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I have snake bite lip piercings, two tongue piercings 12mm stretcher and 18mm stretcher, finally single again, 17yrs old, UK, i'm labelled alot; punk, rocker, emo, scene kid, goth, skater, etc cuz i usually have a different personality everyday so yh, i go to college - it sucks- i do music.. i cant remember my natural hair colour tbh, i love art n music, I'm appartently really good at drawing anime/manga and also very good at predicting: like i bet very few peeps will even read this cuz they're all retards.. oh yh, i gots green eyes and atm blonde and black hair, I sneeze like a cat (i actually cant help it) i have way too much to talk about... just add msn or somethin if ya wanna know more... OH last thing, MUSIC - green day, avenged sevenfold, blink 182, avril lavigne, escape the fate, from behind these walls etc. bye! x It's very old from when i was full emo.

  • Can I go on my already paid-for holiday while waiting for a meeting with social services?

    My boyfriend lives with his sister and her partner and their foster kids, one of the kids has just started her period and decided to tell her school she was being beaten by my boyfriend and her foster parents because they put her on the stairs for being naughty, thing is, we have already paid to go away on holiday this weekend - a lot of money - and he doesn t think we can go because he doesn t want it to look bad if they call this meeting through the weekend that we re away.

    They haven t told him when the meeting is, and the kids have been allowed back home but until he has this meeting he has to stay away from the kids, so my question is, can we still go away and simply tell them we ll be back on Monday? And if so, would that look bad? My grandparents don t think it would be a problem as he would be away from the kids and he would be back for a meeting next week.

    He s worried that going away would make him look guilty or like he didnt care what happened, when really we re just in a long distance relationship and he was coming to see me for the first time in 2 months and go camping with my friends.

    What can we do? We re supposed to leave tomorrow and I literally cant get a refund at such short notice.. This will cost us so much money if he cant come and we re not well off, it would be such a waste.

    I want to see my boyfriend. He wants to see me but he s terrified to leave town in case it looks bad on him.


    Thanks in advance.

  • In Japanese, how does Ugokushiro translate to moving castle?

    As in Howl's Moving Castle, it's Japanese name is Howl no Ugoku Shiro.

    I'm teaching myself how to speak and read Japanese, so I'm curious how, "Moving White" can be read or heard as "Moving Castle" when nothing about the movie relates to the colour white? (Except maybe Sophie's hair.) Can Shiro mean something else depending on its context?

    Any other examples of this and explanations would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • A version of Auld Lang Syne I need to know the name of the artist?!?

    OK, so it's sung by a black group, it's very up beat, maybe from between the 80's and 90's it was ridiculed by the Scottish for making it too "American", there are multiple singers. It's not anyone that comes up when you Google the song, it's very popular in Britain for new years it seems to always be the chosen one to play at New Years, I had it on my computer when I was younger and it's really annoying that I can't ever seem to find that version of the song.

    Anyone have any ideas? A link to a YouTube video? Anything at all so I can finally have my favourite version of Auld Lang Syne for this new years!

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • Mdma/Ecstasy doesn t work on me.?

    So, first I will explain that no I m not on any meds, I m not depressed, I m very mentally sound. I ve used a kit to test the Mdma I had before I went to a festival, it was definitely MDMA. Not only that but everyone of the 8 people I went to the festival with, had the same stuff. They all had the normal effects, buzzing, dancing, loving, happy, energetic, and me?

    Well, I was shaking uncontrollably, like I had parkinsons, I had no energy, I felt really weak, and constantly felt sick, I barely ate anything at all the whole festival because of it. It made me depressed, it made me emotional, I cried a lot, I had the worst time ever, and sleeping was the easiest thing to do.

    Like I said, definitely was mdma, I was the oy person to have that effect from it. The same thing happened when I took ecstasy at a party a few years ago. I wasn t on any other drug at the festival but I was on many at the party and I didn t test anything then which is why I m using my festival experience instead.

    I heard somewhere it doesn t work on people with autism, and I was never personally diagnosed but all my siblings have it. Could that be a plausible explanation?

    Or could it be down to some underlying health condition that doesn t agree with the drug?

    Any opinions or health facts, drug facts etc anything that could help me understand this reaction would be very much appreciated, especially if they are presented with respect and politeness.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • I work in McColls and my colleague has marked the price of Ella s Kitchen baby food down. I know it s illegal to mark down formula but?

    I don t know if it s legal to mark down Ella s kitchen type food, can someone please help?

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  • Honey Bee s strange behaviour.?

    OK so I was leaving for work yesterday when I noticed two honey Bee s on my gate, I didn t know it was two at first but the closer I got the more obvious that became. One bee was mounted on top of another bee, both still alive so this wasn t the caretaker taking out the dead nor is there a hive nearby.

    Going through the gate, the one on top flew away and eventually so did the second one. They weren t mating were they? Can male bees even do that? Or was this the end of a fight? Maybe cleaning each other?

    Does anyone know what these two were doing?

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  • My friend used my phone to log into Facebook and now when I try to log in on websites using Facebook it automatically logs her in instead.?

    I'm trying to get a refund for some items I bought on Gamiss, but I signed up there using Facebook, now since my friend logged in to her Facebook, it keeps logging her in instead of me and I can't do anything about the items I need refunded. How do I sort this out?

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    Everywhere said that the next set of episodes would be aired on the 4th April 2017, we ll it s nearly the goddamned 6th April in an hour and I still can t find anything. Generally the episode air date is when I can find watch them streamed online. So where are they? Are they late or something?

    There s been nothing about it since Jan when they revealed the air date and not even the fans have posted about not finding it so I m confused, did I miss something?


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  • External 3.5mm jack phone antenna s.. Are they any good?

    On eBay you can buy these for really cheap, although they have no feedback and there s nothing I can find on them through google, so has anyone bought one? What are they like? Do they actually boost your signal reasonably well anywhere?

    Any feedback on the item would be great, just search the title in eBay if you need to look yourself.

    Thank you in advance :)

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  • My friend had a black out recently and neither of us know what or why it happened and I m hoping you guys could help me shine some light?

    Here s all the details I know:

    We d been in my house for about 20 mins talking away as normal, when I turned around from making a brew he was fallung forwards and didnt even land hard on the floor, like he was almost stopping himself but couldn t.

    Then he starts repeatedly hitting his face really hard of the stone tiled floor and breaks a tooth and his glasses, when I turned him on his side his mouth was bleeding from a bust lip and his eyes were rolled back into his head, his bodies still twitching and spasming his upper body back and forth violently, this lasts for maybe a minute? It felt much longer, when he comes too he s completely confused as to what just happened and why hes on the floor with a painful mouth, he s dizzy so I get him to move slow and stay on the floor while I git some water.

    He said it had happened once before under a completely different circumstance, he d been walking out with his girlfriend and were sat on a wall with a couple of beers on the promenade, talking away as normal when the same thing happened and he broke his nose and glasses.

    I ve tried googling the symptoms but everything I find on seizures and black outs have other very specific symptoms which he hadn t had either time.

    Does anyone know what happened here? Anyone have similar experiences? Anything would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I booked holiday off work, boss is calling me in to cover shifts, is this legal?

    So I work in the UK in a small convenience store called McColls, I booked holiday time earlier this year, recently my boss found out I wasnt going to be abroad during this time and has since been calling me in to cover shifts. I started my holiday today and have landed a shift the Saturday coming and almost landed a shift today and next week. Im supposed to be on holiday, surely she can t do this?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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  • How many hours and days in a row can you work legally? UK?

    Hi so here's my dilemma, I work as a salesman and my contract is 5 days 8am-6pm, plus a half day every other week unpaid all in my contract. We are about to feature a new showroom and my boss has said I'll be working full days Monday to Sunday for the next two week's (weekends unpaid,) including the normal five days after the two weeks before my weekend break. I'll be working 19 days in a row 8am-6pm, 4 days unpaid (theres not been any contract renewal or anything).

    Is this legal or should I be pulling my boss about this?

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  • taking a leap of faith bare footed saying "i trust myself" in a dream?

    So I don't usually remember my dreams so clearly but this one was vivid and has stained my brain for the past few weeks.

    As I remember it I was in the local bus station and ran into an old friend who I considered my first love when I was younger, he started urging me to follow him and I seemed to know why and where or at least I never questioned it, he seemed rushed. Then all of a sudden my college crush appears, Ive never even spoke to this guy in my life, he stands out to me because his name was Shanon and I thought it was really girly, he's asking me to follow him but more casually, as I'm thinking about his question I turn around and the other guy (Jamie) I'd already rushing off so I signal to Shanon to follow me instead and he kinda shrugs and starts running after us, once outside I'm suddenly in a totally different area and there's a steep grassy hill beside me that the two boys (considerably taller) manage to climb up, I realise I'm not gonna get up that way and so I look a little further down the path and there are some table-like levels I could step up; the first step was easy, quite low down and there was a bush I could grasp to ensure I didn't fall, then I step to the second level, a little higher up and suddenly it feels unsteady and there's a gap I have to jump before I teach the boys who have waited for me, realising the urgency of the situation I notice I'll have to let go and jump, feeling the unsteadiness I look down and I see me feet, (see added info below)

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  • How do I travel abroad if I have never been registered with a birth certificate?

    Hi, basically I'm curious as to how people who aren't registered for a birth certificate go abroad. I have one but personally if I had a child I'd refuse to have them registered because I find that having them being owned by the government and what not rather pathetic, if there was a way to remove myself from the system I would do so. But you need a birth certificate to apply for lots of things, but gypsies and travellers have managed it so how is it done????

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  • Will my boyfriend go to jail for drunk and disorderly?

    Ok so toward the end of last year my boyfriend was arrested for drunk and disorderly and told that he couldn't get arrested within the next six months, since then he's had a fine which he hasn't paid off but for something totally unrelated that they've never prompted him for, now he's been arrested again for d+d and is worried that it's within the 6month time period. He has never harmed anyone while drunk, the way I see it other males have tried to bully him (because he's quite tall and skinny) and he is stupidly brave, he never starts a fight but he defends himself verbally, and the other men can't get a one up so they call the cops on him, he's got a character reference from a colleague of his who is an ex cop stating his wonderful humanatitarian-like personality and that he's getting help needed for his drinking, and that he's basically a generally good person.

    Personally I don't think that he should be sent down because he's never harmed anyone and is acutely getting help, but he's still worried and I would like to know if it will be considered in court and if he does, roughly how long?

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police7 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Custom designed Bong, who can make it?

    Basically I want this bong, and I'm willing to pay (within in reason) anything for it. I just need someone to make it who is able to deliver to a UK address. I've asked some glass-blowers and top brands but none seem to ever get back to me, so if you or someone you know (anyone!) can make this as close as humanly possible to the picture, it would be greatly appreciated and handsomely rewarded, I would ask for a picture of the finished piece or previous work to see whether the person willing to do it is of a good enough standard. Even if you're not entirely sure if someone could do it suggest anyway as I've been searching for 3 weeks now. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Just wondering, is it possible to sue Kanye West for slandering Novelists as being self-absorbed and wordy?

    Kanye West made a statement using those words exclaiming he was "a proud non-reader of books" but he was quite offensive calling all novelists "self-absorbed" and "wordy" so I was wondering, as he is an idol for some adolescents, if it was possible to sue him, as he has young people look up to him they may be inclined to not read books or even have changed an aspiring novelists mind because they don't want to be "wordy" and "self-absorbed" and personally I'm offended, I am a writer and do not consider myself self-absorbed, if I was in a worse mental state that could affect my self-esteem not only as a writer but as a person. I don't profess to not be "wordy" but I do it because I like the English language. What bothers me is their are people who are not like this. The next generation are already dumb enough (mostly referring to my area as most are primary school drop-outs) if they stop wanting to read they're never going to get anywhere ever, being able to read and learn from books is essential for kids, nowadays especially because if they never tea a book they'll never get off the x-box and writers will be mostly out of business. So basically I wanted to know if it's possible for him to be sued.

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  • How do I start a charity for a mentally ill locally famous homeless guy?

    I live in a town called morecambe an ever since I can remember there's been a guy who has been homeless, he used to have a dog that followed him everywhere that he used to feed more than himself but some local idiots beat the dog to death one winter, and now he's developed a form of what seems like schizophrenia, talking to himself all the time, everyone in my area is familiar with him, and lots of people but him food and drink throughout the year.

    But he's worn the same clothes for years, he can't get any help for his illness and it's getting to winter now so it's getting really cold, me and my grandparents have been going through some old clothes and put some aside for him, but personally because the whole town knows him I think they would help him if I created a charity to get him the help he needs and warm clothes and new shoes (as he's wearing an odd pair that have no soles.. The people look after him well i just think they'd be able to sleep better knowing there is a charity helping him out.

    Not just for him though I want to help all the homeless people because at some point in time they've been friendly to me and some helped me through my highschool years. They're all genuinely nice people who just struck bad luck and I really wanna help them out, especially the mentally ill guy.. It kills me a little every time i see him wandering around aimlessly talking to himself :/

    I really appreciate any advice you could offer because I'm only 20 and I have absolutely no idea where to start!

    Thanks to everyone in advance!

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  • After abortion, severe trapped wind to the point I have to throw up?

    So, about a month and a half ago I had an abortion at 22 weeks, since then I've started to get severely trapped wind about 2 hours after eating, and indigestion to the point I have to throw up to get the pain to stop so much but then usually my stomach feels weird and my back hurts like muscle pains. I was wondering if it was possible, because when pregnant everything moves upwards to make room, is there a chance that as it's gone back my digestive track might have tangled or something? Or if there's any other reason you know of? I mean I can't physically burp anyway, never have been able to but it's never affected me till after the abortion, my grandparents have to pay my back like a baby and make me sway to keep it from settling in one place, the pain usually moves between under my ribs, gullet area, between shoulder blades, sternum and a little lower on my back.

    Also since the abortion my knees seem have acquired really painful arthritis, I'm only 20 years old.. I don't like hospitals, every time I go I seem to end up in a worse state.

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  • Where can I buy a halo energy sword replica that ships to the uk?

    I've been searching online for ages to get my bro a Xmas present and I came across the replica of te halo energy sword, with a wall plaque, but I ant find anywhere that ships to the uk? Any help appreciated.

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