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  • How possible is this scenario?

    We solve the socio-economic and social and geopolitical systemic problems that victimize a few poor black males..

    We get them jobs.

    We get them thinking for themselves.

    We get them to know what's truly out there in the world.

    We get them experiences that hardly none of them have as a group.

    We broaden their horizons..

    We get them out of the dumps they live in.

    We get them a GED and we get them educated as ANYBODY should be, and could benefit from being...

    And because we do something for somebody..

    We get sued by an onion propagandhist..

    Who get PAID, to claim that we're targeting poor black-on-black systemic abuse victims..

    And marketing white lifestyles to them..

    And white people as their friends and saviors.


    How possible that to happen if we keep trying to help people fix their lifestyles in a way that supports them in their quest for a better life, better economics and better social outcomes ?

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  • If Europeans hate America so bad that they're proud of American law breakers and terrorists, how about if we send our criminals to Europe?

    I got an idea..

    Empty America's prisons, jails, psychiatric lockups and juvenile detention centers and. Juvenile sex offender lockups..

    And send them to Ireland. Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, Austria, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy and Greece..

    And Russia too.

    Why not give America a long needed break and let Europe deal with generally unruly a)ssholes who thinks America is an Anarchy or a free country just because that's what their dad told them..

    And not necessarily the government.

    And mass shooters.. Robbers, killers, rapists, burglars, hijackers, Bombers,


    The hells angels, the pagans, Mongols, Nazi Lowriders, Aryan Brotherhood, ms13..

    Crips, bloods, gangster deciphles...

    Ted Bundy, the Son of Sam, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, BTK, the green river killer,

    Gary Heidnik, Aileen Wuornos..

    Jim Jones, the Branch Davidians, MOVE, and the FLDS..

    Let's have Europe deal with them..

    Let's see how long they really last under real pressure.

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  • Why isn't the story of Ireland ever talked about by the Democrats?

    This is what made Ireland open to conquest and colonization..

    A strange oddity, compared to other white people in the world..

    Yes they re Europeans..

    And even more strangely, western Europeans.

    But they are an island, in the northwest corner of Europe Far removed from

    Typical European progresses over the eras..

    They have been sheltered by geography..

    Nothing about themselves had any competition, or a need to change.

    Compared to a power like England much further south, surrounded by Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium on the continent..

    The Irish had simplistic thinking, and a homogenous culture, no industry and no geopolitical challenges.

    Even as late in the Irish story as the Irish potato famine..

    It is a story of sheltered thinking habits.

    As the only crop that they grew was potatoes..

    And the only variety of potatoes they grew was Irish lumper potatoes..

    Which is what made them so vulnerable to famine.

    Pure and simply..

    The story of the Irish, is the same kind of a story as the story of the Native Americans, the Subsaharan Africans, the Australian aboriginees, the old Japanese and east Asians..

    And the Polynesians and Maori..

    The Aztecs and Myans.

    All a story of unprepared backwards, simple people meeting their ends.

  • Why do stories and not experiences, affect some people more than bad real experiences?

    I sat here for years complaining about things that I have personally experienced.

    I have personally experienced a totally destroyed, lost childhood, period..

    And that childhood was lost for a lot of reasons..

    People not wanting to actually do their jobs, trying to get a free government paycheck..

    Idiots putting teens and little kids on the same school, going to a school for problem kids.

    And Philadelphia's boat load of problems..

    And my dad's list of things wrong with him keeping me and his highly dependent wife

    (My mom) there.

    And my mounting issues there.

    I sat right and complained about it..

    You know how much that made for me ?

    Exactly $0.00

    So I started working..

    I had a few blunders..

    So I went and got another job..

    Now im making a combined average total of $4500 per month.

    And I've done it fairly quickly by thinking, reading and doing..

    The blacks, Irish, Scots, Italians and whatever other poor group out there..

    ***** and moan about 200 years ago..

    About things they NEVER experienced.

    It makes them $0.00

    So if I fixed a major problem caused by real experiences..

    Why are they still poor.. Because of things that they NEVER experienced ?

    I'm part Irish..

    I heard all the stories in the world..




    Colonization and Colonialism.

    Booze abuse

    Drank himself to death..

    Committed suicide..

    The list goes on and on..

    I never experienced it..

    So it doesn't effect me.

    So why does it affect others when they NEVER experienced things ?

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  • Made a Cheesesteak for my neighbor?

    I got home this morning with some groceries..

    I told my neighbor..

    You want a sandwich ?

    I'm from this..

    12 minutes from now..

    I'm gonna show you something..

    I got a sandwich for ya, watch this..

    I went in the kitchen..

    Cut the ends off an onion and made a slit in it..

    Peeled the first layer off..

    And rinsed it in cold water, holding it in a pair of kitchen tongs..

    Chopped up the onion, chopped up porta bella mushrooms, chopped up pepperoncini..

    On the cutting board..

    Put about 3 tablespoons of butter in the frying pan..

    Cut open a hoagie roll, squeezed mayonnaise into the roll..

    And packed the roll with white American and provolone cheese..

    Then ziplined it with a little mayo..

    Turned on the frying pan and let the butter melt...

    Got it nice and hot..

    Then threw 4 cheesesteak sirloin blocks in there at the same time..

    Chopped up the meat real good..

    Got it almost cooked through..

    Then took the cutting board and a butcher knife and scraped the onions, mushrooms and pepperoncini into the pan..

    Kept it moving until everything was done perfect..

    Then I drained it..

    Took a spatula and plopped it, piping hot onto the cheese on the roll.

    Let the hot stuff melt the cheese on the roll..

    Then squirted a few lines of ketchup ontop of it all..

    Sliced it half..

    Put half of it on a paper plate it potato chips..

    Gave it to my neighbor..

    I told him..

    There's a sandwich.

    I ate the other half..

    But ohhhhh lordy I long forgot how filling it really is.


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  • If capitalism is the problem, and not some people's extreme lack of Ability to adapt, why am I thriving, including in a bad economy?

    I have been working for a temp agency for 3 months already doing a variety of industrial jobs..

    Assembly and warehouse work, construction and carpentry assistive labor, plumbing and electrial work, drywalling and roofing...

    Mechanical work and towing and recovery..

    And increasingly gardening and landscaping as summer is rolling in....

    Buildings last a long time....

    Homes remain considered new, or operational, for quite a long time..

    M paying $850 per month for a home built in the late 1990s..

    Thats far beyond acceptable, and well within norms..

    And I only feel it in my legs and back once in a while from my jobs..

    It's more than worth it.

    So if you have a problem with capitalism..

    How about you check yourself for adaptability problems ?

    Things like generation after generation staying in one place.. And a developed patriotism to just one part of America..

    Things like generation after generation doing the same thing for a living..

    Things like never in your family's history of going to college or trade school.

    Things like not changing with the winds of change.

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  • I got a response from the mayor about my idea to fight gentrification?

    I was asked how I feel about gentrification and it's effects on poor people..

    I actually told the Mayor this..

    On one hand they're people losing their homes and access to housing..

    On the other hand..

    They have come to America and have done several things to their detriment..

    Number 1.

    They have not left things in ireland, Scotland and Italy, things best left in picture frames.


    Number 2..

    They have specialized far too much, to Philadelphia and New York City, Chicago and Detroit..

    They have failed to become Americans in the big picture.

    3. They have relied on things lasting forever.

    When nothing does.

    And number 4..

    They have not become adaptable...

    Their only way of coping with change that negatively impacts their current ways..

    Is to drink some more booze...

    Make some more dogs run..

    And go play some more poker..

    And buy more lottery tickets..

    And run more rackeering operations..

    Which is in and of itself being negatively impacted by the majority of Americans and by legislation..

    If you want to rid of those people..

    Gentrification works..

    It all depends on what your goals are..

    Either way..

    I don't give a sh!t.

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  • What's the worst the mayor of Philadelphia can do ? Be part of of the problem of gentrification and cuss me out ? Or fear the GOP Scotus?

    So I rolled the dice and sent him an e mail asking him if he thinks he'd be interested in ending gentrification

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  • My E mail to James Kenney, the mayor of Philadelphia?

    Hi, my name is Andrew Evans and I am originally from Philadelphia.

    I have taken some interest in the phenomenon of Gentrification..

    I Have personally think tanked about its possible impacts and read the news about what it does, and how it happens.

    I can't help you in any way, but I would like to know if you would at all be interested in my idea to help stop gentrification ?

    1. Enact rent control laws.

    2. Keeping the market local in Philadelphia and based on Philadelphia's environment and economy and local pay rates for jobs in Philadelphia..

    By Prohibiting Philadelphians from any of the following real estate activities :

    *Selling their homes to non-philadelphia based real estate firms.

    *Selling their homes to persons who have not lived in Philadelphia for atleast 6 months on a rental lease.

    *Selling their homes to out of city persons who do not possess a Pennsylvania photo ID.

    *Selling their homes to foreigners who are here on temporary work visas, or on a tourist vacation, or a business trip.

    *Selling their home for more than it appraises for.

    *Selling their home to construction or development companies without permission from the city council.

    3.Prohibiting homes in Philadelphia from being demolished, and replaced with a home that is truly MORE luxurious than the previously standing home, (with)

    Techlogical Modernity and modern building codes and modern safety standards and warranties of habitability all being accounted for.


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  • Why is the government of Philadelphia, not fighting back against gentrification but instead hastening it?

    Why would Philadelphia disenfranchise its low to working class or lower middle class Irish and Italian and Greek residents..

    By cracking down on licenses issued for local Philadelphia food service businesses..

    Part of what has made Philadelphia famous, and helped it's owners to get by through life..

    Just to satisfy what is no more or less than an immigrant population from other parts of the state or the country..

    with more money.. Perhaps should have a better education, but is in the end, by no means guaranteed to have it..

    And in any case, have never in the history of America, inhabited Philadelphia..

    Until now.

    Why would Philadelphia disenfranchise the people that like it or not..

    Built Philadelphia...

    Just to satisfy what is purely and simply outsiders ?

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  • A smaller economy doesn't mean smaller rights?

    Youre right, not every lawsuit brought on by a few angry witches who have no experience with men is going to be successful?

    NONE of that means that women don't have equal rights..

    Nor does it mean that I somehow believe that women should not have equal rights..

    It simply means that their ECONOMY is a smaller one..

    FOR what they DO for a living as compared to their male counterparts.


    Law & Ethics7 months ago
  • Switching parties?

    I told my local election office that I'm here to switch political parties.

    I'm joining the Republican Party.

    After I did that nd I signed the registration papers..

    She asked me why I'm doing this..

    I told her..

    Identity politics is what they want, identity politics is what they get.

    Then I said..

    Politics sucks dont it ?!!

    I'm white, I'm proud of it, and nobody is going to change that one iota and nobody is going tell me that I shouldn't be..

    And get away with it.

    And that was a black woman that I said this to.


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