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  • Not had a period since April 2019?

    I’m starting to get really worried I’ve not had my period since April this year I’m a virgin so I’m not pregnant I’ve been to the doctors got blood took and everything came back fine I had a little bit of Heavy blood on the 21st of September for about w hr then since then I just get spotting on random days??  

    1 AnswerWomen's Health12 months ago
  • How to get rid of really bad ear ache ?

    I started getting a really sore ear a couple weeks ago been to the doctors got a spray didn’t work so I got strong pain killers it went away now it’s in my other ear why am I getting this the doctor has gave me drops but doesn’t seem to be working it’s keeping me up all night I can feel it throbbing it’s so sore it’s driving me nuts what can it be and what can I do to get it better 

    4 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 year ago