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  • Can I still add collison coverage on my insurance after non at fault accident ?

    Ok got into a non at fault accident but the other party's car insurance is taking really long to repair my car. They sent me an estimate but no check or adjuster has called me. I only have state minniumn insurance. Can I add collison to insurance so my insurance can pay for damage and chase after the other guys insurance. I am in Florida.

    15 AnswersInsurance & Registration2 months ago
  • Got into an car accident ?

    No one was found at fault due to conflicting statements. I had dashcam footage that showed the other party at fault but I couldn't access the video when police was there. Was able to access it when I got home on the computer. I was injured in the accident. Just minor injury's, my personal injury lawyer has been dealing with his insurance. For my property damage and personal injury. However his insurance has been very difficult to deal with. They keep delaying the repair of my car. I don't have Collison on my insurance, so cant get my insurance to pay for the damage and chase after the other guys insurance. However I have the money to repair my own car, I was wondering if I could fix my car myself and chase after the other guys insurance for reimbursement?

    Or am I stuck having to wait for his slug of a insurance?

    This happen in:


    City: Weston

    State: FL 

    County :Broward county.

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  • Florida Unemployment question ?

    My mom works 2 jobs one pays $300 a week a independent contractor  and one pays $900 a week a w2 job. She lost her $900 a week w2 job due too convid-19. She only works the $300 one. When she went to go file for unemployment in Florida, they said she was eligible at first. She was gonna get $220 from state a week + $600 a week Federal. She never got nothing, she called customer service about why her unemployment was taking so long. They said because her one current job that makes $300 a week is more then the $220 state they were gonna offer her. 

    Now from my understanding if you lost one 1 of 2 jobs due too convid-19, that makes you part time you can collect unemployment right? At least even if its the federal right? Please I really need to know the answer to this.  

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics2 months ago
  • Can you cancel a hit and run cliam?

    Hey guys I got in a hit and run accident. I am the victim. I got the guys plate no. And a police report. The others guys insurance say if the guy that hit me don't admit he hit me there nothing they can do. I just realised the scratch on my bumper can clean off that the guy caused. So can I cancel the hit and run claim from the other guys insurance since its likely the guy won't admit he was the one driving?

    This happened in Miami Dade country in Hialeah FL .

    7 AnswersInsurance & Registration3 months ago
  • Got into a hit and run accident today?

    Hi I got into a accident on the highway, in Miami, FL. The person hit me from behind and ran. I was able to get his license plate. So police came gave a police report and told me to call his insurance. Since I didn't auctually see the person in the van that hit me they couldn't issuse a ticket. What should I do should I just call the guys insurance, or get a lawyer? 

    I wasn't injured, Never been in a hit and run before. I only have liability insurance.

    11 AnswersInsurance & Registration3 months ago
  • Denied for PPP and EIDL Loan and got no grant from EIDL?

    So I applied for PayPal PPP Loan and got denied based on my credit. They left a inquiry on my credit.

    EIDL got denied due to credit too and left a inquiry on my credit but didnt the EIDL promise to give a $1000 grant even if I get denied for the loan? Because I never got that $1000 grant.

    Is there any legal action I can take for both party's to denie me base on my credit score? 

    *SBA EIDL loan

    4 AnswersCredit4 months ago
  • Denied for PPP and EIDL Loan and got no grant from EIDL?

    So I applied for  PayPal PPP Loan and got denied based on my credit. They left a inquiry on my credit.

    EIDL got denied due to credit too and left a inquiry on my credit but didnt the EIDL promise to give a $1000 grant even if I get denied for the loan? Because I never got that $1000 grant.

    Is there any legal action I can take for both party's to denie me base on my credit score? 

    1 AnswerCredit4 months ago
  • AC problem 2015 Mazda 6?

    Hey guys I recently got my AC/ ALT belt about 3 weeks ago, last week my AC started acting up. I don't now it has anything to do with the AC belt. I saw the mechanic install the AC belt and he didn't seem to do anything dodgy. The AC belt was tearing apart is why I got it replaced

    So Last week my AC has been cutting on and off. When it cuts off it will last like 10 mins before it comes back on. Then it won't turn off randomly again until another 2 days then it happens again. 10 mins laters back on and repeat. When it turns off and try to turn if off and on. Nothing comes out at all. Heat/ AC, defroster nothing works, until it turns it seelf back on in 10-15 mins.

    When it comes back on heat, AC and everything else comes back on like nothing is wrong. AC still very cold and heat is still hot when it decides to turn back on.

    Also I noticed when it turns off by itself even with the selector on. The compressor doesn't spin.

    Anyone have any idea what the problem is?

    I live in Florida where AC is mandatory as it get really hot around this time of year.

    Car is : 2015 Mazda 6 sport automatic 2.5L 110,000 miles.

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 months ago
  • Are there any impact wrenchs that you can adjust the torque like a torque wrench?

    I want to buy a cordless impact wrench, for emergencys, when I rotote my tires, when I need to do a repair that require me too remove the wheel of the car. I want one that you can adjust the torque in ft lbs. So I don't overtightened the tires? Price doesn't matter.

    9 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 months ago
  • Custom branding wristbands legal to make?

    Hey guys I am planning on getting into a custom wristband business. Where I will sell custom wristbands, what I want to know is am I allowed to make wristbands that will have existing brand logo. Like Nike, Xbox and etc. Or do I have to make my own one up?

    Is there a website where I can search up trademarks?

    I am based in Florida.

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 months ago
  • No federal withholding on paystub means no w2 issued?

    Hey guys am waited on 1 w2 before I can file my tax. This w2 am waiting on I only worked 14 hrs total at this job. I noticed on the paystub it says $0 for federal withholding but $11.49 out for social security and $2.69 for Medicare employee. Since it says $0 for federal withholding should I not expect a w2 from this employer?

    11 AnswersUnited States8 months ago
  • What's happens if you don't show up to court?

    I am in FL, I was in a bicycle accident in city Deerfield Beach, Broward county where I was the victim and was hit by a big SUV. Last week I looked on my county clerk of courts website. The guy pleaded not quilty and lawyered up. I have a personal injury lawyer. They don't represent clients in court for this kinda court case. Can I hire a traffic lawyer for this? 

    She was saying the money I will be getting for pain and suffering and etc. Won't be affected by the outcome whether the judge finds him guilty or not guilty. If I cant, and I have to testify what happens if i just don't show up?

    10 AnswersLaw & Ethics10 months ago
  • Attachment image

    OEM Part no. for Mazda 6 2015 control arm bushing?

    Anyone know the part no for the control arm bushing that labeled no.5 for a Mazda 6 2015 in the pic?

    2 AnswersMazda11 months ago
  • If you was awarded $100,000 in a lawsuit, would you pay your debt off with it first?

    If you have $60,000 in debt, like credit cards, student loan, car payment or etc. 

    Would you pay that off first? What would you do with the rest of the $40,000?


    Would you try and invest it to make it bigger and how would you do that?

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys12 months ago
  • 2015 MAZDA 6 sqeaking sound coming from front left side?

    Hey guys my 2015 Mazda 6 Sport has 90,000 miles on it. Its been a pretty good car so far, I have had it since 35,000 miles when it was 2 years old in 2017. I have had to replace Front brake pad, rotors, Tires and a belt tensioner and belt. So I noticed that when i drive and the car is warmed up, it starts making this squeaking sound only from the front left side when accelerating from low speeds and when braking at low speed. Its only at very low speed like under 10mph. The noise sounds like a suspension sqeaking sound. Its really annoying. When the car sit for a few hrs, it wont do it until the car has been driven for about 20 mins. Any idea what the problem is? The car drives perfect good, no vibration or weird handling issues.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Is being bookeeper a good career?

    I was thinking of being a bookeeper, and doing virtual bookkeeping on the side?

    Are these good paying career?

    5 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 year ago
  • Truck driving career?

    Hi guys I am thinking of becoming a fuel tank driver, I want to get my CDL A and the X endorsement. I keeping hearing I have to do OTA truck driving for a year before i can get a job to be a tank trucker. Is this true? I dont want to be a OTA driver

  • Mazda oem part number?

    Hi guys i wanna replace the brakes on my 2015 Mazda 6 with OEM Mazda brake rotors and pads. I noticed that in general some Mazda Parts No. Have A or B at the of the part number. Does this mean the part has been revised?

    2 AnswersMazda1 year ago