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    DIY help, curvy metal/glass shelving to a more industrial/rustic.?

    I’m trying to use what I have for a plant shelf, however it doesn’t really match anything else I have. I have a few plants Th at are too big at the moment to where I have one of the shelfs taken out in the middle. I was sorta of thinking of building a set of shelfs of different sizes in it so I could have some of the more taller plants in it without having to much empty spaces. There’s about 8-10 inches of empty space which I feel is somewhat wasted. I can only think of just switching the glass for full wood shelfs and perhaps have some angles in them so they weren't flat so there was also less space wasted in height 

  • Internet connection flickering?

    My tower has been this way for.. awhile, I just figured it was the company or the computer getting hormonal.

    I've tried wifi and connected, however every couple of minutes my connection will drop, while it doesn't affect a lot of things (It just feels like lag). Other things it just cuts it off entirely causing me to reopen or refresh. I get errors saying ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED DNS_PROBE_STARTED DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET. The drop only lasts for a second and there isn't any issues on any other devices. Im on Windows 10 (Dont think it happened before 10 but I dont remember), chrome, Frontier for net service. Most of the time the icon in the corner change and it says Im connected but my browser begs to differ. The browser so much doesn't bother me as when Im playing a game and it kicks me out. So switching browsers wouldnt really do much for me. I've reset my router, called the company and they never say anything is wrong. Have had countless techs come out and look, router replaced and everything.

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  • Possible Spirt/entity/demon follow/possession, need specifics on how to rid and/or identify.?

    My sister is currently having issues with her boyfriend who had his fair share for black magic and times with a Wegi bord. I've searched the next and my books between different classifications, types, and possibility's. I'm thinking it would be better to pinpoint or have somewhat of an idea of what is might be before preforming any spell or ritual.

    Current issues: He can't sleep at night, unless shes with him and he has to have a light on in oder to sleep.

    Goes into almost a dream state and has visions.

    Whatever is in/with him tells/convinces that people are lieing to him, and tells him to do things.

    It has presented itself to my sister, when she was trying to talk to him. Heseemedd like he was asleep, and when he looked at her his eyes were pitch black.

    he thinks its a female presence.

    As of right now it seems to be in the middle of a crosstranseferance from him to my sister.

    I've looked at a few fourms or blogs but I'm looking for more specifcs, wether its working it out or pointing me in the right direction. Some information would also beappreciatedd. I've looked atdifferentt spells that would only half match what we are looking for, so I figured if we are able to have aGenerall idea it would be alot better. Or if doingsomethingg that would possibly help or something that is only half of what it might take to fully get rid of it. (IE, there was one that had to be preformed where it wassummonedd or the place it lingers, but as it was preformed in Mexico, that makes it quite hard. And plus he feels it following him around)

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