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  • can you make your ringtone a song on an iphone? or change your ringtone for different contacts?

    hi! i have an iphone and i was wondering if i could make my ringtone a song? or maybe make it different for different people? i’ve heard that there are apps... i don’t have apple music, just spotify. thanks!

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    my friend used to have an android, but she just got an iphone. i have an iphone, and it still shows green when i’m texting her. Why?

    so my friend used to have an android. but her parents just bought her an iphone. the android she had was really terrible and old it was worth like 50 bucks. but now she has an iphone. she through away her android because it was too old and all for a trade in and you couldn’t get any money out of it. she was keeping the same number though. but they had to give her a temporary number for a month for some reason. that month is up, and still when i text her it’s normally green. not blue like imessage. so i have a group chat with her in it that i REALLY hate being in. i’ll use fake names: so the person who switched from android to. iphone is bob. and the other 2 people in the group chat are mike and tim. okay. so i text mike and tim who both have iphones. it’s blue. then i add bob in. vwala! it’s imessage! but so then i say this is the new group chat forget the old one. then i left the imessage group chat. and they kept adding me in!!! being like “hey why you leaving??” and all and i kept leaving and they kept adding me back in!!!!!! i was so annoyed. so now they’ve gone back to using the old group chat just so i can be in it. and mike kept texting me being like “why you keep leaving!!” it was so annoying. so now i can’t leave that conversation because there’s an android in it but there’s really not! it’s so annoying. help me guys. all they do is text hi so that someone else will text hi so that they can put a picsart over it the days “i peed my pants” so bad. help meeeeeeeee 

  • When I wake up, I’m 100% blind for ~ a minute. I also have a bad headache. Dizziness. What could it be?

    To elaborate, I’m a teenager. I have undiagnosed constant joint pain. When I get out of bed in the morning, I’m blind. Only for about a minute, but it’s still creepy. While the blindness is going on so is this terrible headache. I feel dizzy. Twice I’ve collapsed. And once I even passed out. I’ve heard it may be tunnel vision-?- also, during the day time for about 5 minutes at a time my vision will go completely blurry. I don’t know why. I normally have great vision. My peripheral vision is fine. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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