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  • LINUX/WINDOWS New HDD, has windows on it, want to clone my linux drive onto it, Is it possible?

    Fixed up an old HP Pavilion a370n with new HDD. I installed windows xp sp3 onto it. I have a seperate machine Dell xps 2004 (smaller drive) that is running Ubuntu 11.10 set up just the way I like it.

    Can I clone that drive with its settings, programs, and files onto the HP HDD? and keep everything intact?

    I only use the Windows for multimedia programs and printing/editing. The plan is to partition the drive of the HP and transfer over the existing setup on the Dell.

    How do I go about doing that?

    What programs should I use on what machine?

    Please be specific.

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  • Why are people complaining about Cryuff being fired? / JVS could resign.?

    He had no business being involved with Chivas in the first place. All he's done is take credit for the players that make ''his'' system work. Ronaldinho, Messi, Eriksen,.etc.

    This project was trash to begin with.

    Now all I see is people whining about cutting off processes. Ridiculous.

    Getting rid of that myth of a genius was the best decision Vergara has made since Signing Bautista.

    Rumor is that JVS will step down out of loyalty to Cruyff. and Real will come back as the teams director.

    Who should manage Chivas? Galindo? Guzman? Chelis?

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  • El Maza se queda en Europa y Chivas busca fichar a Antonio "Pollo" Briseño?

    The possibility of Maza returning to Chivas is closing, it is believed that he has offers from other clubs in Europe (Spain). If he moves he stays in Europe, even if he stays at Stuttgart, it will be good for him.

    5% chance he comes to Mexico.

    There has been an inquiry made in interest of signing Antonio "Pollo" Briseño.

    Rumor is Atlas are asking for Michel in return, if they dont reach their price.

    Chivas transfer strategy observation.

    It seems as Cruyff has influenced Vergara into selling off players that dont fit his scheme.

    They have taken the easy way out. Buying their type of players. Rather than deprogramming what they have and instilling this cruyff barcelona bull5hit.

    They are going for immediate sucess. While this may work, it will only give results for a short time.

    Expect credit for ''discovering'' Morales and Perales to go to the dutch.

    I fully expect them to make the move on Edgar Andrade and possibly David Cabrera.

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  • Gullit rechaza oferta a Chivas?

    Gullit refuses to leave Leon at any price.

    Chivas did offer a cash+Arellano deal to Leon, but no agreements reached.

    Chivas still looking to add a central midfielder, They have the their sights set on Torrado as the 2nd choice and an outside rumor the interest in Fernando Arce.

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  • Omar Arellano new Assistant DT *Chivas update?

    Confirmed. He is the next in line after JVS leaves.

    I also have the transfer shortlist for Chivas as it stands currently.

    CB: Mier, Leo Lopez (facepalm), Arturo Briseno, Nestor Araujo

    RB: Jimenez

    LB: Torres-Nilo, Darvin Chavez

    Mid: Gullit, Torrado,

    FWD: Javi Cortes, Lugo, Reyna, Carreño, Chuleta

    I, aswell as many of the supporters have provided some of those names 2 years ago. Only because Cruyff signed off on it, something is being done about it. Vergara lo hace de fresa.

    I am sure Cruyff was brought in as a smoke screen for Vergara to keep all the profits he is due for the following years. Which is over half of what the omnistadium cost to construct. This next 6 months he is set to break even with any club finances.

    I have early reports that Monterrey will not let Mier go. Strategy. I'm sure for the right price they will. (Trade)

    I can confirm Abraham Carreño to Chivas is a done deal. It is uncertain if the deal included Omar Arellano or another player/s

    which is a shame because Arellano is one of the few that left it all out every game, and is perfect for the Dutch system.

    Most likely was a condition for his dad getting the job.

    The sell list contains some surprises like el chapo sanchez and possibly Fabian, Michel and Kristen Alvarez (who is the best defender they got)

    Rumor is its payback on Alvarez for dumping the boss's

    I will try to infiltrate the idea of playing Pato Araujo as a Central defender. wish me luck

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  • Costa Rica v. Mexico qualifier review?

    This game had grown excessive in expectations. The media was doing there best to put doubt in the Mexican side. Who should start? Why should x player start ahead of y player? People were actually buying into this argument of Peralta vs. Chicharito.

    Line up vs line up

    The superiority of Mexico in all areas really came through. Chepo already has his team in place, he already has his formula intact. On the other hand the CR team had no pretensions on attacking Mexico directly. They kept numbers behind their half. Even opting for a precautious line of 5.

    This way they would not be susceptible to Mexico's potent counter attacking play. When CR had possesion they would spread their forwards and push. This could open up avenues for Bolanos. This is why he looked as dangerous as he did. The lack of mobility from Zavala also weakened Mex. defensive block.

    CR would attack the wings and always set up an aerial attack, Mexico's weakness. That was their plan. Mex. took notice and began to press around the half line. They also started to maintain possession for periods of time. CR would not attack. They had certain fear of the counter for most of the game. So much they started getting aggressive with Mex. attacking players. Fouling Peralta 9 times in the first half. They gave them so much attention this allowed others to the join attack, like Torres and Salcido.

    Peralta, Mexico's Best Striker

    Oribe is just an outstanding player. He looks like he's on another level when you watch him. The workrate, confidence, and huevos he puts in his game is amazng. More amazing is that no european club bought him. He is eveything you want in a striker. When Mex could not find spaces, he would drop off to the half and start the play. CR had to foul him the entire game, he would not quit. He unlike Chicharo can hold the ball let people get open and play it off. He is the complete package.

    Second Half, Game Defined.

    Just minutes after the half, Mexico goes up 2-0. CR still keeping more numbers on the defensive side and paying for it. Mexico were now domintating possesion and now Zavala's position was justified. Where in the first half he would be the invisible man. Now he was marking, and pressing important spaces with salcido. CR gave up mentally after the 2-0. Changes were made but Mexico kept the ball and kept it moving. Other than that it was an average game by Chicharo and Aquino.

    Mexico could have had a brighter game with a more attacking midfielder option than Zavala, who just wreaks of Busquets.

    There were 2 clear gol chances for Chicharo, just how he likes them, he should have burried, but didn't. Chicharo has turned into a niche player.

    Childish performance by Aquino. Losing the ball, not making runs on time.

    Torres Nilo didn't get the ball enough. He made plenty of runs and opened up space for a mid to join, but he didn't.

    I thought the CR keeper was awful. The worst in concacaf. He should have blocked both goals.

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  • Olympic Tri Final part II?

    part 1 cont.

    Brasil would now employ Rafael and Marcelo flanks at all costs they wanted that goal. Minutes later Mexico gets a corner and put a display of a set piece. Fill up the front post, draw back on the back post and leave the middle open. Peralta does it again. Open header and buries it. Now completely enthralled by a goal scoring chance, Brasil would hold nothing back. They sent everything up, opening all avenues for the potential counter attack. If Mexico had a better bench they could could have scored more on them.

    Hulk would be ambushed causing the ball to go around in a carousel. Mexico would counter when they could. Mexico would not rush at times when they could. They gave rest to the markers and kept the clock winding. Excellent mentality and preparation. Eventually they tired out Jimenez and on came Vidrio. Now Brasil would go after Mexico's weakness, aerial play.

    Crosses and more runs from all sides, lots of movements, up to where Mexico allowed them. They played that back line up to the edge of the box keeping everybodys back towards goal.. Masterful execution of the defensive block.

    Peralta finally gets the chance and shows his potential. Mexico's most complete striker. Effort, hustle, shark like in front of goal. true 9.

    Gio, the diffrent player. the 10 and will continue to be the one they build around.

    Mier, best central defneder of the tournament. Will go to a big team.

    Herrera, showed up, big game player. has it all, big club potential.

    Corona, outstanding GK. mexicos 1

    This olympic team overacheived and won it all. Very good team, I have high hopes for 2014

    That concludes olympic tri reveiws. If you want more let me know. any feedback is good feedback?

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  • Olympic tri final game review?


    Mexico had peaked in confidence after eliminating Japan. Now they earned a final match vs Brasil. In the process they lost their key player. The one player that pushed the team through when they needed most. The team would not have made it as far as they did without him. They remained confident and quieted all doubts they had about themselves.

    Brasil on the other hand destroying defenses at will. Running circles around opponents, but missing a defensive presence. Brasil also faced an important loss in their starting keeper. They reached the final based on the strokes of talent by individual talents. Damiao covered for such weak defensive performances with his goals. Neymar was seen as the teams star by everybody, and recieved a personal marking in each game of the tournament. His form was completely hindered by excellent defensive work of his opponents.

    Brasil is Brasil. When 1 player isn't hot. They got another waiting for his spot. The quality of the squad on paper should alone be worthy of a gold medal match. They do deserve the credit of actually making it there. Argentina did not even make the WC semifinal with one of the best squads ever. Brasil had depth at all positions, so whatever team they put out is a very worthy opponent.

    Brasil displaying modern football

    The final was played in different ways by both teams. Brasil chose to play for the result. Meanwhile Mexico played to win. Brasil played in a style that does not suit them. Modern football. Over the years managers, owners, and fans would all begin to speculate over the possibility of playing well but not getting the result. Players would begin to think like this. How is it possible to play the game of your life and not win? This thinking now motivates a display of modern football where the result is more important than how it is achieved. If diving is what it takes, mugging the ref for calls, fake injuries, ball possesion over positive football. They will do it.

    The game started with each team puting out their 11 and using their favored system of play. Brasil and Mexico using their versions of the 4-5-1. As the game and results progress they would shift shapes. The mystery was who was going to fill in for Gio?

    When I thought the game was won.

    Tena was faced with the tough decison of who to put in for Gio and how to modify his system that has rendered a final? He chose exactly who I thought he should have chose. Hector Herrera was the man installed for the final. Although he was not in his best form, the final should be enough motivation for him to get in form and give the game of his life. When I saw him in the tunnel, that was it, I knew we had a chance.

    Mexico took the field in their prominent formation and had placed Herrera out to right wing and Aquino to the left. Right there, If I was Tena, I would have done the exact same thing.

    The game

    Brasil took a radically conservative start, for them. Choosing to start 3 central midfield players. They quickly pushed up to give off a warning of what to expect. Seconds later the game shifted. Completely throwing out any preperations the team had made for the first 15 mins of the game. While this only made Brasil want it more. They completely owned possession in key areas of the pitch. Mexico now unveiled its true form. Herrera would join Salcido and Enriquez to form a trio of mids to combat Brasils numbers in attack. Jimenez and Chavez would not be seen past the halfway line for a good part of the first half. At times it took 10 defenders to regain possession from Brasil.

    Brasil could not find a way in. Disparity began to succumb. Menezes withdrew the modern football approach and recalled from his stacked bench, Hulk. Now Aquino would have to make more taxing runs if Mex was ever in possession. Herrera would make runs aswell and force back Marcelo. Brasil could never get width out of them and would fall to the defensive mastery of Mexico. Well prepared and performed defensive block.


    Mexico were always a threat whenever in possession they knew where to push. They had Juan and Thiago on there hedges. Aquino's runs were begining to ware him down and would cost him precision. It was begining to be either stay back and mark Hulk, who at the time was taking on everybody in his path. Causing spaces and headaches for Chavez and Salcido by forcing the rotation of markers which was there weakness. Tena had to reach for Ponce. A player who has not looked good at all so far. Would that change?

    To be fair yes, but not really, Brasil had sucess down the left but the fresh man intimidated them. They had now began to doubt themselves and would try the right side. Oscar was in good form for them he would break lines and open space. They had to get to Damiao. Who was starting to feel the pressure. He missed the only chances he got. Mier has shown he is a top class defender and for his age, one of the best.

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  • Olympic Tri semifinal review?

    Japan engineers their path

    Mexico and Japan both have their perfered systems in place and the ones that have given them the results desired. Japan with their 4-4-1-1 ,while Mexico went with 4-4-2. Marco Fabian retains his spot on the left wing. Gio continues to be the player with no leash, and given liberty to float around, play with his back at goal and weave runs with wingers. Japan chose to play in a very aggressive counter attacking way. They drew back 8 players to mark any controlled Mexican advancement past the halfway line. Mexico did not want to commit too many players to the attack and always kept Chavez and Jimenez back.

    Once Japan have controlled possession they quickly played the ball up-field with quick one touch passing and precise runs. Triggering the constant movement of the revolving mexican defenders. Japan was setting the pace. They circulated the ball around the box and controlled possession. This continued until they got their goal. A brilliant strike from outside the box, catching the defenders rotating and create an opening for the shot.

    Mexico peaks in confidence

    Being down 1-0 at the 12' quickly provided any motivation the team needed to tie this game up. Salcido would now break through whenever he could. Enriquez would now push through and combine with the strikers. Gio would now press the jap defenders and the team would now start to press Japan in their own 1/4. Possession increased. Peralta continues to show why he is Mexico's 9. He constantly held up any markers and opened up spaces for his team mates. When he could, he combined with his supporting players. He, like a true 9 has to be, would go for the kill at all minutes of the game.

    If there was no open avenue of attack for Mexico they would circulate the ball. The mistake they made was not moving the ball in closer around the box and at faster pace. Had this happened they would have had better results. Mexico kept trying to probe the defense until they achieved a corner and got their goal.

    Now with the game tied Japan opened up the defensive shell they had

    Jimenez comes on for injured Gio. Mexico's lack of depth in the area of attack is more evident than ever. The most important player is now injured. The one the team is built around, now off. It was a showing of confidence by putting in a 2nd striker and not a midfielder/winger. Tena asserted his team more space for an attack with this move. Japan defenders would respect this movement too much. They pulled back once Peralta would hold up the ball. They rotated marking duty on the budding confident Fabian.

    Fabian was on fire after his goal. He would constantly make runs and weave into the box with ease. Japan never modified their defense on him until the 62'.

    Pressing pays off

    Like the Senegal game. They kept an aggressive pressing by the forwards on the defense. This eventually provoked a mistake. Peralta controlled the ball, opened a bit of space and launched the ball perfectly into the top corner. The effort he has put in all game payed off.

    Japan knowing the situation made changes. They put in a quick, skilled attacking players. Totally committing themselves to the attack and potential draw. They needed a goal and regained possession and kept it. Brilliant play from them. Completely putting on a clinic with their passing and movement. Mexico was very attentive in any attempt to open space. Japan were not getting in through the front door.

    Mexico would get the ball back and give it away. They were fatigued from marking. This went on for a good part of the half. The teams were very even and played very similar styles. Japan finally opened spaces when they committed to many attackers. Mexico took advantage by keeping the ball away from their goal and creating a goal chance out of their full backs. Now Jimenez and Chavez could join the attack and open the field. Mexico always looked like they had another one in them.

    History made

    Cortez comes on to take up marking and provide an outlet for any potential counter. Once again the press pays off. Peralta attains the ball off a pressing. He backheels it into Cortes path. Cortes runs right in slots it in, Japan are done.


    Diego Reyes has not looked good, at all. He was lucky to be marking a post striker, in this game. The pace of Brasil will put him out.

    Marking in zone around the box. Brasil will exploit the seams of Mexico's defenses. They need another holding player and they just dont have it.

    Lack of depth in key positions. Salcido can play defender but who would cover his spot? mistake of taking Nestor Araujo or counting on J. Dos Santos?

    They really overachieved this time. Just by getting out of the group was a huge success for me.

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  • Chivas fecha 1 review?

    As predicted Vant Skip went with a line of 3.

    Which was exposed up untill that kid got injured and they made adjustments.

    They found a better linking player in Xavi Baez and pushed useless Araujo to marking duties for the rest of the game.

    Is Baez now a starter?

    The offense looked more directed than last season. There was an idea how to offend and which parts to infiltrate. Omar Arellano was instrumental for any forward movement being made. He constantly made off the ball runs, weaving in, holding the ball.. nobody really got open or in position to take on the ball.

    The new players.

    They did their job. They wanted to make a diffrence and they did. Lots of good movements from RML. Lots good runs from L.Perez. Playing so much more attacking position than with MTY. They really want him to be the Xavi of this team. Vant Skip assigned Araujo and Baez to cover his workload. Both connected great and had good chemistry.

    Will Marco Fabian upset the current balance and push L.Perez back?

    Michel seems to have gotten worse. How is he still the starter? I cant wait for him to get a red card for starting a fight and lose his job.

    Pato Araujo is still starting and is still a terrible passer. and still will not advance past the halfway line. Wouldnt we all benefit if he was made into a center back? He has all the tools to be one.

    Araujo simpre sobra cuando van perdiendo. y siempre tiene que jugar los 90. me cay.

    Will Vant Skip continue to play Fierro out of position for the sake of his 4-3-3?

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  • Total cost of Estadio Omnilife $149 mdd Sponsorship/TV deals total $495mdd?

    Real numbers I have gathered from research.

    They have grossed a good chunk of that $495mdd already cashing in atleast over $230 mdd on sponsorships alone. Thats not including tickets/merchandise/schools/copa prize/brand advertising

    Wages of players and coaches are uncertain and vary due to loan/transfer movements. I'm going to be generous and call it 8mdd per year. 2004-2012

    Vergara is on record for investing 7mdd in fuerzas basicas every year since his arrival. since 04-12 thats 48mdd with the increase I'd say more like 60mdd.

    Now transfers. Players sold total 2004-2012 for 48mdd

    Players bought for total 2004-2012 30mdd

    RML transfer cost was actually around 2,475,000 and Perez more like 2,750,000.

    Quick add up. Spent: $ 304 mdd Brought in: $ 277 mdd (+unknown licensing/academy fees)

    Within the next year Chivas will have gained something like $ 68 mdd and have spent around $20 mdd.

    Putting Vergara well into the profit zone where he will be making huge money off the club for years to come. Netting $40 mdd gross and excess of $50 mdd the following years.

    This of course is if the current TV deal is renewed and not compromised by the new league format.

    Which I suspect will be by other greddy club owners wanting more money.

    Vergara currently has the money to buy any Mexican player he wants and pay them 5 million a year. He simply chooses not to fund his club out of pocket. So within the next 2 years there should be an interesting movement at the club.

    Could this mean a plan for expansion into Europe and Chivas is their feeder/affiliate team? who knows?

    But I suspect Vergara has a plan for Cruyff in Europe.

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  • Wigan and Tottenham have agreed to transfer terms for Gio Dos Santos?

    Terms between clubs have been agreed. rumored amount 3.5 to 4 million pound

    Apparently Gio is blocking the move, in an effort to keep his high wages. Wigan could only afford part of his salary. Gio also wants to know who the new manager will be, before making decision.

    Gio will never suceed with that attitude.

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  • Si el proximo refuerzo de Chivas no se apillida Barrera, De Nigris, o Peralta, este torneo sera otro fracaso.?

    closing thoughts on Chivas next campaign??...

    Ojala no le entran a RML. Delantero de medio pelo. Sera otro falla planificado de Vergara para retomar su idea economico.

    I've warned you guys this would happen when Cruyff arrived. Vergara will use this as an excuse not to buy anyone.

    Deben de dejar ir a Fabian.

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  • Players shortlisted by Chivas. Vergara armando un mediocre equipazo.?

    Here is the list my friend gave me.

    What are thought to be the players being negotiated right now at the draft.

    Rafa Marquez Lugo, Edgar Andrade, Manuel Viniegra y Leobardo López

    Sueltan 3-4 mdd por un cartucho quemado. en vez de firmar a Barrera. estamos jodidos.

    De nada sirve retener a Fabian. Solo va provocar un dependencia de el.

    Y se rumora el Fichaje de Aldo De Nigris por un cifra inpensable. mas de 10 mdd

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  • Aldo De Nigris being tracked by Toulouse, Bordeaux, Real Sociedad, Chievo Vérone, Anderlecht?,1/exclu-tm-un-mexi...

    Bordeaux and Toulouse have gone as far as sending scouts to Mexico.

    Rumored asking price is 4 million euros.

    also recently President of MTY has stated he wont be sold at any price unless receiving Messi in a trade. lol

    I think he's gonna end up taking an offer because Aldo badly wants to play in Europe.

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  • Man Utd looking to hijack Liverpool transfer targets Marco Bueno and Hector Herrera?

    Supposed interest from those 2 clubs in both. real or not?

    Do you think they should leave now? or wait untill after WC?

    Marco Fabian is being told to stay. I completely disagree with said request. He should be allowed freedom to negotiate his transfer. His stock may never reach the same heights again. He looks ready.

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  • Mas refuerzos mediocres para Chivas.?

    Lucho Perez (MTY)

    Who is coming up with these? How are they scouting these players? Fifa video games?

    Perez is decent at his very best. He very rarely pushes forward past the halfway line. He will thump out the occasional long ball and maybe 1/10 hits the target. He is like a midget version of Pato Araujo. Lots of useless square passing and lack of confidence.

    This would have been a good move for Chivas 8 years ago but not now.

    There is an abudunce of quality domestic midfielders and somehow they want this 30 yo midget.. Chivas already own Gonzalo Pineda. Why not recall him to the squad?

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  • Otro ex-DT de Chivas Campeon. RML is no good for Chivas.?

    Galindo wins his cup, makes the right decisions, and keeps his squad motivated.

    Cruyff will not leave anything that wasn't there.

    RML is a mediocre striker. Too inconsistent to carry a team like Chivas. Bad move, I hope does not happen.

    Is Oribe Peralta worth 10 million dollars? I heard thats what Santos is asking. I think he is.

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  • Chivas to trade Alberto Medina + 3.5 MDD for Javier Aquino?

    your thoughts on this rumor?

    Also rumor of several veteran players being sold this summer.

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