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  • Why do conservatives think theyre geniuses?

    it seems this site is overran by either boomers, karens, or teenage white boys who think they know everything. just because you add some condesending title doesnt mean you "owned the libs!1!1" none of them come with any real facts and just spit out buzzwords they heard on FOX news.

    Politics2 months ago
  • is my singing bad? be honest pls no sugarcoating!?

    thats my voice my friend and i are doing a collab and shes much more seasoned than i am but i keep up with being a seasoned dancer be honest pls!

    just copy and paste link :)

    1 AnswerSinging2 months ago
  • Do you Like Britney Spears' singing voice?

    Ive seen lots of people put down her vocaltone and color and it makes me very sad because her and I have similar voices and it makes me feel like nobody would like my voice. everyone says its baby-ish and shaky but it may not be the same for her but i cannot help it! my chorus teacher was the first to tell me i sound like britney, i thought it was nice cause shes famous for singing but he told me quickly told me to stop doing it and put me in a singing section that caused me to strain and confuse myself on how i should sing. 

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  • What's your most toxic trait?

    Be honest with yourself!

    Truthfully, I secretly make friends that I know that I'm better than because I know, well that I'm better than. same goes for dating. I also am very apathetic and will pretend to feel sorry for people when in fact I dont. I'm also very flirty and will sometimes make a guy think that I like him when in fact I can care less about him.

    What about you?

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