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silly, Canadian, cerebral, social liberal, moderate fiscal conservative Like: Art Deco, ridiculous vintage hats, Aubrey Beardsley, Pink Floyd, Lola-red hair, German expressionism, the Sopranos, Radiohead, dogs, Film Noir, lowbOld Hollywood, Cary Grant, John Deere tractors, 30s fashion, bowler hats, messing with bigots, Tudor history, Chopin, Surrealism, The Terminator, Godard films, Paul Poiret, Oscar Wilde, W. B. Yeats Dislike: Religious whackjobs, raisins, Hollywood self-indulgence, people who dump antifreeze in the river, freezing rain, Islamophobes, Hockey Moms, nihilists, cats, Michael Moore, farm dealership coffee, Jennifer Aniston movies, machismo "Follow the White Rabbit" -Lewis Carroll

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