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  • what is a Paul F Summers 6 string guitar worth?

    I bought it at a yard sale for $30. I m not knowledgeable about guitars but I know it s not a ukelele. I don t know the year of manufacture. There is a sticker in the guitar that reads Paul F Summers Famous Waikiki Koa Ukuleles Steel Guitar. On the front side of the tuning part of the guitar is an Aloha Hawaii Crest and on the back is a Tabu Made in Hawaii logo burned in the wood. There are a couple of cracks in the front and back of the body of the guitar. Other than those, the guitar seems to be in good condition . The bottom piece where the strings connect to are off set rather than in a straight line. The tuner on the neck has visible gear. Not modern looking at all. Any info would help on year and value

    3 AnswersPerforming Arts3 years ago
  • What to do if son says he is an atheist?

    My 16 year old son told me he is an atheist.

    What can I do to stop him. Ive tried the following.

    1. Prayer but didnt work.

    2. I hid all his books that are demonic like Catcher in the rye, Huckle berry finn, and such. I swear the devil wrote these.

    3. I smashed all his cds and play constant Christians music at the house all the time hoping it will have an effect.

    4. I threw away these evil science books he was reading about evolution and replaced them with Intelligent design books.

    I was thinking about hiring a hypnotist to act as a dinner guest and secretly hypnotize him into becoming a Christian.

    I also thought about home schooling him so he can be around a Christian environment anconstantly supervised.

    He wants to be a biologist but I cant allow him to do that. What happens after he dies is much more important than his unchristian like ideas.

    Im hoping he changes and the devil stops taking a hold on him tricking him with these lies about evolution and science .

    What should I do?

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  • Is the name Jesus Christ copy right protected?

    Who gets royalties from sales of merchandise with a Jesus logo or use of the name.

    Am I allowed to sell Jesus merchandise without penalty?

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 years ago
  • Why would a god choose to exist?

    I think its the moral responsibility of any god to pack its belongings and be a hermit or cease to exist all together. Why create living beings like humans when it knows they will suffer and make huge mistakes or suffer for an eternity ( because of some rule god states).

    Who am I to question god? Im a naturally evolved human. The only one . I was a cosmic accident and because of that I am privileged with the right to question anything and everything.

    As a matter of fact I feel its my duty. Now back to the question. Why would a god who could do anything choose to exist?

    14 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 years ago
  • Looking to buy a 2004 mustang Mach 1 but timing chain is snapped?

    Would it be cheaper to replace the engine or have it rebuilt.

    I can buy a used 4.6 engine with good miles from a reputable seller for about $2500-$3000.

    Car has 97,000 miles on it. Why would a chain snap so early?

    2 AnswersFord5 years ago
  • Do humans really have free will. If so how little or how much?

    Do I have the free will to like certain foods , be attracted to certain types of people, have a particular personality or disposition . Do I have the free will to (really) believe in something. Do I have the free will to run 100mph. To understand complicated math . To have a 200 IQ. To be the best golfer in the world . To have a certain chemical balance. To be clinically sane. To be insane.

    I don't think I have the free will to do any of those things. I can try but I think nature depicts who you are and what type of person you will be. It's not our choice. Free will is very very limited or non existent .

    Did I have the free will to ask this question?

    4 AnswersPsychology5 years ago
  • Why does my 96 civic over heat at idle?

    Here is what I've checked

    1. Cooling fan doesn't seem to turn on so I run it constant . Still heats up. Replaced thermo switch already.

    2. Thermostat opens up.

    3. Coolant level good.

    4. Radiator cap had a very small amount of sludge on it . Radiator looked fairly clean.

    5. I notice if I rev the engine at idle temp drops down or if I run heater temp drops down.

    6. When I drive at normal speeds temp is good for the most part but will occasionally fluctuate.

    7. I checked for leaks

    8. When looking in radiator you can see the water moving a little.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • Which latin records from 50s & 60s are valuable?

    I know someone who bought an entire estate sale from Miami . The estate owner was a musician / night club owner. Part of the estate includes 5000 33 lps with original jackets (no 45s or 78s) and 3000 CDs .

    I sell records on eBay but know little about Latin music. I wouldn't know a $300 record from a worthless one .

    Anyway , the person who bought the estate only deals in antiques and is offering the entire music collection for $1,000.

    If someone in here is knowledgeable and can give me a list of artists to look for I would appreciate it. It would save me a lot of time and make the decision much easier if I knew what to look for.

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  • Can you force someone to see a doctor?

    My father in law has beginning stages of Alzheimer's . ( we are pretty certain because of his recent decline of memory and lack of desire to shower, go out, change clothes, or eat properly). It's been a quick and noticeable change. His dad had it very bad as well so it runs in the family.

    My wife has tried intervening and it has ultimately hurt the relationship between the 2.

    I think she should stop trying to intervene and just spend quality time with him.

    He refuses to talk to people who keep bringing it up.

    Should my wife force the issue and use legal matters if possible or should she just accept her dad won't go to the doctor . I suspect his condition will continually get worse and worse as the months and years go by.

    4 AnswersFamily6 years ago
  • 2005 dodge neon rough idle?

    I just bought a 2005 dodge neon SXT from original owner. Looks good and runs good when cruising. It has 97,000 miles and NO check engine lights are on . Got it for $1800 so I think I did good.

    But anyway here's the issue. When idling whether in park, drive , or neutral the car wants to bog down and the radio will cut out and the dash lights will flicker. It has a little vibration as well. Once you get going its fine.

    I took it to autozone and had battery tested. The guy was scratching his head. He said cranking amps are good and voltage is good but the read out said to replace. I haven't replaced it yet.

    Any ideas . Could this really be a battery issue or should I replace the wires and plugs.

    If anyone feels they know exactly what it is because they had same problem let me know.

    1 AnswerDodge6 years ago
  • Just got in an accident metal squealing noise coming from brakes?

    I asked this question once already but yahoo doesn't allow to revise or even delete a question when I use the iPhone.

    They need to address this.

    Any hoot, I hit a boar. In my first post I thought maybe caliper was sticking .

    Here are the symptoms . I can drive the car fine at low speeds . No squealing . Brakes do not pull when I apply them.

    If I drive at 30 mph or more I get a metal squealing sound from(what I think is my brakes.) after I pull over I then see smoke from the brake area. I checked the rotor guards and they are not rubbing against the rotor. I can spin the wheel back and forth fairly easy.

    What is making that squealing noise . What should I look for or do?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Just got in minor accident and now brake caliper stuck?

    I just hit a wild boar. Left brake caliper is stuck closed . Any idea how to fix it?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Need mechanic advice on a 2006 Passat?

    Ok, my brother has a friend who has a 2006 Passat with 140k miles . The other day the low oil pressure light came on and he had it towed to the dealer . Dealer says metal flakes in the oil engine might be bad. No extensive tests were done.

    The friend doesn't want the car or put any more money into it to have it completely diagnosed. He offered it to my brother for $200. My bro is an operations manager of a large company and has no time to mess with it so I'm going to buy it tomorrow for $200. I'm having it towed from the dealer to my house.

    I know little about the car except what I've been told. It's clean. It will still start and drive and there is no engine noise.

    I'm mulling over a few ideas but would like input.

    1. Should I take a shot in the dark and replace oil pump (can someone tell me if it's difficult to do or is it not worth the time and money because if motor is bad then what's the point right? But if motor isn't bad maybe it's worth a shot?From what I've read it sounds like the culprit .

    2. Should I sell car as is on Craigslist for ?

    3. I have the funds to buy a used engine and have it installed . Looking at around $2,000 engine and labor.

    What's the best route to take.

    1 AnswerVolkswagen6 years ago
  • I'm considering a 2004 pontiac GTP to buy?

    2004 GTP . It has 140k miles. I was told all the gaskets including intake and head gaskets were replaced because of the common failure of them. And the super charger was serviced as well . I was told it never overheated but the leak was discovered and all the gaskets were replaced at once. That's his story anyway.

    The work can be verified (so the work was done) but my question is this

    How can I tell if the motor was damaged internally because of coolant mixing in with the oil or possible overheating.

    Should I notice a difference in performance or will smoke come from the exhaust or is there really no way to tell if any or little damage was caused internally.

    I love the performance of these engines along with the decent mpg's .

    3 AnswersPontiac6 years ago
  • Where do I recycle 500 lbs of plastic?

    I work in a machine shop and we throw away hundreds of lbs of plastic scrap every week. Mostly uhmw. It goes right in the dumpster. I want to recycle it but where do I take that much scrap to?

    2 AnswersGreen Living6 years ago
  • Why does my car vibrate while in idle only.?

    The mounts all look good . Rubber is all there . No misfiring. Does not vibrate when driving so it's not driveline or brake related .

    It's a 2005 kia spectra 96k miles.

    I cleaned the air idle valve. It looked good . Very little carbon build up. No CEL.

    I checked the belts and even removed the belts and started car. Still vibrated.

    I'm kinda at a loss . Again only at idle . It idles at 900 rpm and only fluctuates a little but not very often .

    Car vibrates with or without ac on.

    The vibration is worse towards the top of the motor .

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • What's the penalty for too many vehicles titled in your name?

    I'm only 5th car this year and had 4 the year before that. Never more than one at the same time.

    Some I bought and sold and some I traded even. Mostly older imports. I just like driving different cars and tinkering with them .

    I've always kept the cars legal , insured , and registered. I live in Florida

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • Is it reasonable to believe prayer works?

    This question is not meant to be condescending. I want people to consider both positions and give honest answers.

    Is it reasonable to believe in a god who answers prayers , believe in a god who doesn't meddle in people's lives or no god at all.

    I've heard testimonies where people have prayed to land a new job, have a successful surgery , make mortgage, get approved for a loan , cancer go into remission and they believe these were prayers answered by a god.

    Yet we can look at many other circumstances where a child dies from cancer, a house gets foreclosed, a surgery end in death, a tornado wipes out a community . Many sincere prayers appear to fall on deaf ears.

    Is it more reasonable to believe all the so- called answered prayers have natural explanations and that god does not intervene .

    Or is it reasonable to believe that these requests were truly answered by a god even though there maybe plausible natural explanations.

    Does god make his choices based on the requests of his followers or are all of his decisions preordained by his own will.

    If you believe you have had a prayer truly answered and there can be no natural explanation please share it.

    On a side note. I hear people say they pray only if it's god's will. If something is god's will won't it happen regardless of who prays for it?

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • 2005 kia spectra engine noise and vibration.?

    Have a 2005 kia with 96k miles with the 2.0 manual trans . Car vibrates . Mostly noticeable at idle. There is also a noise coming from the passenger side of the engine . The power steering pump, alternator, and ac are located on this side.

    The noise does have a repetitive nature to it. As if it's belt or pulley related. It's not a squealing noise more like a deeper popping sound.

    The ac light in the car will shut off by its self and I have to manually turn the ac back on again. Not sure if this is related or not.

    No engine lights are on. Oil level is good.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago