 years ago but it died. What are my choices? I have prayed and God has not answered my prayers..nothing seems to work..any good answers would be helpful..thanks

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  • What should I do if my ex boyfriend has started making obscene phone calls?

    I have not heard from my ex in over 6 months. Thank God! Then out of the blue he calls me on Monday. He got my new number from a person I work with. She thought it would be funny to give him my new number. When he called he had changed his number & I answered the phone not knowing who it was. He made obscene statements over the phone of what he wanted to do to me. I hung up and called the police, they said I should have recorded it. Now when he calls (6 times a day) I let it go to voice mail, he hangs up.

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  • What can I do?Legal system not helping me but helping my assailant?

    I was sexually assualted last December by my ex boyfriend. I was being harrassed by this monster the entire month of Jan. I filed reports on harrassment. He told me if I filed a report on the rape he would kill me & no one would do a thing about it. He keyed my car when we went to trial in Henry Co. Alabama on May 20th. Police claimed they were going to watch my car. How could they allow him to key my car? I parked it in front of the door where a police was standing doing secrity. The D.A. refuses to meet with me! The police won't even patrol my area where I live. The police in Dothan, Ala. are just as bad. They told H.F.M.II { Pete} that I was calling them & reporting the harrasssing phone calls. He told me that his uncle who is a police officer in Headland, Ala. told him he had nothing to worry about. That there was no way a white judge would believe a black woman in the south. He was right. I know things that he did..he fathered a baby with his sister & other things..

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  • What can be done about a stalking ex? Serious responses?

    I went to court today and while I was inside the courtroom waiting for his fat butt to show my psycho ex keyed my car. I know he did it he bragged earlier that if I ever took his fat butt to court he would damage my car and kill me. He has damaged cars in the past. I filed a report but, since I didn't see him they said there was nothing that could be done. I don't want to live in fear becuase of him. I filed a report of phone harrassment. Can I get a restraining order against him? What can be done about my car? I just want H.F.M.II a.k.a. Pete to leave me alone. I wish I had never gotten involved with psycho. I need advice..Please help me! Should I buy a gun for protection? He has stated he has followed me home, he knew the time I left work and could give in detail every stop I made before I got home. I didn't charge him with sexual assualt even though he raped me in December. Now I wish I had. I am glad I didn't give birth to his child. I lost my child.

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  • Serious answers only please!!Should I be worried about going to court?

    I have to go to court next week to face a horrible man. Should I be worried or afraid to go to court? He has made statements in the past that he would kill me or have me killed. I need to know should I worried to face him. I know he is the face of satan..I want justice to be served but, my life is worth more than making sure evil Pete goes to jail for life..Serious answers only

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  • Should I tell his new girlfriend what I know about him?

    I found out that the incest loving freak I was seeing last year is seeing another girl. He has a child by his sister.{gross} But, I don't want this girl to be hurt by him. He threaten to kill me if I had his baby,he does not know I'm pregnant. He admitted he killed his ex. but, he got off because she was black and he is white. I do not want anything to do with him, but, I feel I should warn Suzette about Pete..I have tried to warn the women in the state of AL. to stay clear of H.F.M. II a.k.a. Pete. She said he told her I would try and break them up.He tells women he is rich {lives @ home with parents} and wants to have a baby by them, although his children by the black women.. seem to die!The one by is sister is still alive living in Fla. What would you do? She is a nice girl and I don't want her to be harmed..but, I do not want him to hurt me. I have a restraining order..Alot of good that did..his uncle is a police officer and he has followed me home one night.

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  • Where can I find a good man not one who sleeps with his family members???

    I need some advice on where to find a good man. I don't want a man who has sex with his sister. The guy I was dating has a kid by his sister. The sad part is that his mother and father think that this is o.k. I guess that is what happens when you spend too much time at home..or maybe it just happens in Houston county Alabama. He is a compuslive liar and cheater. He hasn't been faithful a day in his life! He even cheated on his sister. His mother always defends him. I need to know where I can find a good man..please help me!! I need a fresh start with a real man not someone who washes his face with products females use..makes you wonder if he is gay....He even pretended he was going to kill himself..fat and bald is still here.

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  • what should I do about a crazy ex?

    I was involved with what I thought was a great guy. I didn't know he was crazy. He had a kid by his sister and is doing more drugs than he can grow. He told me this after I dumped his fat balding grey butt. I have changed my cell & home #. The only thing is I may be preg. by "Crazy Pete". I don't want anything to do with him. He claimed to have money, he lives at home with his parents.If he is so rich why does he drive a jacked up car? 2001 crown vic. (dents and broken glass) Rich people don't depend on mommy and daddy for everything. What kind of 33 year old man lives at home? I loved him /not what he could give me. I told him him I didn't care if he was poor as a church mouse. He said he had 2 kids but they are dead. He said he was responsible for the death of a girlfriend (car accident). He was driving..Should I let "Crazy Pete" know if I preg.? I'll have an abortion. I mean all of his kids die any way? I don't want the drama in my life!!

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