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  • How long could an average person live in a 1600 sq. ft. house with no influx of dissolved oxygen?

    Assuming that the house is only one story, with the ceiling 8 ft above the floor, the 1600 sq. ft. house would have approximately 12800 cubic feet of air. Also assuming that all vents/airways are sealed, and that the average person does not open any doors or windows to the outside.

    Assuming the air in the house is the same as the outside on Day 1 (21% oxygen), how long would this person be able to live, with steady breathing, if they were to keep depleting oxygen. Assume also that food and shelter is taken care of, and that use of utilities does not affect the oxygen levels. Also, there are no plants or other primary producers to produce oxygen in the house.

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  • What should I do if I have bad-smelling (possibly dead bacteria) live sand for a saltwater tank?

    I have two buckets of live sand that I waited too long to add to my tank and now the sand has a dead odor to it. Do I need to wash the sand with saltwater, or is it okay to filter the sand (trash the water from the same bucket) and add it to a tank? Thank you!

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