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  • Is ant killer harmful to my outdoor cat?

    We had a recent ant infestation and my mom sprayed ant killer all throughout our house and backyard, including the lawn. My cat sleeps in some of the places that my mom sprayed and she also likes to eat grass, should I be worried? Or are cats able to detect the smell of the ant killer and know not to eat the chemical-grass? What can I do to prevent her from getting harmed?


    5 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • Still hurting from a fractured wrist- what can I do 8 years later?

    I fractured my wrist 8 years ago and did nothing about it (don't reprimand me for negligence, I was abused as a child) and it never healed correctly. Ever since, I've never been able to do push ups or any activity that requires my wrist to bend in such a way, IE many yoga positions!

    What I want to know is- Is there anything I can do about it now? I can't afford surgery, but could certain exercises/ stretches help? Also, if surgery WAS an option, would it actually help? Or will I experience debilitating pain in my wrist forever no matter what?


    3 AnswersInjuries9 years ago
  • Tape to temporarily fix leaky toilet base?

    My toilet is leaking water from the base (seal) but maintenance won't be able to come until Monday morning, I was wondering if I can just put tape over where the leak is to prevent more water from coming out? Will this work for a temporary fix or will it just cause more damage?

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • Best affordable flea medicine for cats?

    I just bought a $6 Hartz flea collar for my outdoor cat but after reading the directions [which says the ingredients are dangerous for humans AND animals ...don't cats count as animals?] I did some research online and came across a site called "Hartz Victims." Apparently this brand is responsible for killing a lot of pets? I took the collar off immediately. I heard Frontline and Advantage is good but don't have a lot of money to spend, is there something safe and effective that is under $20?

    16 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • Can someone break down a song for me with terminologies?

    I am trying to learn the basics of song writing but I'm confused about the differences between vamps and licks, etc. I read an article that said Pachelbel's Canon in D is an example of ostinato (riff) but I don't know which part is the riff! Can someone dissect a popular song for me with lyrics and list which parts is the vamp, lick, riff, hook, etc. I know the basics like verse, chorus and bridge. Thank you so much for any help :)

    1 AnswerLyrics9 years ago
  • Where can you get free psychiatric help in LA?

    Unfortunately it is often times the ones who can't afford psychiatric help that need it the most. Does anyone know if there are places around Los Angeles that offers free counseling sessions for someone who is not immediately suicidal but very depressed?

    1 AnswerPsychology9 years ago
  • Where can you get free psychiatric help in LA? ?

    Unfortunately it is often times the ones who can't afford psychiatric help that need it the most. Does anyone know if there are places around Los Angeles that offers free counseling sessions for someone who is not immediately suicidal but very depressed?

    Los Angeles9 years ago
  • How does getting a speeding ticket affect auto insurance?

    About 4 months ago I caused a car accident while driving my parents car, I was not listed on their insurance plan. They added me onto their plan right after the accident. 2 months later I got a speeding ticket (going 75mph on 70mph zone). My fine is almost $300 and I have the option to attend traffic school so that the speeding ticket will not show up as a "point" on my record. I plan on doing this.

    However, my parents just received a letter from the insurance company saying that they will no longer represent me AND my dad. Do you know if the speeding ticket has anything to do with this --Would they have been notified? Or is this because of my accident from 4 months ago? I just turned 21 and live in CA.

    Thank you

    3 AnswersInsurance & Registration9 years ago
  • Can you sue if you get injured at work?

    Let's say Bob just got hired at a company and 3 days in, he accidentally slips and falls down a stairway & breaks a rib. The steps were not properly lined with tape or anything to point out each stair, so it was easy to misstep. My question is, can Bob sue the company for money, even though he didn't suffer from a work-related injury, just an injury AT work?

    9 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Why do many high-budget feature films have more than one production company?

    What are all the responsibilities of a production company, and why do films use more than one?

    3 AnswersMovies10 years ago
  • Why is it so hard to get a real answer on Yahoo! Answers?

    About 90% of the answers I read on this site are criticisms/attacks rather than advice or information. Why?

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers10 years ago
  • Descriptions of LA neighborhoods?

    I am moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting but I'm not very familiar with the neighborhoods there. Can you suggest some areas that are safe yet close to all the action?

    I'd like to stay preferably somewhere between Santa Monica and Burbank, so around West Hollywood area (give or take 3-4 miles).

    What are the details for neighborhoods such as Mid-City, Silverlake, Miracle Mile, Toluca Lake, etc etc ? Any help is graciously appreciated!

    Thank you so much :)

    3 AnswersLos Angeles10 years ago
  • Why do my knees hurt after taking a shower?

    Every time after I get out of a hot shower, my knees start to hurt! It's almost like a sour sensation. I'm scared this might escalate to something worse..

    2 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • What are some inspirational movies to watch for a prospective film student?

    I am very interested in film and considering a possible career in this industry.

    Could anyone provide me with a list of movies that they think every film enthusiast should watch?

    7 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • What should I do if I want to make my outdoor cat an indoor cat?

    My cat has been living outdoors for the past 5 years, she catches a lot of mice and little birds.

    She doesn't visit the vet regularly, and I can't remember the last time I gave her a bath.

    Currently, my mom has been raising her, because I've moved away to attend college.

    I want to bring my cat back to my campus apartment for a month or two, to keep me company.

    I plan to give her a flea bath, but what other precautionary measures should I take to make sure that she won't infect me with anything?

    Should I bring her to the vet for a physical check up? Should I deworm her just to be safe?


    6 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Which large companies will sponsor a Fashion-related organization?

    Which companies are interested in the fashion world? I am seeking sponsorship opportunities to get funding for a non-profit fashion organization.

    For example, Mercedes Benz sponsors Fashion Week so they would be a good company to contact. Who else?


    1 AnswerCorporations1 decade ago
  • Can you help me determine the Independent and Dependent variable?

    Basically the research question is: does the socio-economic backgrounds of football players vs. golf players affect their overall college experience?

    I think the Independent Variable is the sport played (either football or golf) and the Dependent Variable is their socio-economic status/ overall college experience

    Am I wrong..?

    4 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • When can I take a pregnancy test if on birth control pills?

    My periods are irregular so I started birth control pills on Nov 30th. My doctor told me to stop taking them so I can get withdrawal bleeding, to see if I'm pregnant or not.

    I figure that technically if I'm supposed to get withdrawal bleeding, then that should count as a period right?

    The placebo pills according to my birth control doesnt start until next sunday, so I think that's when my REAL period should have started.

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • If you miss a dose of birth control pills, how soon will you get withdrawal bleeding?

    My doctor told me to purposely stop taking my birth control pills as a way to check if I'm pregnant or not. She said I'm supposed to get withdrawal bleeding from it.

    Is that true for all cases? And also how soon do you bleed?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Withdrawal bleeding & birth control (question for nurses/doctors)?

    So basically I have really irregular periods. My last one was around Nov 25th and lasted for about 4 days. But this was just REALLY light spotting, so it's not like I had a real period.

    On Nov 30th I started low dose birth control pills. The directions said to start taking the pills on the first Sunday after my period, so I assumed that my "light spotting" counted as a semi-period.

    4 days later I had (multiple) sexual intercourse without protection. Since the directions said that the pills are not effective until 7 full days of taking them, I decided to get Plan B. I took that 34 hours after the first act of intercourse.

    Then I waited until after the full 7 days were over before I had unprotected sexual intercourse again.

    I went to the doctors today just for a consultation, but she made it sound like I'm most likely pregnant! She told me to immediately stop taking my birth control pills and to see if I get withdrawal bleeding, and this will determine whether I am pregnant or not.

    My question is.. since I only started the Pills 13 days ago.. will I still get withdrawal bleeding? I feel like this is not enough time for the Pill to make a noticeable change to my already irregular cycle..

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago