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  • What's that FEARnet movie where...?

    I'm looking to identify the FEARNet movie wherein an antisocial office worker in his 20's-30's befriends a female coworker, sketches her in his sketchbook and eventually (ostensibly) kills her? I think the girlfriend is played by Thora Birch, and the nature of her very existence is a major plot point throughout the film...

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  • What is the Alt-Med view on Steak Preparation?

    Rare (or "Pittsburgh" Rare) would be the closest to its "natural" state without going full-bore raw. Is this how Alt-Medsters order their steak at restaurants?

    7 AnswersAlternative Medicine9 years ago
  • What's the name of the instrument in Sting's "Desert Rose"?

    It's part of the main drum loop, is Middle Eastern in origin and sounds like gurgling lava. (No, it's not a tabla- those things are high-pitched & staccato.)

    The mystery instrument is also featured prominently in Enigma's "TNT for the Brain".

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