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  • Consequentialism and capital punishment?

    What are consequentialists view on capital punishment?

    Do they agree or disagree with capital punishment. 

    1 AnswerHigher Education (University +)11 months ago
  • What would you need to become a student In Canada? I am a Scottish Student.?

    Hello, I am a student in college studying NC 6 Social Sciences (I believe this is AS Level) And I will be going into HNC/HND next year in August time (Higher National Certificate/ Higher National Diploma) to complete in college.

    I was hoping to become a student in Canada and I was curious what it would take to do this? I am not sure what kind of education I need or if I need to be a graduate of University to achieve this.

    Thank-you for any help, and please no hateful comments.

    1 AnswerStudying Abroad2 years ago
  • How dangerous is MDMA?

    How dangerous can MDMA pills be? Are they as dangerous as meth or heroin?

    3 AnswersMedicine2 years ago
  • Can you get addicted to weed, or is this not an addiction?

    I was wondering if it was possible to get addicted to cannabis as I keep promising myself Im no longer gonna smoke It to myself and friends, I just end up high the next day. I'm just beginning to feel a little needy for it all the time.

    8 AnswersMental Health2 years ago
  • Advice on what to do for a friend that is basically a prisoner in his own house?

    Basically, a friend of mine at eighteen years of age is on house arrest. He has no phone or anyway to contact anyone whatsoever. He would leave but his step-dad is abusive and from what I have seen, pretty scary,

    Today we went round to see if he was there, and we got no response, so tried again and then his step dad opened, and got aggressive and began to tell us to leave or else they were going to call the police, which was odd because we did no harm, and where I live (Scotland) I believe there are no trespassing laws, so basically one of my friends told him to go ahead as we did nothing wrong.

    We were going to give him a phone to contact us, but he was not even allowed to the door! I am extremely worried for him.

    Even when his mother answers the door, basically we get told no and that's it. Before we could only hang out with him when he was at his Grandfathers, which is now apparently not allowed because he had a falling out with his mother.

    We are all age ranged from 17 - 19, and we don't know what else to do.

    The argument was basically about him wanting to see his girlfriend on their one year anniversary, and he got told 'F**ck off' and he basically called her bluff. He got told by his grandad to sort it out after he stayed in a hotel for a few days with his girlfriend.

    I would ask his grandfather for help, but he has back issues and I didn't want to bother him.

    He is too scared to speak to them, or even leave anymore. Any advice would be great, thanks

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • Is it rude if someone asks you to move your car?

    Today I parked in front of my boyfriends house which has a large car park, with no designated spots or driveways, however I got told to move my car because I was apparently in someone's 'Spot' which I found quite rude as there was many spaces next to me, and I was in the lines provided.

    I did move, but was so utterly annoyed I decided to go home. I would never ask anyone to move unless they are blocking something important or if there were zero spaces left.

    Just asking for advice as this has really annoyed me.

    14 AnswersSociology2 years ago
  • Boyfriend banned from seeing me. HELP!!!!?

    I'm 15 as well as my boyfriend, and recently my boyfriend has been banned from seeing me for mutable reasons. The reasons being that in the past, I self harmed along with smoked, which they now believe I am a bad influence. Due to my boyfriends anger issues, he hits walls whenever he's very angry about something, leaving marks on his fists and at times his arms. His father and mother are convinced that I am in fact the reason for him having anger issues, and the reason he 'self harms'. I have been crying for hours not knowing what to do, we used to see each-other every single day, he's not allowed to see me at all apart from school until he turns 16, as we live in Scotland he can move out and has freedom at that age to do as he wishes. Also, the school we attend is a disgrace, as they do not help me when I am in the need of help, the only one there is my boyfriend resulting in him being out of class as the school won't do anything for me. Now, thanks to that, his parents believe I am disturbing his education, but he only did it because he cares for me a lot and knows the school does nothing to help me, even though I have contacted the numerous of times for help. His mother and father officially hate me, and I feel awful, as does my boyfriend. He turns 16 on the 31'st of August, and he wanted to move in with me as soon as he turned 16, my mother said it would be okay as she has witnessed the state that I am in. I feel numb and dead, and this is turning my depression much worse

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • What can a 13 year old take to help her sleep?

    My 13 year daughter and I are going to Canada soon, but she is afraid she isn't going to get any sleep from the time difference, also she cannot sleep in tents when we are going camping, and she said she also can't sleep in strange places, is there anything I can give her to help her get to sleep? For the plain she tried beta-block pills but she said they had no effect on her.

    Many thanks

    2 AnswersTeen & Preteen6 years ago
  • can you put a line under your name in a passport application?

    i was just filling out a passport application, everything is fine but i did my signiture, my signiture is fine but i usually draw a line under it, i phoned my friend and asked if it's allowed, he said no, but e could be wrong. Could somebody please help me

    1 AnswerPacking & Preparation7 years ago