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  • What is cortana?

    This keeps popping up when i try to search anything, is it  .  /  virus whom i should be aware. i need sujjestions.

    9 AnswersSecurity2 weeks ago
  • Neighbours illegally having party with 11 concurrent guests?

    My neighbours recently had a party, 11 people attended, which i counted. This wouldnt be an issue if they invited me, but i have evidence and im gonna report it! I told the neighbours this latest info and they told me i missed the new season of weight watchers and told me to keep quiet. what do i do.

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 months ago
  • My daughter got covid at school camp, I want to file a complaint?

    My daughter Cathy recently went on a school camp trip and has returned with Covid, turns out most of the students have too! And now the school wants me and my family to self quarantine like that's ridiculous, the school isnt even apologising, how am I suppose to know my daughter would get a covid I thought the whole event was over??

    17 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education4 months ago
  • Attachment image

    Why is an Australian Party leader holding a weapon!?

    I recently surfed the web in order to find some photos of Pauline Hanson for my son Wallace's glue collage project. I recently found an EXTREMELY inappropriate photo of her and I am not sure if I want this negativity in my sons poster, should I complain to the school? ps. here is the photo!

    2 AnswersGovernment4 months ago

    I recently came across a webpage: ( As I was wanting to purchase a soccer ball launcher, at request, from my sons birthday request, as you can see its out of my price range and I cannot find ANY BETTER DEALS. I recently saw Big W was selling a soccer ball launcher for 10 dollars but I know it is not any good, its ten dollars what do you expect. Does anyone have references?

    Family4 months ago
  • How do I make orange juice?

    It is a tad bit too expensive at the shops and squeezing my hand picked oranges from my garden in the back is not making enough juice, not to mention there are seeds coming out, how do I make it with a lot of juice?

    11 AnswersCooking & Recipes4 months ago
  • Is this a good way to make my daughter not vegan?

    My young daughter Bronwyn, who is vegan, is not eating the family dinners, as we eat meat. So I have tried to sneak in milk, meat and all the good stuff secretly into the snacks she has, (I heard a rumor from my friend Veronika that her son Wendell who WAS vegan is now non-vegan after she has done this). Is this a good idea, I was thinking of sneaking some real milk into her -fake milk drink- firstly.

    12 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan4 months ago
  • Snake escaped cage, IDK where it is!?

    Just a few days ago my pet snake recently incubated from its cage and it is somewhere in the house. I have a pet parrot (cockatiel) and I am worried the snake will eat it. How do I find my snake, and hire someone who will not kill it when it is found. Who do I call, what do I do?!

    1 AnswerReptiles4 months ago
  • DIY windows disaster, how do I fix this mess?

    I recently crafted DIY windows, and replaced all of my windows, I gave my children the job of smashing all the window panes in the house with a hammer. All windows have been replaced with DIY windows, just last night, we had a break in and our refrigerator was stolen, a picture of my son Wallace and the TV cable. They are all gone! I found that one of the windows was just knocked onto the floor, I was not using glass for the DIY windows so it did not break. I dont have the money to replace them with actual glass, and I am worried for my kids safety, what do I dO!?

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 months ago
  • Is this good parenting?

    Recently my children and I visited a lolly store and my youngest wanted a WizFiz, which is full of sugar! I was allowing gummy bears, snakes and chockie bars. My son then proceeded to roll around on the floor until he got his way, I purchased the WizFiz, but I ate it, because I dont want to risk his health. Is this good parenting? I know he will have another meltdown when he finds out but at least it will be at home!

    2 AnswersFamily4 months ago
  • Is this punishment too serious?

    I recently made a Cheesecake with a side cheeseboard with a platter of chippies for my sons school fare day, my son was like "this is too much mum", its never enough! My son then proceeded to have a tantrum which is quite weird at his age and throw the board to the floor. He has received a timeout, I have deleted his computer profile and thrown his XBohx out, is this too serious, because I am not letting him disrespect me.

    2 AnswersParenting4 months ago
  • Any activities my kids would like?

    My 9 kids and I went bird watching and they could not keep still, I had to end up forcing them to sit in the car as they were having a meltdown. The eldest behaved though, going through this; I dont know what kids like nowadays.

    1 AnswerParenting4 months ago
  • My son got detention for the dumbest reason?

    My son got a detention for apparently throwing sticks at a flock of ibis' in the school grounds. This is absolutely ridick, they are just birds. My son does not deserve a detention!

    3 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education4 months ago
  • My son went blue?

    Im not sure what to do... It looks like he was painted in blue, I dont know... I wasnt supervising him at this time of 3:00 to 6:00 so I am not sure what happened in those hours. He is not telling me what happened. WTF!

    3 AnswersFamily4 months ago
  • My son is always being excluded from school activities?

    I am a proud parent with an adopted son of 8 years old, he has been bullied at school because of this, and has been coming home upset on the daily, when he puts down who his parents are in English in "ABOUT ME" activities at school he is always told he should say his real parents. What can I do? The school doesnt listen to me.

    10 AnswersParenting5 months ago
  • Why is a principal lying to me!?

    My son set the fire drill off at the school district and everyone was evacuated to the grass fields. This is all said by the principal so it isnt confirmed and I dont believe a lick of it! The principal then had the audacity to call me a cow because I did not believe him. Should I report the principal for assault and misinformation?

    3 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education5 months ago
  • What type of syrup is used in ice cream at parlors?

    I recently visited an ice cream parlor, and I saw one of the workers putting some syrup in a soft serve ice cream machine, now three of my kids are allergic to a lot of syrups. The ice cream looked good, but I had to turn my back. Does anyone know what type of syrup they used?

    6 AnswersOther - Food & Drink5 months ago
  • Where is my son, I lost him at Sea World?

    This is an emergency, I am currently at sea world and I have lost my son Wallace when one of the Nickeolodeon mascots abducted him (spongebob I believe...) I cannot find him, if you are familiar with Sea World's map, where would they be. I am kind of confused and worried.

    17 AnswersFamily5 months ago