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  • Feeling bad after a fight with my family a week ago?

    My family and had a huge fight on fathers day. At first everything was started out fine. Until my dad and brother started drinking. 

    Now mind you im 20 and my brother is 22 so he isnt that much older. My dad said that im too young to drink liquor and its against the law. I laughed and said " ive drunk liquor before, dont act like you care now". My father reponds with "see this is why no one likes you son, you're self centered and never listen to reason". My older brother chimes in and says "hes right you know, you are the most unreasonable and sel-centered". I screamed at my brother saying "you and dad are the most selfish of anyone in this family, even you called dad an  alcholic and hate him!" Then my dad screamed saying "i hate the both of you, you arent my sons!" So all three of us were sort screamimg and my mom tried to break it up  but then my little brother suprised me when he said that he hated all of us and wished he had different brothers and a better father. 

    That really made me feel bad because  i know i never really told him but i love my little brother more than anyone besides my mom. I know that i probably wasnt always the best brother or son but i never knew he hated me so much. Hes 16 now so i guess he isnt little anymore, maybe he really does fell this way.

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  • how can i stop being so angry?

    I'm so tired of being upset. When I was driving I had road rage bad. I was in the car with my little brother (16) this was just a few days ago. And I drove so fast and angry almost hitting the car in front in me, I applied the brakes in time though. My brother said "man, you have anger issues." The other day I was in the grocery store and I understand that I wasn't paying attention to the signs on the floor. It says keep 6ft away but I a little close to the guy in front of me, and the cashier tells me to back some feet away until she is doing checking him out. So I say okay, and the guy repeats what she said. I told him to stfu and that he didn't have to repeat it, i heard the cashier the first time. I was angry and was ready to fight the customer. Then I got into with my girl and told her that I really don't care if she sees me for my birthday or not. I apologized to her but what if one day she doesn't accept my bullsht? I'm not always angry but I do have a slight temper sometimes and I'm just tired of being upset and angry about something almost everyday. 

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  • Is it my fault that my little brother broke a tv in the hotel room?

    I’m on vacation with my family. It’s me, my older brother, my younger brother and our parents. I’m sharing a room with my brothers and my parents have their own room. Last night, my younger brother dropped some food. I kinda of did have an attitude with him “ I said you need to be more careful.” He got irritated and told me to shut the fck up. We argued and it escalated and he hit the tv. So I told my younger brother that I hope he gets a job soon because he’s gonna pay for it. My older brother told me to shut up because this is my fault for irritating him in the first place. So then my older brother and I were almost about to fight but we didn’t. I told my parents what happened but my older brother keeps saying i should pay and it’s my fault for saying something to him. So who fault do you think it is?

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  • What talent do you wish you had?

    I wish I could sing or draw

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  • Does anyone know what the problem with my brothers xbox?

    This problem just started today. The Xbox one won't read any games on disc. The download games we bought from. The store works but no discs read and I've tried a few things like turning off the Xbox and resetting it but nothing works. I dont know if it's under warranty because we've had for like 4 years I think. My brother is really upset he can't play his games. Is there anything or do we have to get a new one?

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  • Do you think it was wrong for my brother to buy my mo an expensive gift for mother's day?

    Yesterday I called my older bro and asked him what he was doing for my mom today on mothers day. He told me to just get her a card and put all of our names on it like we did last year. So I agreed to that. When I came home today with the card, I found my brother had bought my mom an expensive 65 inch smart TV for her bedroom wall. She was so happy and kept talking about how she loved the TV. I asked my brother what is deal with him buying her that when I thought we were just doing the card. He told me to relax and that he didn't think to tell me about this. I feel like he did that to make me look bad. Because I didn't buy her anything and he got her a TV?or is he right and I'm just making a big deal of this?

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  • A little worried about going to college due to family?

    I’ll be going away for college around the end of August and I’m excited but my a worried about a few things st home with my family.

    1. My father is an alcoholic. He’s alright sometimes but other times he’s verbally abusive to pretty much everyone and yells and gets impatient easily. My mother and father argues from time to time. Either my older brother or myself would break it up. I just kinda worried about my mom arguing with him tbh.

    2. I have two older brothers they’re 20 and 14. I’m worried about my little brother. He’s already not too social and he’s starting high school and I just don’t want to him to have deal with my fathers bs too. I know I’m the one he talks to most. We shared a room and everything and he’s not close to my older brother or our parents. So with me being gone I feel that he might have it hard but I do plan to tell him to call me if anything is wrong but idk if he will..

    3. She’s not family but I really like this girl that I met at a job I used to work at. I felt like we really connected but I don’t want a long distance relationship. I’m hoping to meet a girl at college but I’ll miss her.

    Are these valid reasons not to go to a good college out of state? I’m almost thinking of attending a community college around home. But I don’t want to regret that decision..

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  • Driving in the rain, almost got into an accident how can I make sure it doesn’t happen again?

    This was my first time driving in heavy rain. I was being too reckless but a car came at an abrupt stop and I tried to break but I lost control and had to swerve to the right quickly because my car did not stop in time. It was scary so I made to drive slowly around 25mph the rest of the way but I wasn’t going incredibly fast, I was going about 35 mph. I usually do 40 to 45. But I just need to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’ve had my license since janurary and I don’t want an accident already.

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  • Felt awkward at cousins wedding?

    I’m 18 year old guy and this was my first time attending at s wedding. It was nice but I felt awkward. my Mom, my older brother that’s 20 and I came together. First off, there were many ppl I did know or have seen in a while. There was one cousin that I was close who is 19 his sister that’s 24 is the one that got married. We don’t talk much anymore but anyway I greeted him and that was about it.

    So basically all of my cousins were talking to each other while my brother and I sitting at a table alone only talking to each other . A lot of people knew my mom I guess because that’s her family so she interacted with people there. I know they are family but we just don’t have a bond I think it’s becsuse our family did t really go to many family reunions or anything. I’m just wondering seeing should I just try to avoid anymore family events or what? it was nice but I just don’t want to feel awkward.

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  • My dad admitted he hated me on fathers day?

    My family and I all went out for Father’s Day. Everything went well and I had a decent time. When we got home from eating, I gave him his gift which was a card saying how he’s a great father signed by my brothers and I. I had also bought him a pocket knife that was gold like he wanted. He read the card and hugged me but said “out of all of my boys, I've always hated you the most. You were a little c•unt, but now you’ve graduated high school and become a man I’m proud of.” He had a few drinks already and was a bit drunk but I can tell he meant it. My mom was very angry with him and my older brother was so confused but I don’t know. I just wonder if I should care about my father? My father and I never had the best relationship.

    Honestly, I was hoping maybe It could get better before I leave. I’m going to be going out of state for college this august, I’m 18. I guess my older brother brother and my little brother and my mom will have to deal with his crap a lot more than me now. I’ll still see them on vacation but I don’t know what to think? Should I care? I guess I’ll leave knowing I’m the most hated so maybe that’s a good thing?

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  • How to get my little bro to stop growing?

    Lol I’m kind of serious. He’s 14 and is the exact same height as me now. Were both 5’10 now and I’m 18. I have a brother that’s 20 and we’re both taller than him he’s only like 5’7. I’ve always been the tallest out of us 3 ever since I’ve outgrown my older brother which was like in the 6th grade. Now my little brother is my height and it feels weird. He just starting growing so much earlier this year. I know it might sound weird but I don’t want him to be taller than me lol.

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  • Serious question? Suicide? Was I being too concerned or was I just. Being human?

    I’m just wonder did I do the right thing. At work one of my coworkers was telling about suicide. He’s in his 40s maybe but he felt comfort talking to a younger like myself since I would actually listen. I’m only 18 and I work here part time but I was told at orientation if someone seems like a danger to you or themselves to let an authority figure know. I told my direct supervisor and he just blew me off and said I should not worry and continue to work. I feel like this place is unprofessional and doesn’t really follow their own guidelines. Did I not do the right thing? Was I too concerned or what? What would you have done?

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  • Brother cheats on his girlfriend?

    He’s 20 and I’m 18. He has nice girl. She’s pretty and smart, goes to college and I know she’s faithful to him but honestly he cheats on her. I know he cheats because he brags about a girl he met up with. He tells me stuff like this and I guess it’s because he trusts me, I am his brother I guess. But sometimes I feel like she deserves better. He’s kucky to have a girl like that. I’ve know her since freshmen year and I honestly am trying to find a girl like that. Sometimes I want to tell her, would that be like the ultimate betrayal? I still care for my bro obviously but this girl doesn’t need to be cheated on.

  • Why is my mom making a big deal out of prom?

    My parents are arguing as of right now about my prom that is on Friday. Everything isn’t quite ready. I have my suit and shoes but my mom wants to rent me a luxury car to drive and that is about 800 bucks a day. My father got angry with her because she’s stressing people out. I live my mom but this time I have to agree with my father. I had a small argument with her too since I’m not too excited. I don’t even care that much, it’s just prom. This is more for the girl to feel special than me.

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  • How to get a younger sibling to understand a college education is important?

    I’m 18 and don’t get me wrong I’m no genius but I’ve akways been considered the smart son just because I’ve always gotten good grades. My older brother is 20 and works a minimum wage job and yeah he is doing ok now but later on I’m sure he will want a better job but it will be hard if he doesn’t have a degree. I’m working a minimum wage job also but only part time until I graduate hs and I’m quitting right before I go to college. My younger brother and I were talking about me going to college and I asked him what college does he want to go and he says he doesn’t want to go college and hates school. I immediately told him that I’m not letting let him waste his future but he doesn’t understand how important this is to me and for him. He sees our older brother doing fine but I know it won’t last and you need a college education and more in this world if you want a chance at living a good life. I need him to interested in college. Even if my parents don’t care I don’t want him to feel this way. Any advice about this issue?

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  • Which ones should I get? Air max plus vs Nike foams?

    I’ve always wanted another pair of Nike foamposites I have the light blue ones that still looks decent but I’m thinking of getting them in gold. Or the air max plus? I don’t gave a pair and I like the style and look of the air max plus. Which ones are better in your opinion?

    Foams would cost about $200 and the air max plus around $169

    I have about 400 bucks but I plan using the other 200 bucks on some other clothes.

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  • Am I lazy because I don’t want to work while studying in college?

    I just got a job at Home Depot. Working 3 to 8 on Thursday and Friday and 3 to 10pm on sat and sun. I honestly don’t like it. When I go off to college I plan on quitting of course but I don’t want a job while attending college. At least not for my 1st year. Now I do need a car but my father says he can’t help me get a car and help me with college. I’m called lazy because I don’t want work through my 1st semester. Since most kids my age work and go to school but I feel like I would be better off without having to worry about a job at least for my 1st year? I just wonder if it’s lazy of me?

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  • Is a father fighting his son The ultimate abuse?

    I know that this can't be right but I'm just asking how bad is it for a father do so. My father isn't the most loving type of dad in my opinion. Yes he has bought us stuff and provided us with food and necessities but overall I've never had the best relationship with him. I have two beothers. . Yesterday on my birthday, my father and my little brother that is 14 got into a physical fight. It was because my dad wanted him to empty the garbage and my brother couldn't at the moment becuas he was online playing a game but my dad got and. It wasn't even 5 seconds before my father got angry and shouted at him and then turned off my brothers games. My brother was obviously pissed and it esclated into physical punches being thrown . I had to break it up. I was sort of surprised because of us 3 my dad is usually more lenient with my younger brother but now brother sees my dad bs.

    I remember my older brother was like 13 my dad physically bought him. I got into two physical fights with my father once when. I was 13 and Becuase he tried to make me go to bed at 9pm for no reason, we don't even have a bedtime. Then again at 15 because i refused to eat a meal that I did not like at night.we've had many arguments and I realize my dad is abuaive. Im 18 now and I think it has affected me in a way. I have a little bit of attitude problem and I think it's because of my father.

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  • How attractive are tattoos?

    I want to get tatted up. I want a whole sleeve and tats all on my back. Do girls like guys that are all tatted it up? I wanted a tat since I was 16 but my parents didn’t like the idea at the time so I didn’t do it. I just turned 18 so I’m just wondering but the thing is I know they do t look professional for jobs but I can always wear long sleeve shirts and show them only in like the summer months I guess.

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