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  • How can I not feel left out of my Dads wedding?


    In 2014 my parents divorced after 30 years together. My Dad left my Mom for a co-worker/ family friend who is half his age.

    She has 2 kids 10 years younger than my brother and I. They live together in GA . My brother lives in CO with my Mom. Helping her out, 2 years ago she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My brother has helped her out so much! I live in NC. Pretty close to Georgia.

    2 weeks ago my Dad texts me saying they are getting married on the 16th. (They are both Irish, and wanted to be married near St. Patrick's Day)

    I told him congratulations and that was soon.. He said yeah they got their license the week prior..He said I could come or we could celebrate around Easter. Well I am really upset not because of the marriage itself but because I had no chance to even be there..

    I told my brother and at the time he didn't know. My Dad told him LAST WEEK! My brother is CO, no way even if he wanted to be there, could he...

    Well turns out it is just going to be them and her two kids..

    When my Dad told me they were engaged they mentioned just a small ceremony with His and her kids...

    I don't know how to feel, My brother and I have been unconditionally there for him. It really hurts.

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  • Last night my mom was admitted into icu, my brother took her in after she appeared to make no sense and was really confused.?

    She had memory loss of the confusion and the hospital did a cat scan and found a small growth in her brain above her left ear.

    They also did a EEG for seizure and stroke check. On the 15th she will be having surgery to get a biopsy of the growth.

    Just wondering and worrying. Maybe some one knows what it could be..

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