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  • Removing and adding a name to a mortgage and various other?

    Right, years ago when in university my partner and I wanted to buy a house. As I was in university there was very little hope of me getting anything.

    So, my girlfriends dad remortgaged his house for a 20k deposit and took out a mortgage with her on this house. He had no financial input as we paid the mortgage and paid him back a monthly sum on the 20k.

    Now he wants to downsize (100k to 70-75k) and is falling short on funds and transferring remaining mortgage (40k, 20

    of which is ours).

    So, firstly we need to remove him from this mortgage and place me on. How easy is this? Secondly we need to raise around 15k to repay him before it gets a bit awkward.

    The house is around 80k with 50k outstanding on mortgage.

    So, how easy or realistic is this going to be? We both pull in around 27k per year. Not perfect credit scores.

    I'm assuming loan to value is probably around 80% so the likelihood is we won't raise the full amount through remortgage.

    Anyone see any glaringly obvious problems with this or been in a similar situation or indeed have a reasonable plan of action or some advice.

    Much appreciated.

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  • New generation parking 'fine' Talbot green?


    Just checking before I ignore this letter.

    In a little village by us there is a little row of businesses. Two banks, travel agent etc about 5 in general. It's just above a bus station. In front of the banks is a small car park holding about 20-30 cars. Cameras and states maximum stay 30 mins.

    I parked there the other day to use a bank and was there under 15 minutes, probably under 10.

    Get home from work today to find a letter with picture of my car stating I have a £100 fine, reduced to £60 if I pay within 14 days. Reason - no valid permit.

    So, I have yet to check thoroughly but it is not marked disabled (clearly anyway) or anything else from memory.

    A car pulled out as I arrived and I pulled straight in, as I went another took my spot.

    So, where exactly do I stand on not paying this?

    My initial idea is to send letter stating I refuse to confirm driver identity, appeal the 'fine' due to being excessive and bays not marked (once I've checked this)

    This company has had me once before as I overstayed, that was me being silly so I paid it.

    Ill pop up to the car park later to check exactly what the issue with where I park and amend accordingly.

    Any advice on this from a legal stance and people in the same position welcomed.


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  • Employment hours and childcare issues?

    Hi, for the past 10 years I have been in employment as a lorry driver. The post is basically job and finish with starting hours between 1 am and 6 am with a finish generally between 11 am and 3pm on the odd occasion and at busy periods a little later.

    5 years ago I had a child and now he is in school and needs picking up at around 3.20. We both work. Myself the hours above and partner 9 til 5.

    So, the dropping off to school is done by her and I do the pick up.

    Recently our company has been taken over and even though the work has not changed the new company are hopeless and I can spend up to 5 hours a day waiting for something ridiculous. I understand its part of the job and expect it at busy periods however, it's all the time now and causing serious problems in picking up my son.

    Is there anything from an employers point of view that they must conform too, with regards of childcare issues? Where exactly do I stand on strategies to approach this.

    I've spoken to supervisor/management who help when they can. But this is getting day in day out. 12-15 hour days for 8 hours worth of work.

    There's probably nothing that can be done but it's always worth an ask. Maybe there's some loophole or unknown law that could help me.

    Probably end in change of job but trying to avoid it.

    Thanks all.

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  • Small business, wholesale purchase and vat number?


    Ok, I'm in full time permanent employment. I'm toying with the idea of buying goods wholesale and selling for a small profit.

    Now I have found suitable products and outlets for sale but the problem arises in purchasing. All the wholesales I've looked at require vat numbers in the registration process.

    So, getting a vat number. Is there a way around this, if I apply via hmrc what consequences will there be in respect to my employment etc etc.

    Business accounts, is it possible to use my current bank account?

    This is going to be minimal stock, profit, turnover just testing the water.

    Any answers to any of the questions is greatly appreciated.

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  • Employment, pay scheme, terms and condition changes etc?

    Good afternoon and thank you to all who read this. I will try to make it as clear as possible and give as much detail as I can.

    For the past 8 years I have been employed by a transport company (best not to name names). 4 years as a drivers mate and 4 as a class 2 driver. The company delivers goods, alcohol, cigarettes, food etc, to local convenience stores. Two and a half years ago the company 'merged' (the term used but essentially taken over) with another company currently in the sane line of business in a different area.

    Now the time has come for the new company to enforce new terms and conditions, redundancy etc etc. during this consultation period a few matters have arisen.

    As a driver we get paid allowed hours. A run is timed, by an outside firm, and we are paid what it should take. The timing should include everything we do. So, check vehicle, mileage to shop, goods delivered to shop (per pack), goods trolleys returned etc etc. Now the first question arises here. We deliver cigarettes. These are classed as security items and must be checked at the shop and any errors reported before leaving. When the initial timing was carried out many years ago, by the same outside company in fact same person, the cigarettes were not included in the timing and the report was filed as such to our management. It seems this report went 'missing' and nothing was adjusted. This was until now unknown to the drivers. The problem is if the cigarettes were not checked at store it would result in a disciplinary and possible sacking but no payment made available. Essentially working for nothing. On average around an hour+ per day spent on checking cigarettes so 250 hours per year not paid. Is there a case for reclaiming this?

    The next issue is our allowed hours scheme has now been recalculated to the point where we cannot possibly hit the target. So, our new hourly rate to which all is calculated into is a false figure. For example a 4 hour drive is now paid at 3.45. This (using no excuses) encourages drivers to rush or speed to even get close. Is it legal to set up a system where the 100% mark is impossible to reach?

    There are a great deal of other problems throughout the yard but they are the two major points that have arisen from my side of the company.

    As you can imagine it's causing unrest throughout the yard. We have a union which isn't very good to be fair. Everyone is objecting as best they can I am just looking for further advice as employment law is a very messy area.

    Clearly the company have been more than happy to ignore the findings of the outside companies report, where it suited them, but disciplining and sacking people for not doing it is a bit dodgy.

    Finally, if the company has 3 depots does the pay structure have to be the same? Also, within the same yard - if one member of staff eg cleaner gets double time for Sunday can you pay an order picker single time for the same day?

    Thanks in advance for any advice, help etc.

    If anyone has any links to people that can help or can help please feel free to mail me at my user name here yahoo co uk

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  • Citroen c2 spark plug lifted?

    Hi, my girlfriend has a c2 we have had since new. It's now 6 year old and has 30k on the clock. Whilst driving home from work she broke down. Rac came out and said the spark plug had loosened and ruined the thread on the cylinder head.

    Now, firstly has anyone else experienced this on this model? The consensus of independent mechanics and the rac man is that spark plugs don't come loose, if anything they get tighter with age.

    The car is serviced every year with the mot but seems this is only an interim service that doesn't include plug replacement. So, basically the plugs have never been touched never mind removed.

    Can anyone offer an opinion how this could possibly have happened. Is there something that could go wrong somewhere else in the car to cause this.

    For the people who insist on detrimental answer I will concede the car is poo and I wouldn't buy another etc etc thanks for response etc.

    Also, does anyone know if a helicoil is an option on this car. If so can it be done without removing the head?

    Thanks for responses.

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  • Plastering an old house?

    Hi, right then I'm having a new kitchen installed on an old house which is just a nightmare. I've pulled the old kitchen out and intend to have the walls and ceiling plastered first.

    On removing the tiles and cupboards from the one wall little bits of plaster came away leaving a tennis ball width patch about half a centimetre deep. It became clear the surrounding plaster wasn't sound and not a very good idea to fill and plaster over. So, I tried chipping a little away until I got to solid surrounding plaster with the intention of filling the hole. As I chipped away it started coming off in chunks. I'm now left with a 3foot by 6 patch that isn't feasible to fill.

    Behind in solid with scratch marks. Around the patch is a lip of a couple of millimetres to the decent plaster.

    My question is, will the plasterer be able to level this off? Will i (would it be sensible) need to completely clear the wall of old plaster back to the scratch coat. Would it need to be rendered first or it's the scratched coat the render etc

    As you can tell I'm not a plasterer and mine isn't available until the weekend and it's playing on my mind.

    Hope this makes sense to someone.

    Thanks for all replies both helpful and the obligatory abusive ones.

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  • Setting up employment agency?

    Hello, firstly I'm based in the uk and have been pondering over an idea for a while. Any constructive advice, suggestions or comments appreciated. I understand a minority of you will feel the need to post random insults or general nonsense, I understand this and thank you for wasting your own time.

    With the employment situation the way it is, flexible staffing in certain areas has become very sought after. With this in mind I have been contemplating setting up a small recruitment agency targeting the driving (lgv/Hgv) area. This is an area I am currently involved in and have a number of drivers available and a couple of companies I could approach immediately to deploy these drivers.

    I understand its not as simple as that and have carried out a small amount of research however, there is little doubt that I will have missed many vital aspects.

    Having not set up a business I will obviously need guidance, particularly with the legal aspects. Contracts etc. consultations with a solicitor when ready. Any ideas on this.

    An accountant would be initially needed to advise with pay and tax issues. Could this be avoided or reduced for minimal cost?

    As for insurances I would expect a pretty hefty public and employers liability Policy. Any other insurances?

    As the agency will be small I can take on a lot of the administration myself and once shown most of the other work. I'm adaptable and have a certain amount of common sense and education.

    I plan to continue working while trying to put this in place if possible. Maybe I will bite off more than I can chew but I'm willing to try.

    Basically the main areas I see are:-

    Recruiting drivers onto my books

    Recruiting businesses into using my agency

    Having the correct contracts for both and retaining records correctly

    Being able to receive and distribute payments correctly

    Having the correct insurances

    The first two mentioned have already been discussed and are immediately achievable.

    I believe the second is a solicitor issue and third an accountancy.

    A solicitor should advise as to the final point and a phone call to insurers.

    If anyone reading this has set up a similar business or anyone business minded see any clear and startling faults with my rough plan please reply. I can take any level of constructive criticism and am always ready to listen to experience and learn.

    I don't expect to become rich off this but I genuinely believe I can make a go of it with a bit of luck and not making any silly, needless and avoidable mistakes early on.

    I sincerely hope that I can attract at least a couple of sensible and genuine replies that can both iron out a few queries I have and set my mind thinking.

    In advance I thank anyone who responds positively and realistically.

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  • Non hire bouncy castle? How is this so? How to make it available for hire?

    Looking at buying a bouncy castle, I've found a brand new one at a decent price that is advertised as perfect for birthday parties etc etc.

    In the notes it states this is a non hire castle. Now, what is the difference between a non hire and hire bouncy castle. It's brand new, do I just need a test certificate to make it available for hire? Is there something in the make up that makes it stronger? Surely if new and capable of use at birthday parties its fine for hire?

    Just wondering anyone enlighten me please?m

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  • How much should it cost to diagnose and replace alternator belt tensioner on 2005 mazda 6?

    The part was quoted at £125 so any fitters out there please?

    How long should it take to replace and what is a reasonable cost of labour?

    Local garage not mazda.


    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Tyre fitting qualifications.?

    Hi all.

    Just pondering through a few things and was wondering, do tyre fitters require any qualifications?

    Looked on line and only courses are industry 'talks'.

    Most of the places near me consist of young lads changing the tyres and an older mechanic doing the other work. Previously I assumed the younger lads were work experience from college doing nvq or something. Now not so sure.

    So, is it just an experience thing or could anyone set up a tyre fitting business tomorrow.


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  • Mazda 6 ticking noise around fan belt area?

    Right no clue about cars sorry!

    Had a problem with ticking sound coming from car.(previous question better explains this) basically diagnosed as cat, it wasn't timing tensioner went, engine dead.

    Replace engine, noise is back. Whether the noise is part of the engine failure or just coincidence I don't know. Either way its back.

    Took it to a garage earlier, didn't have much time as had to pick son up from school. Quick look, he had no immediate idea, noise coming from around fan belt area at low revs, usually around the bite or when the car is decelerating. Only happens when car has been running for 10 mins or so.

    No other real noises, signs. Can take a few seconds to start sometimes.

    Basically my question is what (there seemed a lot) is around that area that could possibly make a ticking noise under these circumstances.

    It's going in tomorrow, he said he's gong to take some bits off and see what happens. He could basically tell me anything so I'm here trying to get some sort of idea that I can research and not get bummed.

    Is the timing chain in that area, as that's my fav at the moment. Closely followed by oil pump and pcv valve.

    Sorry for vagueness but just trying to arm myself and not go through the rigmarole of replacing random parts that aren't the problem and save time and cash.

    Merry Xmas all and thanks for reading and hopefully answering.

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  • Mazda 6 ticking noise. Replacement engine?


    Right, I have a 2005 mazda 6 1.8s petrol. Recently a ticking sound came about from around under the centre console. The car lost a bit of power etc. took it to local garage and diagnosed as cat break down. So, replaced cat, middle and back box. The noise was still there but a little less. A few days later the engine went, tensioner slackened and pulled 2 teeth etc etc engine beyond repair.

    Found replacement engine from accident damaged, same make, model, year with 49k. Had it put in and all fine for a week or so then noise came back ever so slightly.

    The noise is random. I start the car it's fine. On my way to work I have to go about 9 miles, with a steep incline and decline about half way. The car goes up fine but the noise always starts as coming down. Seems as the engine is slowing the car down. If I knock it into neutral and freewheel, no noise. The noise is also prominent upon the bite, as the clutch comes up and accelerator down and under low revs. 2-3000.

    I thought clutch, but after it starts when at standstill I can rev the car and as its slowing the noise is there. It's like a ticking sound.

    Now, obviously I'm worried the engine will go again. I'm thinking oil pump, tensioner gone again, clutch or lifters.

    I don't know anything about cars so apologise for vague description.

    It's really annoying and worrying me. Due to the engine being different, I'm really looking at something that isn't part of the engine system that was replaced.

    I gave the garage (which is decent) the remit of, while the engine is out check clutch, timing chain etc and replace what is needed. The clutch was ok and I assume the chain was fine and tensioner from new engine checked etc and adjusted.

    Obviously taking the car to the garage is ideal but I've been seriously stuck for time tis last week and would like some ideas as to what it could possibly be.

    Very frustrating, joys of motoring etc.

    I would really appreciate any ideas, checks I could do to eliminate some things.

    As I don't fully understand the workings of a car it may be something I've not thought of or something doing something I didn't expect it to.

    Anyhow, thank you to anyone who spares the time to answer this.

    Ill keep the additional comment box free so I can add any details I've missed or answer any questions.

    Thank you.

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  • Cv joint or axle replacement?

    Hi I have a mazda 6 2005 1.8 petrol that's pretty much destroying me over the last few months. Everything seems to be going **** up on it.

    Anyway took it for mot and failed on cv joint and wheel bearing. Quoted £174 for work.

    Firstly, is this about right?

    Secondly, I know nowt about cars but doing a bit of reading, a forum pointed it may be easier to replace the axle. This ones with the joint etc etc. so, how much is an axle and will it save enough on labour to make it worthwhile?

    If anyone has had experience or is a mechanic advice would be appreciated.

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  • Car making noise when accelerating?

    Hi, I have a 2005 mazda 6 1.8 petrol. So, recently it's been sounding rough, a creaking tinking noise from around front middle area, basically under centre console. Mrs took it out and going up a steep hill she said it really struggled.

    So, took to garage they said cat was breaking down. Had new cat and full exhaust put on. Clown put a cheap exhaust on that makes a bad noise and will be returning that. Anyway, car went ok for a day or two, no sound (except stupid exhaust) however, I took it up the same hill and I usually do 60-70mph at around 5k revs in 3rd. It wouldn't let me go past 5.5k revs at all and only doing 55-60. Seems it won't hit over 5.5k revs and when close it sounds like a massive whirring as the engine is working.

    When idling at lights it's fine, as I pull off there is a noticeable but not too loud clicky creaking sound from around under the centre console as the clutch comes up and accelerator goes down, bite basically. More accelerator as I can coast and touch it and hear it.

    Immediately I believe it wasn't the cat and was mis diagnosed, but I have a new one so.. Just interested in what this could be.

    I've tried to give as much detail as I can and realise it could be a number of things but any ideas appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Coleco vision and extras?

    Hi, I live in south Wales and as a child I built up a nice collection of console games. I have a coleco vision with Atari 2600 attachment. In the line of 30+ games including roller ball for slither and wheel and peddle for turbo.

    Anyway, does anyone know a shop where I could sell these. They aren't boxed as they were bought to be played. As far as I'm aware all work, maybe one or two games need points cleaning but no dramas.

    Any help appreciated,

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • Is your red the same red as everyone else's red?

    When I look at traffic lights I see red, amber, green now that is because I've been taught that's what colour they are. How do we know that although we realise our red is red but what if someone sees our red as our blue but knows it as red etc.

    Sounds ridiculous but has anyone ever done a test on this if possible?

    6 AnswersOther - Science9 years ago
  • LCD tv making buzzing noise?

    Right I have a 3 year old LCD tv that has just developed an annoying buzzing sound. Sounds like a spectrum loading a game.

    I have taken the back off and blew away a lot of dust in case it was a fan issue.

    Now when it is on analogue setting there is no noise but when switched to freeview/digital it hums.

    When the back was off I located the sound to be on a circuit board with a large coil and hot and cold written on the board. The coil wasn't loose but seemed to be coming from there.

    Also, the built in DVD player is acting up but this may be a separate issue.

    Any views please? The analogue, free view bit is confusing me.

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  • The queen and her gang?

    I am not trying to start an argument here i don't agree with the monarchy but this is a genuine question.

    In your view - what does the queen and her family actually do? Do they deserve the money they take off you?. Do you think anybody else could do their "job"?

    I understand i am stuck with the monarchy but i don't have to like it - the fact that you are born to a certain family therefore gives you the right to proclaim yourself as ruler in real terms is a bit ludicrous.

    if the courts were not governed by HM it would be interesting to see what they would make of such a thing - legalities etc etc. In this day of free living and human rights.

    genuinely not causing an argument here just like to hear sensible views from both sides for and against - look forward to it

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  • mazda 6 shaking as speed increases?

    Hey all i have a 2005 mazda 6 the mot last year failed due to front Tyre's being worn badly on the outer quarter so i had them replaced but didn't have time for the tracking/ wheel alignment to be done and never got around to it during the year as i got to about 70+ mph the steering wheel vibrated quite badly and i put this down to tracking.

    A week ago i had my latest mot and the Tyre's had worn in the same place so i replaced the set had them balanced and aligned and sent it to mot and passed.

    As i drove it away i went about half a mile onto a dual carriageway where i accelerated up to 60 and the steering wheel started vibrating and the faster i went the worse it got.

    Now its aligned, got new Tyre's that are balanced etc any ideas what the problem maybe?

    2 AnswersMazda1 decade ago