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  • Why are only children expected to be like everyone else?

    I was raised an only child by a single parent. I did have visitation with my father. My mother worked and I was still around other kids at daycare and school. I had legal blindness and had empathic tendencies. I was teased and hated by some children because my glasses made my eyes look larger. I always felt different and felt other kids picked up on this. As I went into young adulthood, late teens to early 20s, I lived with my mother accept for a little over a year when she and her ex husband were living out of state. It seemed that some of my peers with siblings had a different relationship with their parents. Some of them moved out as soon as they could and felt everyone should no Matter what their status was. I  was a more sensitive child with anxiety who everyone felt needed to toughen up. It also seems like many parents with only children don't get support or understanding from other people. Like anyone else they are expected to cut apron strings easily just like parents with several children.  Along with being less involved in their adult child's lives just like other parents. I'm not saying parents of only children shouldn't be expected to let go and allow their children more independence. But why aren't many outsiders more supportive and understanding of this? By outsiders, I mean peers and family members of both the parents and the only child. Many don't try to understand the Close bonds of the parent and only child either.

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  • Why do the older generation of adults feel the need to tell the younger generation of adults how to look and live their lives?

    When my husband was in his mid to late 20s he was on his own. His grandma wanted to take him with her to California. There was one catch, if he went with her, he had to cut his hair. Again, he was an adult on his own. Also, there are plenty of adults getting piercings and tattoos. The older generation of parents and grandparents have no guilt or shame about giving their 2 cents. Years ago, when these same older adults grew up, their parents and grandparents let them live their lives how they saw fit. They didn t question how they wore their hair or what they did. My question is, why have the older generations changed over the years? And why are they giving direction and opinions to these younger full grown adults as if they were teenagers? Is it because adults in the past still did what they were supposed to do?

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  • Why do older men care less about appearance than young or middle aged men?

    Many men say that they prefer longer hair on a woman. I ve noticed it s more younger and mid life men. Is it a generation thing, or do men change as they get older?

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  • Would divorce increase my eligibility for survivors benefits?

    I have been legally blind since birth. Both of my parents died a year apart from each other. Both were over age 62. I have been married over 10 years. I understand that in order to be eligible to receive partial benefits of either parent, I must be single. How long would I have to be divorced in order to qualify for survivors benefits? My husband and I would just cohabitate and leave most things the same. In my state of Missouri, divorced spouses can live in the same household.

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  • Why do people only focus on my vision disability and blow off the depression and anxiety disorders?

    I just asked a question about getting a job if I were to ever lose my benefits. I mentioned both my vision disability and psychiatric disorders making it more of a challenge for me to gain employment. One answer said it sounded like I didn't even try to find employment, and to go to local blind services for job assistance. Also, I was honest in my question saying I had a couple of piercings and a few visible tattoos. I know there are people with body mods who work. My point is it's not just my blindness, but also mental stuff, and I also could lose full coverage medicaid, if I worked. I see a psychiatrist several times a year and my eye doctor twice. I could go into debt over medical. But people just look at blindness.

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  • Are my options for a job pretty limited as a middle aged woman with a disability and no job experience?

    I am almost 40 years old with no job experience. I am legally blind, with depression and high anxiety. I lost SSI when I married since my spouse makes to much. I applied for state blind pension and was rejected, due to sight not being limited enough. I appealed and won due to having a very limited vision field. I have to get an eye test every 5 years and am afraid a different state doctor would deem me ineligible. My husband has a decent job, but things are expensive. University and school are too much for me to handle. I also have visible tattoos and a couple of piercings. If I ever lose benefits, could my non job history, disabilities age and unique appearance make things more difficult for me then the average person?

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  • Parental approval in the Midwest?

    I live in the state of Missouri. A friend of mine who lives in Washington state lived in Missouri for a few years. He recently spoke to a friend living here in Missouri about his wife leaving him due to her mother not approving of him. When my friend was living here he noticed that others also looked highly for parental approval. Could this be due to parents in the Midwest and South imposing their will more on their children, while parents on the coast are more laid back? Also, are children on the costal areas more independent minded?

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  • Seniors, why do some older adults get offended when casually confronted about something?

    My husband's step mother is very extroverted. I am more introverted and like my space. I don't like excessive hugging from certain people. Also, every time the family gets together, she pushes taking group photos and posting them on Facebook. My husband and I casually have confronted her and his father on a couple of things that we found odd or

    uncomfortable. It wouldn't take long for them to get on the defensive. My husband's brother won't even try to speak up on anything because he fears conflict. He said he will probably die of an ulcer in his 50s, he's 41. They are in their 70s, and I wonder if they came from a time where even as adults, you didn't stand up to other adults older then you. I mean, why is it wrong for those of us around middle age to speak up for ourselves? Yet the older individuals have no problem telling us things that we do where they feel uncomfortable. I thought adults we're adults. Why is age a factor? No one is anymore or less important because of their age.

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  • Does age or circumstances and experience make a person more middle aged?

    I am 38 with deceased parents. I lost my mom at 36 and Dad at 37. They were both in their early to mid 60s. My husband just turned 49. Both of his parents are still alive but in their 70s. Is it appropriate and also my choice to claim middle age. I know there is no exact age, but I've heard anywhere from 35 to 50. But do circumstances play a role as much as age? I personally do not feel anyone has the right to tell me I'm not. Again my husband is also 49 and we are equals. I was born in February of 1980, the last year of, but still in Generation X and not millennials.

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  • Why shouldn't healthcare be a human right?

    People say it's not the government's job to provide us with goods and services. It's like they'comparing healthcare to salon visits, going to the movies, gym memberships or even going out to eat. Plus, many serious ailments naturally occurring. My husband just had his appendix removed. It had to be done or he could have died. It was not his fault that this happened. But after insurance, we were still out over $3000. That is insane for something unexpected that couldn't have been prevented. I understand there are many ailments surrounding obesity that could have definitely been prevented in the first place. But I don't understand why someone should be out a few thousand dollars for something beyond their control. Now, I do believe it is a person's responsibility if they are a homeowner to take care of anything that goes wrong or breaks down with their home. Those good and services should be on a homeowner, since owning a home is a privilege and a choice not to pay rent. Saying that healthcare is a privilege is just inhumane.

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  • Seniors, what do you think will become of the world when it is being ran by future generations of wimps?

    Here are a few examples.

    1. Parents of high school and college students are making excuses for their kids actions instead of showing them how to take responsibility.

    2. Colleges have become full time counseling center by providing crying rooms and pony petting days. Along with dormitories putting up bulletin boards with care bears giving positive affirmations.

    3. Constantly telling young people how special they are, while giving out individual trophies and saying everyone is an equal winner.

    It really makes one wonder how our future adult leaders will turn out. Many say these kids will get a real slap in the face. But theoretically speaking, could this country naturally change and evolve to suit this future generation.

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  • Why is being and looking more conservative viewed as more adult?

    You hear people talk about conservative clothing and a way of dress. Well, then what would be liberal dress? Also, what does it seem about conservatives that makes them seem more mature and grown up? Are liberals just usually more free spirited and carefree? And are conservatives usually taken more seriously?

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  • Attachment image

    Can you tell that this tattoo is a pot leaf?

    Got this today for $20. A Friday the 13th special. I have limited sight and would like the opinion of normal sighted people.I used an earthy green for a more natural look. So, can you tell it's a pot leaf from other plants?

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  • Do facial piercings make someone look younger?

    Is there certain pieces of body jewelry that look more mature? Example, I'm 37 and have angelbites. The balls are basic black. I also have a septum clicker with 5 blue opals, and a basic nostril hoop.

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  • Seniors; Why did restaurants and reatailers card less in the 80s and 90s?

    I m 37 and my husband is 48. Are people looking younger? Because it seems that people are getting carded at an older age. As a little girl in the 80s and a teen in the 90s, I noticed as people got closer to 30, they were seen as more grown up. Are people actually looking younger in this day and age? Also, is it because crime has gone up since the 80s and 90s? What has caused carding laws to become so strict? At 37, it is a little annoying. I feel like a 21 year old young adult instead of someone going into her middle years. Also, do tattoos or piercings make someone appear younger.

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  • Is there a big difference between someone born in 1969 and 1980.?

    One would have spent their childhood in the 70s and teens in the 80s. The other would have spent their childhood in the 80s and teens in the 90s. Would both be equal adults?

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  • Is there a big difference between someone born in 1969 and 1980.?

    One would have spent their childhood in the 70s and teens in the 80s. The other would have spent their childhood in the 80s and teens in the 90s. Would both be equal adults?

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  • Why are more couples at restaurants being asked if they want separate checks.?

    Over the past two years, I ve noticed my husband and I are asked at the end of our meal if we want separate checks. This has become more common lately. It s kind of annoying. We are 37 and 48 years old, a median/middle-aged married adult couple. Not teens or college kids dating. I m curious, have the rules for server etiquette changed? One server said a couple in their 30s or 40s were just handed their check, and got offended because they weren t asked if they wanted their check separated. Also, does having children with you make a difference, and if so, why?

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  • Seniors, why does or who in society gets to decide when someone gives up something at a certain age or certain point in their life?

    Many people feel that things like tattoos, piercings and colored hair are for younger people under 30. Where I live in Missouri, the majority of people that do these things are the younger crowd. Plus, most do not have kids. However, I am 37 and my husband is 47. We have chosen not to have children. I am also a part of some online groups where many of us middle-aged people have unique looks. Some of these people live here in America and some over in other nations. So I know it is not just for the young. And why would this matter how good of a parent someone was by how they look? Seriously, who actually decides how a parent should look or someone should dress after a certain age? I'm asking in this section because most of you have seen many changes over the years. Some of you are from the silent generation, but many are baby boomers. I've heard many from your time went through a lot of personal changes.

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  • Seniors, why has age 30 lost it's value?

    In the 60's and 70's there was an old saying, "never trust anyone over 30". People pretty much got adult respect after 30 and you were seen as a full fledged settled adult. In fact, I remember in the 80's that 35 was practically middle aged. I remember as a little girl in the 80's that those over 30 got taken seriously by older adults and were treated as equals to them. But today, it seems that those over 55, baby boomers, tend to put people under 45 in the same category as being separate and not on their level. My husband is almost 48 and even at church, most of the older people don't seem to show much interest in us, I'm 37. We are both generation X. I'm a little old to be a millennial. Why are the older people at church grouping those in their 20's and 30's and even some 40 somethings together? 20's are young adults and in a totally separate group. What has caused such a huge generation gap?

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