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  • Are we related?

    Ok. So my grandpa on my dads side is the cousin of the wife of my friends uncle. Does that make us related? 

    4 AnswersGenealogy10 months ago
  • Shoes in shower?

    About 2 years go i have been wearing shoes in the shower, which I know is common in public showers (dorm, gym) but its been every shower ever for me. Evem when taking a bath i wear swimsuit bottoms and flip flops. Im in no way OCD (in my opinion) and im okay with walkimg barefoot in other circumstances. But the tub/shower jusy freaks me out. Does this mean im OCD im some way ? Is there a name for this ? Help

    5 AnswersOther - Diseases3 years ago
  • Period questions?

    So my period does not come on the same day every month, but it does come usually the end of the month ( 20th-31st) yesterday (dec 13th) i felt "discarge" and went to the restroom to freshen up, but blood came out like i had just started my period so natually i put a pad on. All night till morning, clean pad.. all day today, clean pad. Nothing shows up when i use the restroom and nothing shows up when i wipe. Why did this happen only that one time? It wasnt spotting cause like i mentioned before it was heavy blood like i had just started my period. Also im 24 years old and this has never happened.

    2 AnswersWomen's Health3 years ago
  • whats hot and not of 2010 ?

    i have a youtube channel and im doing a segment of what was hot and what was not in the year 2010. its my new years edition. if yall can please give me ideas i would appreciate it !

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys10 years ago