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  • Emotional manipulation from parents ?

    So im 24 and have moved out of my parents home, and live in my apartment that i rent in a different city . Back At my parents home I don’t have a bedroom as i was sharing with my little sister (9years old) before moving out and i share with her whenever i visit, which is normally once a month or every other month.

    My mum asked me to go back home due 

    to the pandemic as she knows im now working from home.

    Last night an argument blew up where she screamed and said she didnt think i love or care about my family because i prefer to stay in my own flat. She told me i was selfish and made comments about ‘hoping i dont regret not coming home’. I feel really upset that shes saying i dont care as i do and it feels like emotional manipulation. I feel really guilty for not going back but i know if i do i wont be happy as i have no privacy or space to myself and will still be paying rent for an empty flat.

    I really wish i could see them but im stuck between staying here for my own peace of mind and space or giving in and going to my parents house cos she was so angry i didnt come home.

    Im guilty and feeling anxiety and i dont know what to do.

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