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  • What's the one food nobody could pay you to ever try? ?

    For me I'd definitely not eat Snails. 

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  • Swollen Lymph Nodes but no infection?

    Hi. This ha been happening to me a lot lately but I don t know why.. The nodes either side of my froin did it first and it was very painful. But more recently it s the ones under my chin. When I ve been to the doctors they ve said that it s a sign of infection, but every time I ve had a flare up I have been otherwise healthy. I can t understand it and they just shrug and don t take me for testing so I m a bit stuck. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this or knows what it might be? I am 29, Female, healthy weight. Only other thing to possibly be worth mentioning is that I am a heavy alcoholic although I don t really know if that has any effect on my problem. Thankyou for any answers.

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  • What was your pregnancy craving?

    I am having my first child and I just ate Beans on burnt Toast with pepper and red onions. It sounds disgusting but felt so good. Was wondering if it was normal and what other people experienced. Thanks for any answers. :)

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  • How much to post from UK abroad?

    Hi there. I'm planning on posting a small Christmas gift to Finland but I have no idea how much the postage will be and I'm getting stressed over it. I've checked the Royal Mail website and others and the prices are so vague I can't work it out. Its going to be a small box containing a Card, a small Bear keyring, some leaflets from London and a small box of teabags and a chocolate bar. So it's not going to weigh much at all. I'm aware it depends on size and weight but if anyone has any experience in posting from here abroad could you please tell me what you paid and the weight ect. Thankyou.

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  • Depressed from chronic illess. What helps?

    I'm an alcoholic, Have been for 6 years, im just 28. I was hospitalised a few days ago due to not being able to pee and having a lot of pain in either side of my back and in my Liver area. I was put on drips of fluids and I had to have ultrasound scans. I have been diagnosed with Alcoholic Hepatitis and CKD at the stage 3A. I realise it is all my fault. Yet I feel awful and its really ruining my life. Im turning to the bottle again to numb the pain, 4 bottles of Wine a day easily, with half a litreof Spirits.I know its shameful. I have Borderline Personality Disorder too, partly why I drink in the first place. Anyone have any advice? I dont expect sympathy, I know what I have done to myself.

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  • I can't pee and have pain after alcohol binge. What do I do?

    Hello. I am an alcoholic and drink heavily most days. I'm 28, female, and of healthy weight. Yesterday I drank 3 full size bottles of Prosecco and half a litre bottle of Bacardi Rum without a mixer. Today I woke up with tremendous pain in my Liver area which I get often, but also either side of my back is really hurting me. The right side seems to be worse and it hurts more to stand, walk and roll over in bed. I thought I might be dehydrated so I drank a 1.5 litre bottle of water. But the pain is still agonising. I also have only peed once since waking up and that was ten hours ago. Usually I pee quite a lot as I have an overactive bladder but nothing today. I am starting to get worried. I can anybody give me some advice please?

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  • Am I likely to have Alcoholic Liver Disease?

    Hi there. I am a 28 year old female who hasbeen an alcoholic for apporximately 6 years. My tolerance is very high and nowadays I drink on average 4 bottles of White Wine a day and I've also started drinking around 6 shots of white Rum with this too. I cant afford to drink every day but usually its 4-5 times a week.

    I had an ultrasound a year ago that showed I have a coarse Liver echo, but I wasn't entirely sure what that meant.

    Since then my drinking has continued and the amount has increased. I get a lot of pain in my Liver area (Top right of stomach below my breast.) and it has started to worry me lately. I am going to visit my Doctor again but couldn't get an appointment until 2 weeks time and I am really really anxious about it and feel on tenterhooks. Do you think that the damage coud be worse and how bad could it get in the space of a year? I am not expecting dead certain answers as I realise only my Doctor can really tell me the results but I just wondered if anyone could help through experience or any kind of knowledge that they may have. I am of healthy shape, I'm 5 ft 10 and 10 stone so my weight has no effect on my health. Thankyou for any answers.

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