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  • What to do about friend apartment? ?

    My friend friend called me saying he’s turning himself into authorities for an incident regarding his ex wife. A month later (Aug 2019) he called me from jail asking if I could hold his apartment down while he’s away. He said rent is $600, he was already behind rent (he owed like $1200). I agreed. I paid the $600 and his mom said she’ll pay the remaining $400 (which she didn’t). At this time my mom was struggling to pay bills so I began helping her pay bills and was unable to fully pay for the other apartment (I was putting in $400). Fast forward, I checked the mail and it says “Fourteen day notice federally tenant for material non-compliance with lease, pursuant to hud regulation and concurrent demand for the rent. You are herby advised that the undersign landlord elect to terminate your tenancy.” Back rent is $3600. Folks tell me it’s nothing else I can do, just put his stuff in storage. I was thinking about taking out a personal loan to pay it off. He lost his wife (divorce) son (lost visitation), his car and his job all within 4 years. He’s a marine so idk if they’ll be able to help him once he gets out. 

    What should I do? 

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  • What to do about coworker?

    I work overnight at a 24 hour store. One night when I was on register (I cannot leave the register area because if the store gets robbed I’ll be terminated) and I put the empty boxes of candy next to my coworkers boxes. He gets all mad and is like “I’m not taking your boxes upstairs (to the baleroom) because it’s not my responsibility.” I thought he was joking, but he seriously only took his and left mine. The next night he pages me downstairs (he was on register this time) I come down and he asks me to take his empty boxes upstairs. Me being the team player I am and mature, I did. The next night I asked him can he cover my break he rudely says “No. I got **** to do!” So I got another coworker. The next night (he’s on register again) he ask can I cover him cause he has to go to the bathroom. Once again, I’m mature enough and said okay. He takes 40 minutes to come back. Last week, I was on register and our shift leader told me to page someone who is upstairs for any returns that belongs upstairs and any returns that belongs downstairs someone downstairs can put it back. So I called Jordan who was upstairs to come get the returns, he did. I asked Brian to put the milk back (who was downstairs) he gets mad n says it’s not his responsibility. I tell him I can’t leave the register area (he got in trouble for it the other day). 1 hour go by & the milk is in the same spot he picks it up and slams it in my face. I always help him, but he never helps me. What do I do?

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  • What should she do?

    My coworker came to work smelly one day. I pulled her to the side and told her I think her clothes are sour. She apologized and said she she only owns one pair of black pants and that she didn’t have tome to wash them out and tried hiding the odor with perfume. She thanked me. After that, I didn’t smell any odor from her. She tells me how he (the coworker) would go by her (when it’s only her and him there) and say “Booty smelling like booty.” She said she ignored him because she didn’t know he was addressing her at the time. Then last week he randomly shouted out “YOU STINK!!” She said nothing. Then Friday morning she was doing stocking items (she had her headphones on the store was closed) and he walks by and say “You got this whole room stinking.” Once again, she said nothing. She told me she asked numerous amount of people even her most brutality honest friends and they all say she doesn’t smell (including me). I told her she needs to confront the coworker about his behavior and if he doesn’t stop the disrespect, to start reporting to our SM.

    What should she do?

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  • What to do?

    A lot of people misunderstood my other question so I’ll reword it and make it straight to the point.

    Tuesday I went in to just review my time punch cause I thought I forgot to clock in (I was wrong). My general manager then notice that I’ve only been having one shift a week. She then says “I’m going to give you more hours.” Friday, she did exactly what she said she was going to do and but me on for 3 shifts. Later on that day, my coworker ask if he could have my Saturday shift and I said no I need it. He then says his hours decreased. I felt bad, but I’ve only been working once a week and a few times I had no shifts for an entire week. Anyways, he text our bakery manager and tells him about the situation and our bakery managers takes me off and puts my coworker on. I feel disrespected cause I told my coworker no he couldn’t have my shift and he goes back and tells my manager to take me off. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

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  • What should I do?

    I’ve been working at The Cheesecake Factory for 4 months now. Tuesday, I went to talk to the GM about my time punch. We were causally talking and she said she needs to give me more hours since I’ve only been getting one shift a week. Friday, she did the schedule and she did what she said she was going to do. I got 3 working shifts in a week. I was so happy because it was the first time I got 3 shifts in one week. Anyways, my coworker text me saying can he have my Saturday shift. I said no, I need it. He then says his hours decreased because of me. I had a feeling he was going to text our bakery manager telling him to take me off the schedule and put him on. The next day, I check and the bakery manager took me off and put my coworker on (taking my shift away from me and giving it to him). I feel disrespected and insulted. Should I report this to the GM?

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  • Should I be mad or not?

    I’ve been struggling lately and decided to drop my pride and apply for SNAP. I told my mom not to tell my sister cause my sister would than make fun of me (she has EBT). My sister and I do not have the best relationship. I don’t even consider her to be my sister considering the amount of items she stole for me to get money. The lady called my house phone while I was at work and my sister answered. The lady I assumed must’ve revealed herself to be a SNAP worker. 20 minutes ago my mom asked my sister did some lady call for me and my sister replied yes and said she (the worker) was rude. My mom the says out loud “Jas, these people aren’t the nicest people. So when she calls tomorrow say you only want your snap!” I was so mad cause I’m a private person and I didn’t want my sister to find out that I signed up for snap.

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  • Should I breakup with him?

    My boyfriend and I met on an app called Plenty of Fish. We've been dating for 9 months. I live in Westchester County while he lives in the Bronx. When we first began to date we would see each other multiple times a day, now we only see each other once a month, twice max. We had an argument (through via text) all I said was "Since you apparently forgot, happy 9 months." He replied "I was getting to that you don't have to be such an asshole. Congratulations, you played yourself." He then says "You always assume the worse." I said "That always tho" he says "Yes, always." I replied "You're making me feel as if I do nothing, but being bad vibes." He says "TBH sometimes you do." Part of me doesn't feel like it's going to work because we barely see each other and whenever I go to his place all he do is smoke weed and do sexual things (I have him my virginity). We don't really talk on the phone and nowadays we barely text (I usually text him first).This is my first relationship so I don't know if this is normal for a relationship. Also, he changed his phone password (he hasn't told me th current one) and randomly ran out of condoms.

    Is this normal for a relationship?

    How to breakup?

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  • Was this customer rude?

    Was she rude?u7

    Did I handle it correctly

    How to deal with rude customers?

    How would you handle it?

    I've been working as a cashier at The Home Depot for 4 months now. I was checking customers out this plus size Causian lady with red hair comes with a huge AC. I said "hello, how are you?" (as I do every customer). I was looking for the sku (barcode) for the AC, but the way she put the AC in the cart, the AC had to be turned around (because the sku was at the bottom). I said to her "The sku is on the bottom" She says "Excuse me?!" I repeated myself. She then says "I didn't see a sku anywhere!" I take out my phone because we have an app that gives us the sku number to an item. All a sudden she picks the AC up turns it around and yells out "The other side!" the barcode was there. After the whole transaction was done she says "Can you give me back my kitchen booklet that YOU took?!" I pointed on top of her AC and said "It's right there..." She says "Oh!" and walked off fast.

    Was she rude?

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  • Is a Liberal Arts degree worth anything?

    I am in college studying a liberal arts degree. When I was getting my degree the lady who was taking my picture pulled me to the side and told me I should switch departments because the other departments degrees are worth more. The reason why I am a bit nervous about it is because the department of Arts and Science are filled with women and I rarely get along with other females. The current department I am in everyone is 30+ and has a kid while I am only 21 and still a virgin lol.

    What should I do?

  • Did I handle this appropriately?

    A black middle aged man (He had to be in his mid 40s to 60s) randomly came behind me I thought I was in his way so I moved to the side. He comes beside me tells me his name and ask for mine. I lied about my name. He then ask if it would be play if he gave me his number. I said no. I then tell him I am '16' (which I'm 21 but usually when a man hears a girl is underage they go away). He then says "That's okay. I'll wait for you, I'll take you out to the movies, dinner, whatever." I said "no" he was following my direction so I decided to go a different way. He says "Can I be your friend?" I said "No"

    Was I a bit too cold?

    How would you handle it?

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  • Being Evicted What To Do With My Cat?

    72 Hour Notice. I don't want to give her up, I just need her to have a temporary home until August/September. I live in Westchester, NY. Are their any 'pet hotels' or any place I can take my cat until I find a new home without losing custody?

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  • Didn't get the job after interview, can I apply again?

    So a year ago I applied to Regal, got the interview but didn't get the job. I was wondering, should/can I apply again?

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  • How do I take my road test if I do not own a car?

    Hello, I live in New York and would like to know how do I take my road test if I do not own a car nor do I know anyone who owns a car. Do (some) driving schools lend cars to students to take a road test?

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  • Is my professor making a pass at me?

    I am in college math and all the other students left. My professor begins to ask me questions on, where do I live, what profession my parents do, etc. Afterwards, he wrote his number down and said to call him so he can tutor me in private.

    Was he making a pass?

    What would you do if this happened?

    What should I do?

  • 21 and never had a job?

    I didn't apply for a job when I was in high school because I was focused into graduating high school. I graduated and began applying for jobs. I applied for over 10 jobs and only 3 called me. One was at Stop and Shop had an interview, didn't get the job. Had an interview at Regal Cinemas, didn't get the job. A manager at Walmart called me for an interview, but I was unable to make it because I didn't have any money for transportation. I tried to reason with her and asked if we could do the interview for Wednesday instead of Tuesday. She says "Well, I'm going on vacation and if I have something available I will call you" and hanged up the phone (lol). I recently brought two different applications to Trader Joe's.

    Anyways, I've really been trying to find employment. I don't want to be like my brother and sister 25 and 26 years old living with their mom.

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  • Was this lady rude?

    I was at the theater with my friend. The concession line was moving slow so my friend and I decided to go into two different lines. This elderly lady with her two grandchildren(?) was kind of complaining about how slow the line was. She stepped out of line and I thought she didn't want anything (cause the line was moving slow and she was complaining) so I stepped in front. I overheard her say "Oh great, we got cut" I apologized and offered her spot back. She rudely says "Well uh yeah it was our spot anyways!" and rudely cuts in front of me without saying excuse me or anything. I didn't say anything back b/c I have very low self-esteem.

    Was she rude and how would've you handled it?

    14 AnswersEtiquette4 years ago
  • Is it good to transfer to 3 different colleges?

    I started my first year in college at Monroe College for Culinary in 2013. I was being bullied/harassed by my classmates. I stayed there until Fall 2014 because I had an internship and the chef was being extremely bias and treating me unfair. I ended up dropping out and taking a whole year off college.

    My mom always wanted me to go to the same college as her since the day I finished college. Which mad me angry because I felt like she wants to relive her life through mine. Whenever I say "I do not want to follow your footsteps, I want to make and create my own" she gets offended and says "I don't think my footsteps are bad" I say they aren't, but it's my life and I don't want to follow her. To make things short, I ended up going to the same college as her b/c my mom wouldn't be quiet about me taking time off of college.

    At this college, I'm the youngest person there (21) everyone is like 24+. Which is not an issue because they're so mature (which I love). However, when people ask what college I am going to my mom always says "Yeah she's following her mommies footsteps!" Which pisses me off b/c as I said before, I don't want to follow her footsteps, I want to create my own.

    I'm thinking about transferring colleges. If I do, this will be my 3rd college. Should I do it or not?

  • What should I do?

    I'ma make this short as possible. Back in 2009 I got a Wii, when I got in 10th grade (2011) I got a Xbox360. I set my Wii system and all the games in a box near my TV. That 'sister' of mine stole it, but we thought it was my brothers friend who stayed with us for 3 days. Anyways, whenever we get into an arugment she be like "I stole the Wii, so what?! Call the cops!" I'm still pissed off over the fact that she stole my Wii (all the games, money, clothes, pads, etc) and never once said I'm sorry. It's like she has no regrets cause if she did she would say I'm sorry and not flaunt it proudly. My mom and I just got into an argument and said that I need to learn how to forgive and forget. I'm like I ain't forgiving anything cause she never once said I am sorry.

    What should I do?

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  • Is 2nd rank English good in college?

    So I did a college placement exam and one of the professors said I am in 2nd rank English.

    Is that good?

  • Guy poked my butt without permission?

    My bro stepped out and about 5 minutes later his friend comes (He's 22/23 years old I'm 20) Usually all my bro friends are very chill and wait inside his room. This boy Michael is kinda mentally slow. When I let him in he asked if I was home alone, I said no. He followed me to the kitchen and I told him I'll call my bro for him he said "No, don't tell him I'm here" I said "I'm gonna have to tell him or you can leave" I went to grab my phone from out my room (I didn't know he was behind me) and he ask if that was my room I said yes. I close the door and he like "Let me see" and tries to open my door I said "No!" and pushed his hand down. He asked for tape and opens his arms for a hug. I hug him and while in the process of hugging him he like "Oooooh Jasmyne." I said "Okay, get off of me!" and pushed him away. I turned around to get him some tape and he pokes my butt and says "Poke" I was so speechless I didn't know what to say/do. I said no to having tape, when my bro came home I told him what happened. He confronted him and kicked him out. A week later, he was standing outside of our door. My bro confronted him. I just found out that he went to jail for 90 days for sexual charges.

    If this is not sexual harassment what is it?

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