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  • Circle in polar form not centered at the origin?

    I tried converting the equation


    Into a polar formed equation.

    I substituted x=rcos, y=rsin

    And after working with it I got

    r^2-10 (cos+sin)r+49=0

    I needed to solve for r to graph it in the calculator so I solved for r using the quadratic formula. When I graphed the answer it was not a circle. So could anyone lend me some help?

    3 AnswersMathematics5 years ago
  • How bad is chlorine? (Within the following scenario)?

    I was at a water park today and they evacuated us because of high levels of chlorine in the water and air. A worker said there was a cloud of chlorine; yikes! Two people were ambulanced off also, but then again the other 300 people or so there walked away looking fine. I had my wife and baby there with me. I'm particular worried about them so I wanted to ask how bad this scenario sounds / should I be looking out for anything after the event?

    4 AnswersCurrent Events5 years ago
  • Business not refunding money?

    First off, I'm dealing with a business in Englewood, NJ. I'm trying to help my aunt out because she is being messed with a shady car dealer. The car dealer took a 2000 dollar check from her as they were getting close to closing a deal, but my aunt backed out of it last minute. Well it just so happens that they deposited the check anyway. When she asked for it back, they just said oppz I'm sorry and we'll mail you a check to refund your money. It's been two months and several phone calls of the same response. Oppz I'm sorry, we'll send it today. Can I press legal charges on these people or something? I'm pretty convinced they are doing this on purpose now because they can't be that stupid to mess this up 6 times in a row. This incident has caused other hardships on top of the mental stress. My aunt really needs a car but it's difficult to buy one when 2000 dollars is missing from there checking account and your almost living paycheck to paycheck. My aunt and uncle are stuck going through a very inconvenient commute because of this incident.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • Homosexual vs First Amendment?

    If I am against homosexuality due to my religious beliefs, and I refuse to give service to a homosexual couple in my business, why am I not protected by the first amendment?

    I ask this after my father mentioned how pastors are worried about what to do if a homosexual couple asks to be married by the pastor. Also, I vaguely remember a bakery that turned down writing a statement that supported homosexuality on a cake and they faced legal repercussion. The bakery offered a blank cake with the tools to write whatever the homosexuals wanted to also. And read other articles where people faced legal woes due to turning down service to homosexuals, such as not allowing a couple to use their business location to get married.

    So what's the deal with the first amendment? Can the government step into the constitutionally gaurd institution of religion and force people to go against their religious beliefs for homosexuals, and punish them if their demands aren't meet?

    P.S. I do not hate homosexuals. Hate the sin, love the person. That is what is taught in my church. And everyone sins in one form or another. So I politely ask in advance to keep the answers on topic. I'm more interested in the legal complications of my question. Really hope someone with a good law background can answer. Personally, I feel the government is on the constant move to strip the rights from its people. Ironically, even homosexuals should worry about this to some degree. You should not give up your rights period.

  • getting away with a fender bender?

    First off I live in NJ and this happened in nj. So I was in a fender bender where a girl hit my back bumper. There was definite damage so I took pictures and called the cops. The person offered to give me 200 and call it a day while we were waiting for the cops, but I didn't take the money. I didn't want to risk underpayment and I was pretty broke. So when the cop came, and started giving me the break down of what I should do. He said take the 200 and hope you can find a cheap guy to repair the bumper. In fact, I was lucky that I was offered the 200. I was pretty flabbergasted to say the least at first. His reasoning was, there is no point to report anything that is under 500 dollars worth of damages, and he assumed my damages would be under 500. We could go through insurance but that would reflect poorly on my car to since it gets tagged as being in an accident. At this point I started thinking on the flip side, is it that easy to get away with small fender benders? If I wasn't "lucky" enough to be offered that 200, could things have turned really sour that easily?

    In the end I took the 200. A friend, that I found out he used to do car repairs.. the week afterwards, fixed my bumper for free.. haha so I guess I was lucky. But back to the question, it is that easy to get away with fender benders? Threaten that reporting this accident hurts both of us. Cars that get in accidents lose more value than the cost for repairs. Then don't offer any money and say do what you want.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • Liver damage; ast 32 and alt 232?

    I just got my blood work back and found I have an unhealthy liver; or so I was told by my doc. We are currently testing to see why it's unhealthy. I came here to ask how unhealthy my liver sounds from these levels. Ast: 32 and alt: 232. Thanks you

    2 AnswersOther - Diseases7 years ago
  • Is it worth working when I factor in taxes?

    I just got offered a job but calculating taxes is throwing me off. I will be making $10 per hour, working 28 hrs a week, or making $280 weekly, so roughly $6160 a yr. My husband makes 35,000 a year before taxes and we have one baby. Last years tax return, we got about $5000 back and I didn't work. If I do start this job, my father-in-law told me I could end up finding the tax return slashed in half. It would make no sense to take this job if that were the case. I know there is a point where making more money will result in losing more money because of taxes. I wanted to know if that would be my case. We live in New Jersey.

    5 AnswersUnited States7 years ago
  • If you could take over the world?

    Inspired by pinky and the brain, what would you do if you could take over the world? And if you did, what would be on the top list of your agenda? If you want to be colorful, add how you would go about taking over the world. Given an unrealistic question, please try to stay as close to reality as possible.

    1 AnswerOther - Social Science7 years ago
  • Are relatively low amounts of tax imposed on the rich so bad?

    I'm not too big on politics, but I hear so and so are being soft on the rich and they should be erased from the ballot and what not.

    Now I'm a math guy so I started to think: higher taxes = more rich people moving away to a place with lower taxes. If we're talking about the really rich, then we assume they have greater mobility than others.

    So in that sense, lower taxes = more rich people hanging out here. And if you have more rich people, they may not be paying a lot of taxes, but they are spending money here, which in turn drives the economy. Also, I'd rather get 20% from many rich guys than 40% from that semi rich guy who wasn't able to move away.

    This was just a thought floating around my head. I'm all for taxing the rich as much as we need to, but we have to be smart about it I guess. What are people's thoughts on this matter?

    Also, I'm not rich. I make under 50k supporting a family of three. Nor am I trying to defend the rich in some weird conspiracy way.

    3 AnswersUnited States7 years ago
  • Disabled parent flying with a child?

    My wife just had knee surgery on both her knees so she can't walk very well. She is going to be flying to the US from Korea with a baby. We called Asiana airlines for what services were available. We intially felt comfortable about my wife flying with our baby because the staff said they would take care of us. She would get a wheelchair service and they would help moving around with a baby. The problem occurred when we called back to verify the services, the staff backed out of helping with moving around with a baby. They basically said, "we'll help you (my wife) move around in a wheelchair, but the baby isn't our problem." And this isn't the first time they did this to us. My wife's knee was weak when she was flying to Korea so we requested the same services. They said the same things: we'll take care of you, and then your baby is on her own. My wife had to just tough it out and move around with the baby. No wonder her knee got worse and she needed surgery. The excuse they gave us is that American airports won't allow people in wheelchairs to move about while holding their baby. When we checked this time around, we were told korean airports are fine with wheelchaired people holding babies. But now that the flight date is coming up, they are pulling the same crap again.

    Please. Can someone give me some advice? I would reall appreciate it. And to make it more clear, I am not flying with them. It is just my wife and my baby. I did consider going to Korea to help out on the trip back even though it would cost 2000+ dollars. The only reason I didn't is because Asiana assured me it would be okay this time.

    3 AnswersPeople with Disabilities7 years ago
  • I was born a korean citizen. I became a U.S. citizen through my parents. I am still a Korean citizen?

    My main concern for asking this is that I am a male-25 years old. I wanted to visit Korea for a vacation, but I don't want any surprises like being dragged into the military. I lived in America for 19 years, and I obtained my citizenship automatically from my parents when I was 17 years old.

    Thank you,


    6 AnswersKorea1 decade ago