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  • What QB to use today. PPR?

    I have kyler Murray and Josh Allen. Let me know!

    1 AnswerFantasy Sports1 month ago
  • Which QB and WR to start week 3?

    So i lucked out and got Josh Allen and Kyle murray as my qbs. Who to start this week? Allen has been awesome but i dont know. Need your input. Also i have desean jackson or jerry jeudy in my flex spot. 1Pt PPR. Thanks

    3 AnswersFantasy Sports2 months ago
  • Which RB should I start??

    I have levEon bell, David montgomery , and James Robinson. Also have desean jackson in flex. And Jerry juedy on bench. Let me know!

    3 AnswersFantasy Sports2 months ago
  • how to find out who owns property when the owner passes on.?

    need to know who to call when the owner who passed left no will or instructions to who the deed goes to in the event of his passing. who to call?

    12 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 years ago
  • Need more documents for passport approval! ?

    I was born on the border of Texas and Mexico. I am an American I have a social security card and I own a home in New York. I was born in 1986. I was also born with a midwife in a home. The Passport Agency said I needed more proof to show that I am actually An a.merican citizen. I have contacted my mother and father my mom who was born in the US and my dad who was born in Mexico. The issue is were having trouble coming up with documents and certified documents. The agency stated that I could actually write them a letter proving where my mom was from also our address school records and hospital records, baptism records. How do I write this letter and how do I send them the information that needs to be approved

    1 AnswerImmigration5 years ago