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  • Can highschool sophomores take 2 sciences (along with other core classes)?

    I have an extra elective slot and I filled it with a second AP history class, but I’m trying to switch it to an honors science. My counselor says that’s too much but I find that ridiculous since I’m still allowed to take two college level history courses simultaneously but not two HONORS level sciences!? (assuming I trade one of the AP history classes for the science class) what are your thoughts? (Btw the classes are honors chemistry and honors anatomy, and ap world history and ap art history)

  • Chemistry and Anatomy simultaneously?

    So next year (I’ll be a sophomore), I’m trying to fit honors chemistry and honors anatomy/phisiology into my schedule. The counselor said I need chemistry first, but the actual teacher (teaches both) says that they are noticeably different and independent. Would learning such courses side by side entail too much stress or is it doable? Thanks. (Also is chemistry really relevant in anatomy?)

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  • Good high school sophomore schedule?

    Honors Algebra 2/Pre-calc

    Honors chemistry

    Honors anatomy and physiology

    AP World History

    Honors Literature

    Spanish 3/4 (2nd year)

    Note: My school recommends chemistry before anatomy, but I will be taking it side by side. Would this be overly difficult or could it be realistic? I have already taken Honors biology btw. Also what are your thoughts on anatomy in general, because my second choice is AP Art history (to which I also barely know about)?