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  • is windows defender good enough or should I also have other virus/spyware protection?

    when I bought my laptop (running vista) last year I got 12 months of free antivirus with it. That subscription is about to run out. should I bother resubscribing/buying an antivirus or is Windows defender good enough?


    7 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • Ive got a sony MD recorder. Apparently I can download free audio editing/cleanup software. Any ideas?

    People have suggested that I buy Magix Audio Cleanup, but I cant afford it at the moment. I've heard that sony has a similar program that isn't as good but can be downloaded for free... I cant find it on the Sony download site though.

    Does anyone know where I can get it? Otherwise, are there any other audio editing or cleanup programs I can download for free?

    Thanks heaps

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  • Why do old factories have that classic "saw-tooth" roof design?

    A lot of factory buildings, especially older ones, have a peculiar roof design, which, from the side, looks like the teeth of a saw, blade facing up. Can anybody tell me why those type of rooves were built on factories? Thanks.

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  • Doctors/Pharmacists only... A question about how drugs affect the brain?

    I've asked this question already but I want some more educated answers...

    If my girlfriend smokes pot when she has a headache, the pot will cure the headache, but she wont get stoned. Can someone explain why this happens?

    Its not about tolerance or different quality weed... she can smoke one night and get stoned, then smoke the same amount of the same dope the next night, with a headache, and it cures the headache but has no other effects.

    Only serious answers from people who actually know, please.

    4 AnswersMedicine1 decade ago
  • Mechanics? Car Theives? How did someone steal our car without damaging it?

    My girlfriend's car (an '89 Subaru Touring Wagon) got stolen a couple of weeks ago, and we recovered it soon after. No windows had been broken and the lock seems undamaged. None of the interior is damaged either. The only clue ive got is that the digital clock on the dash had been reset, so I guess the battery was disconnected at some point.

    How did they get into the car, and how did they start it? I hear that some cars can be opened with just about any key, but subarus are pretty pricey when they're new, so I think they wouldn't have such dodgy locks.

    Any ideas? (I'm just curious... I'm not after info on how to steal cars).

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  • what is the evolutionary purpose behind the ticklish sensation (but please read the details)?

    I KNOW THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN ASKED BEFORE! But I dont think it's been answered satisfactorily.

    It has been said that we are ticklish in some areas because there are extra sensory receptors there. This is true, but WHY do we have extra receptors there?

    People also argued that it helps us detect when bugs are crawling on us. But when a bug crawls on me it doesnt feel ticklish, it feels like a bug is crawling on me. And besides, we dont need to have a specific sensation to help us detect bugs - the ordinary receptors in our skin will detect this kind of thing.

    Being tickled is pleasurable: not like more useful sensations like pain or heat or itchiness. This makes it different. So why do we have it?

    5 AnswersBiology1 decade ago
  • Who's your tip for the AFL premiership this year?

    The reinvigorated Eagles?

    The Crows, despite recent signs?

    Freo, the dark horse?

    give me your tip(s), with reasons. Thanks!

    13 AnswersAustralian Rules1 decade ago
  • Does the force of gravity "travel" like energy (see below)?

    My dad read this theory in a book that I'm not so sure about.

    Picture this: the sun instantly ceases to exist (I'm aware this cant happen). With it's mass gone the earth ceases to be in its orbit, and heads off on a tangent in the direction it was travelling at the moment the sun disappeared. So far, so good.

    It would take eight minutes (earth being eight light minutes from the sun) for the sun's light to disappear from the perspective of earth. My dad says it would also take at least this length of time for the force of gravity to stop acting on the earth, because it too must "travel" from sun to earth, and nothing goes faster than light.

    I say gravity doesnt "travel", so when the sun disappears, the earth immediately escapes orbit. Am I right?

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  • A genuine query about intelligent design?

    It seems to me that intelligent design is actually an argument for natural selection. I'd like to hear what people from both sides of the debate think.

    I dont know much about the theory of intelligent design but I think it goes like this: life on earth is too perfect and complex to have simply come about by chance, so it must have been created. I say thats acutally an argument for natural selection because:

    1. the more complex something is, the harder it is to design, hence more likely to have come about by chance, and;

    2. the earth is a good place for the animals and plants on it because we developed via natural selection to suit the earth, ie. animals that find it tough on earth die and dont get to reproduce.

    I'm not dissing intelligent design so I dont want people dissing me. Genuine answers only please.

    11 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • A dilemma about loyalty to AFL football teams...?

    I've never really followed football until recently (I'm 26). When I was a kid (about 10) I kind of half-heartedly barracked for collingwood, mostly because a couple of my friends did. Years passed where I never cared much about footy, but I really got to dislike collingwood, I dont know why.

    Now I'm into footy and I feel like barracking for someone, and Richmond has been my favourite team for a while. I want to barrack for Richmond officially but its such a crime to swap teams, so I feel a bit dirty. Is it OK for me to be a Richmond supporter now that I follow footy seriously for the first time in my life, and I only really followed Collingwood because of peer pressure?

    8 AnswersAustralian Rules1 decade ago
  • Are infinity and zero the same thing?

    I've thought for a while that infinity and zero could be the one thing. I dont have room to properly explain why I think that, but I'd like maths dudes and dudettes out there to let me know if my hunch is supported by some theory, what it is, and where I can find out more about it. Thanks!

    28 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago