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Dogs are my passion in life! I could never live a satisfying life without at least one...currently I have four, all rescued, of course. Three are Yorkie's (actually a Yorkie, Silky, and a Biewer). I also have a Norwegian Elkhound. I am a former K-9 Handler, Kennel Manager, Yorkie Rescue League Member, Detective Agency Owner, Interior Design Consultant, and in my lifetime I have rescued over 2000 dogs from the streets of many states. I feel fortunate that I was at the right place at the right time. Many of the animals that I have recovered were successfuly returned to anxious owners by many hours of investigative work. I encourage all to help the elderly and sick recover their missing pet. My platform in life is to educate, rescue,and attempt to work with other like-minded people to eradicate the suffering of these wonderful creatures! My other passion in life is, of course, to Party! A "Smart-Coctail" in hand, all decked out, dancing the night away! Angel Wolf 13

  • URGENT! WASHINGTON STATE! NEED TEMP FOSTER! all DS! Do you know of a Temp Foster Group?

    QUESTION: Do you know of a Temporary Foster for these dogs??????

    BEGGING for help...Temporary Foster for a brilliant young lady needing to move and Family can not help her!! She WILL reclaim dogs. Dogs CAN be split up. I have pix, bio, and they are GORGEOUS, trained, clean, vetted, and all info provided.

    Other offers fell through. PLEASE star....PEASE help network for us!

    Help prevent them from losing the person that truly loves them. Hard times fall on all of us. Any ideas will be appreciated!

    LEGIT Q: Do you do Temporary Foster care in Washington State, (Olympia)?????

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    Ways to help:

    Look in LOST column of paper/internet. Volunteer to help post fliers, knock on doors and offer support and guidance. Most folks do not know how to conduct a proper search. Peruse the found column; most people do not cross-check.

    The ELDERLY and sick are not mobile. Contact the Senior Citizens Alliance and volunteer to help when Fluffy goes AWOL.

    Contact the Hospitals and offer to Foster animals while the patient recovers.

    This is my favorite way of helping strangers. No, have never or would never accept reward.

    Tell us your story, and maybe others will do the same!

    LEGIT Q: What was the longest period of time that you devoted to search/rescue?

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  • SOS! 501 (c) 3 RESCUE LEAGUE NEEDS Discounted Merchandise for DOGS & CATS?

    Need help in finding MANUFACTURERS giving discounts to 501 (c)3 RESCUE LEAGUE?

    Where do you get your discounted merchandise from?

    For dog and cat food, crates, carriers, leashes, collars, medications, beds and other misc?

    What are the particulars involved to get this assistance?

    Any info will be appreciated by Beth, and the many Animals in need!

    Many Thanks! Theresa

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    DS REGS, will you help find a FOSTER CARE in Washington State for a YA Member?

    2 Dogs: Australian Shep / Sheltie Mix

    Great Pyr / GSD Mix

    Owner, "DAEDEL" posted a Q yesterday. Must vacate in 2 weeks. She will get on feet soon! Cannot take dogs. DEVASTATED!

    Can we star and find someone? Please please help her! Sincere plea!

    Thank you DS Regs! Theresa

    LEGIT: Have you had to Foster out your dogs?

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    SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! (oh joy) What would be 5 facts that you would like to TEACH the new kids in the "YA CLASSROOM?"..

    My contribution:

    1. Yes, kids CAN report abuse or neglect to the Humane Society or Animal Control if you can't find a trusted adult to do so.

    2. Yes, you CAN help the Humane Society...take up a collection of items or money at school and they will be thrilled!

    3. NO such thing as a TEACUP anything! That is just a money making gimmick to sell tiny, sick animals.

    4. NO, hitting a dog is NEVER OK! Training is necessary by an accredited Obedience Trainer.

    5. NO, making up stupid stories on YA is NOT awesome, it is just stupid and takes time away from other needy people that need our advice!

    Categories: Breeding problems, Shots and Health, Training, or fun facts!

    Simple + Fun = Maybe they will read it! lol

    Please star so the kids see it..

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  • AFTER PROM FISH TALES...Parents....What would you do if you found out?

    Situation: Pick up kid's Tux after Prom. Kids going to private party. Bags are searched at door. Lovely young lady rushes up to you, shoves overnight bag into your arms. Says: "Here, take this home for me, I'll get it tomorrow!" .......You say..."Just a moment, young lady!" As she runs off never to be seen again.....(You have no idea who this is).....You grab son who says, "Oh, she can't take the bag in, she does not want it stolen"...."Hmmm, well, OK.....go have a good time, son!"...

    Mom immediately opens bag. Mom finds almost empty bottle of (cheap) Vodka.....Mom so furious, contacting son to get the name of girl. Nearly drops dead upon hearing who it is...Honor Student, etc. (18 yrs old).....

    So......(still trying to calm down)......informs son to tell the young lady to contact me as I will hold her accountable.

    Here is the story......... Which "could" be entirely true, btw...

    Vodka was NOT the girl's.....It "belongs" to a "21" year old that took her to the Prom.

    He is from another State........and, well, THIS explains it, "He is actually a Prince of another Country".......ahem.....

    The funny thing is, she gave the bag to the WORST person she could find. Not only did they violate the law, they placed the Mom into jeopardy, possibly ending up in jail.......Stupid Honors Students...

    And, Mom is a retired Detective, , and very, very angry.....

    Mom is positive son was not drinking.....100% he hates drinkers/smokers

    Girl was not with son or his friends

    I KNOW what I am going to do.........what would YOU do?

    PS: None of them are even concerned that I found the contraband...In my day, we would have headed to the hills to escape the wrath of MY Mother!

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    Happy Mother's Day to all of our resident MOM'S!! I AM BACK from a winter in Florida with a VENGEANCE!! State after state of IGNORANCE, wayward dogs on the highways, dumped dogs in rural areas, intact males and prego females.... Ad's in every state for every possible mixed breed idiot's can "design".....The break from YAHOO has been mixed also...I MISSED all of my contacts, but mentally I needed the detachment from worrying about the plight of the animals. And, to party, of course! So.....QUESTION:

    Throughout history, what Woman has been a catalyst in helping to change laws, affect change, and devote her life to eradicating misery and suffering for animals???? Besides any of

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    Since we have been answering Questions from people hit by the Economic Slump who do not have available funds for the VET, WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST THEY DO TO GET THE $$$ ??????

    I will suggest holding a FUNdraiser Party for the Dog's Vet visit. Charge $10 - $20 per person at the door.

    Yard Sale

    Pawning something

    Quick Odd Jobs

    Using a "Doggie Bank" all year long...loose change adds up

    Getting Pet Insurance now

    Asking Vet to take payments...

    Humane Society has low cost Vet care

    Please come up with ideas for the people to consider! Please star, as maybe this will propel some to take action! Thanks, AW13

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  • INTEGRATING 2 DOG PACKS FOR 12 WEEKS?? What do You Think of my plan?

    Leaving for Florida.....bringing my 3 Yorkies....going to a home with 3 similar dogs. ALL neutered Males... This is my plan, please give me your opinions????? I am used to integrating 1 or 2 new rescued dogs to MY packs over the years, and mine do well at Yorkie events......

    Instead of letting 6 dogs loose at first meeting, I will introduce the 2 Alpha males, followed by the two 2nd in command, followed by the two youngest, and of the same breed. (Both Biewer's)

    Then I will allow the two Alphas with the two youngest Biewers. Lastly, I will integrate our two middle dogs, who usually are the wildest!

    So, contacts of mine, and anyone else who wishes to ensure that I do not get asked to leave after 2 weeks!

    I know my pack, and I know the other dogs. I am estimating a few days for full acceptance. Any other suggestions are appreciated!

    All I want for Christmas is to escape the Frozen Tundra!

    Merry Christmas! Angel Wolf 13

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  • DOG SECTION: What good news did you get this week from a previous Q?

    Did any of the poster's that asked a Question report good news to you after the Q was resolved????

    OK....I am pleased to announce that SOPHIE HAS BEEN FOUND! The Northern Virginia Dog that escaped a few days ago in the SNOWSTORM! I am so happy...the owner emailed me with the good news. I was so worried.

    So, tell us your good news???

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  • US GLOBAL EXOTIC ANIMAL OUTRAGE! DId anyone see the story on CNN?

    On the TV show "Jane Valez Mitchell", the story regarding the Largest Animal Rescue in US History was conducted at the US Global Exotic Animal Co., in Arlington, TX The investigation of 7 months showed 10's of thousands of animals just now being rescued. Many dead, dying, or left to die in small shipping containers, never to be cared for again. They have 2 years to decide if Criminal Charges will be brought against this company.

    Did you see this story?? What do you think about the fact that this practice is continuing as we speak??

    Which US Department, or Organization do you think should oversee this type business??? Since they dropped the ball repeatedly?????

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  • ANIMAL SHELTER MEDIA NEWS: Did your TV Station report Shelter News Recently?

    Just caught a quick story on CNN, highlighting the Chihuahua and Chi-mixes that are swamping the Humane Societies, Animal Shelters and Rescues in California. And, all over the Nation. They are hoping the media coverage will attempt to educate the masses and put an end to the Designer Dog Syndrome that has swept our nation. There are thousands of these young and older dogs up for "procurement".

    Will you please describe the media coverage you have seen this year on the crisis we are experiencing, so hopefully it will deter some members from breeding, or "procuring" from BYB's?

    Also, how about we contact our local media and ask for this type story to be run more often?

    Thanks so much, have a great Sunday!

    PS: I was hoping we could "star" this Q, so the message continues to spread!

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  • DOG SECT. Regulars...Someone needs help! 1 DAY Old Yorkie Pup..How do you care for him?

    I answered a Q for ANON...she posted that the Mother dog died. Only a few people responded....What does she need to do to provide the best care for this Yorkie????

    Kindly go to her Q.....I answered it earlier today, so go to my A's....Please star, so she gets the best advice from those that have hands on experience? Thanks guys...I am worried about him... AW13

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  • ASPCA - HUMANE SOCIETY , etc. Which animal related Organization is the BEST?

    Many of you were kind enough to send me info on PETA. so I can be totally informed. Of all of the Organizations created to assist animals, which one is the BEST?? Question open to all members..

    Feel free to include links. Thanks so much...

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  • Help a novice Horse Lover, PLEASE?

    Hi! Yes, I am from the Dog Section, but I used to ride many years ago. What type of a horse would you recommend to a first time buyer, and what are the costs involved with the care, and boarding in the PA area?

    I would like to buy - adopt a horse that would be headed off to slaughter. Since that is primarily what we do over in the Dog Section....RESCUE, I am completely genuine in this Question. Any info would be helpful, and I hope my Horse Section Contact picks this Q up, as he knows that we are very sincere people. Thank You, Theresa

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    I am so very Thankful that I was able to comfort animals in need. I am Thankful that I have reunited hundreds and hundreds of animals to frantic owners. I am Thankful that I was able to provide a loving home to all of the animals I was so fortunate to rescue, and keep safe, until they passed over. I am Thankful for this Board, as I have made new comrades in the war against misery!

    What are you Thankful for this Holiday Season??

    Legit: Did anyone name a dog after a famous crusader??


    Angel Wolf 13 Theresa

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  • What Statement Did You Make Regarding Dogs That Shocked People?

    FUN Q:

    While in labor, not happy, the Nurses were talking about me like I was not there. When asked by a sarcastic Nurse "What are we having today, dear", I announced that " I am having a German Shepherd"..........You should have seen their faces. Priceless. I then got the C-section I was begging for...

    What is you famous Dog Statement!

    Legit: Are your Dogs/Animals in your Will?

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  • PROTECTION TRAINERS: What is your opinion of Junkyard Dogs of the past?

    What is your opinion of how dogs were "conditioned" to be nothing more than killing machines to be let loose in businesses during the night?

    When I was very young, I met a man in a NYC nightclub and he professed to be a "trainer" of protection dogs. I begged him for an apprenticeship. He took me to his kennel in the middle of an industrial area. I was so excited! Upon entering, I witnessed the most vicious, sub-animal dogs that were so violent and poised to kill. My shock and horror only worsened when the "handler" arrived looking like the "Michelin" man in full protective gear, holding what I had never seen before. A horrible metal stick. He went up and down the kennels with huge locks on them and literally tortured the dogs from outside the cage. I was shaking, crying and wondered where he obtained those gorgeous GSD's and Dobe's. I left and cried all the way home. I had called a humane organization and they told me at the time,(30 yrs ago) that that was what the dogs were trained for.....Anyway, I then joined an organization and became a K-9 handler. These dogs were dropped off at various locations at close of business and picked up in the AM. Does this still exist? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thank You, AW13

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  • Y!A Landlords: Did you always rent your property to pet owners, being a pet owner yourselves?

    Just answered a post about a dog needing foster care, as Landlord does not allow pets....An all time error that many renters' make.... When I rented my home, I demanded that my rental agent include in ad:

    "ONLY pet owners apply".. I had just installed a $4000. fence for my Shep, and we relocated. I could not stand the thought of someone trying to find a place to live and not being able to bring the family pets.

    Agent said that wak illegal for me to place that stipulation in the ad.......Funny, it is OK to post "NO PETS"....

    Tell us if you allow pets, and what are your requirements for that sort of renta......Thanks,,,AW13

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  • FUN Q! What is the funniest dog trick you have taught your dog?

    Tricks are so easy to teach and fun for us to watch. The cutest trick I taught my first Yorkie Jami, was to lay on back, cover his eyes with his paws when I gave the command "Peek-a-boo".. next command: "Say Prayers"...he would then clap front paws together. Last command: "Exercise".....he would then kick legs in air while still laying on his back. Adorable! Twirling, walking on rear legs, hopping, all for our enjoyment!

    One dog, one example, of my many "talented" K-9's

    Tell us your favorite dog trick! Thank you, I am trying not to preach today,,,,,Angel Wolf 13

    Remember: We are the eyes and ears for those that cannot speak. Be aware of animals in your neighborhood that are lost , abandoned, neglected, or abused......OK, I lied.

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