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  • Concern for relative, advise please?

    Relative moved in with me. Never married, no job. I faithfully read my Bible, attend church services, and listen to many religious programs. This new houseguest makes FUN of me, my religion and my prayer warriors. I asked if she was a Christan and knew God as her savior. And she answered, what had God done for her? Last week I went out and purchased a NKJ Bible and presented it to her as a gift. She handed it back to me and said she didn't need it or want it. I gave it back to her and walked away. I'm sure its in her room unopened. My friends say I need to pray for her. Right now, my heart is hardened towards her, I cannot in good faith pray for her. I truly feel that she is NOT saved.

    Last week, a VERY good friend got some bad news from her doctor, cancer had spread. My "houseguest's" reply, "where is YOUR God now and why did he let this happen". Its like a constant battle with her.

    Advise please.

    If you are a non-believer ...please do not bother even replying sarcastically to me. I am a humble person seeking sincere advise.

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  • Whats a good brand of mascara?

    I started wearing BeautiControl mascara. Yesterday I looked in the mirror mid-afternoon. There were black smudges underneath my eyes------evidently it flakes off bad. Took a wet tissue and got it off. It won't stay on! I need a good brand that won't flake or smudge off. Suggestions?

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  • Dog grooming question on anal glands..?

    I have a small cairn terrier. I know the groomers 'pop' his anal glands when I take him in. This is a gross question, but, how do I do this at home when I bathe him? What is the purpose of this?

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  • Anyone watch DOOL?

    I love DOOL. Even though I work full time, I am still able to keep up with the storylines. What's EJ's purpose on these schemes?

    1 AnswerTelevision1 decade ago