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  • Will a 2002 Dodge Ram, 5 whole rim, fit a 2003 Ford F-150, 5 whole rim. Both are 16" Rim, by the way?

    Help My Husband and I, to see whose right.

    One of us Thinks that they are universal.

    The other Thinks that each vehicle brand has it's own rim

    Just a question. so... just let us know what you know, not so much what you think.

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  • Were are some places to advertise for free, besides CL, for our new plumbing company, All Delgado's Plumbing .?

    We recently opened up our own plumbing company (All Delgado's Plumbing), and I have looked high and low for free advertisement. I need it to be free because then we would have to raise our prices, and in this economy I can't afford either. We are located in Fort Worth, Saginaw area, so any suggestion would be appreciated for my location.

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  • Cockatiel, I have a baby cockatiel that continuously get infections on his feet. This cockatiel we call Porky.?

    Porky was hatched from a clutch of 4 eggs, the other 3 were healthy and fine. Porkies problem started right away, he would get his poop stuck to the bottom of his feet and he had soars on the bottom of his feet. I took him from everyone else and soaked and cleaned his feet several times a day and his feet healed. So I put him back with the other birds, we had one that I thought was biting Porkies feet, because he all the sudden had soars on one of his legs and I saw the other bird messing with every ones feet, so took out again and tended to to him again, soaking and cleaning his leg and also putting neosporan on the soars. Finally I got him healed. This time I put him in his own cage, and he ended up with soars on both legs. Once again treated him and healed him. So one day I noticed him shaking and in a corner of the cage this time i didn't see a soar he just wouldn't stand on one foot. he Cried Like it really hurt when I touched it and he could not sit on my finger, so I put him in a box again fed him watered him he acted like he hadn't eaten in forever, because he couldn't get to his food dish. So finally he was able to walk on that foot and now his other foot has soars but this time I saw him squawking and chewing on his foot and pulled the skin right off two of his toes. I've been trying to get his feet healed again but he keeps chewing them and scratching his feathers like he's very itchy, so I tried Benadryl in his water. One of his toe nails looks like it is going to fall off. Is My bird Crazy? I don't know what to do for him, he's been sitting in the bottom of the cage for about three weeks now. Any suggestions

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