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  • Do your parents let your friends from the opposite sex spend the night?

    My parents allow it only if, the boys spend the night in the basement. They also have to be good friends that my parents have met many times before.

    22 AnswersAdolescent9 years ago
  • Teens; Do you believe that teachers can't force creativity?

    For example, in English class, the teacher tells you to write a poem about being racially challenged when it's never happened to you? I'm not saying that's the greatest example but you know what I mean. Writing poetry in general I've found is hard for me, because I'm not creative. Would you agree that they can't push creativity?

    8 AnswersTeen & Preteen10 years ago
  • Teens; What makes you happy?

    I know multiple things make you happy, but what is like three of them?

    Mine(as of right now):


    -Avenged Sevenfold


    28 AnswersTeen & Preteen10 years ago
  • Teens; Do you have more than one circle of friends?

    For instance, last year I only hung out with the same couple of people that we're.. goody two-shoes. This year I've made friends with a lot more people, that the old group of friends wouldn't agree with at all because of the decisions they make. But, I still hang out with both groups. Do any of you have more than one friend group too?

    21 AnswersTeen & Preteen10 years ago
  • What can I do when I'm sick?

    I've been sick for legitimately eleven days. I've stayed home from school three days. I still feel awful, and tomorrow I have to go to the doctor for the second time in two weeks. When I'm just laying in bed what can I do? I usually read, or watch tv.

    6 AnswersTeen & Preteen1 decade ago
  • I have a friend that distracts me in class?

    I want to do my work because it's first hour and it's my worst grade. Whenever I try to do my work he always wants to talk, when I ignore him he just laughs and keeps talking. When I try to say I have work to do he, calls me a ***** and takes my paper. How should I get my work done with him there?

    2 AnswersTeen & Preteen1 decade ago
  • Teens: Do you think that nose piercings are trashy or slutty?

    I've heard that some people say that they are and others don't. What are your opinions?

    BQ: Do you have any piercings?

    I have my ears :)

    35 AnswersTeen & Preteen1 decade ago
  • Cross country runners: would you suggest xc?

    So, obviously the next season isn't for quite some time, about 8 months. I've been running almost everyday for two months. I was never a runner; I used to get winded running less than a half mile. I know I'd still have to train a bunch before xc, but was it fun for you? Would you suggest it to others?

    7 AnswersRunning1 decade ago
  • Are you against others doing drugs?

    I know people that would personally never do drugs, and don't really care if another person does them.

    I also know people that won't speak to people that do drugs.

    BQ: Do you/have you ever done any type of illegal drug?

    15 AnswersTeen & Preteen1 decade ago
  • Is working at a fast food place as a teen really that bad?

    I'm fifteen, and I want a car when I turn sixteen. I want to get a job, like McDonalds or something because they hire fifteen year olds. Some people say it's not bad, while others sit and bitchh about it. Is it really that bad.

    9 AnswersTeen & Preteen1 decade ago
  • Teens; Are you against drinking and smoking?

    Drinking, smoking cigarettes, and getting high.

    Don't judge&hate.

    32 AnswersTeen & Preteen1 decade ago
  • My best friend treats me badly, how do I get her to stop?

    Hello. Thanks for taking time out of your lovely day to answer this question :)

    So, recently my best friend and I became good friends again after a large fight. Things were going swimmingly at first. But, now, she's just being mean. She thinks that she's better than I am. She accuses me of doing things I NEVER did, then gets mad when I deny them. She always talks shitt on my myspace and myyearbook. Then she hides stuff from me. When were together we have a blast, unless she is high(which is a lot now). I don't know what to do. Do I leave it alone and let it resolve itself, confront her, or stop being her friend until she learns to change?

    This isn't the first time this has happened either.

    7 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • Have you ever had a teacher that treats you differently?

    Good or bad.

    I had a French teacher that would mark my stuff wrong while my friends was right, when she copied off me. Haha. She copied my test once, her answer was right while mine was wrong. She said something and she got points for being honest lol.

    9 AnswersTeen & Preteen1 decade ago
  • If you help me in algebra I'll love you forever?

    Okay, I have my exam Tuesday. I need to know when solving equations what side are you trying to get to equal zero. For instance, in this problem(no this is not my homework)


    Am I trying to make it 0=-2n, or -12=2n?

    BQ: What's your favourite song, and pair of socks?

    11 AnswersAdolescent1 decade ago
  • School cheer, or elite cheer?

    If I want to do elite I have to try out by Thursday, but I have high school tryouts on Wenesday and Thursday, so I could try out on Monday or Tuesday. They both end up costing about the same amount of money. I don't know which to choose. I was hoping someone could tell me the advantages and disadvantages of both.

    3 AnswersOther - Sports1 decade ago
  • How to get a friend back, when you really tried?

    My best friend and I are fighting. She basicly told me that she hated me, after we've been friends for twelve years. I've tried apoligizing, for lying(which I really haven't done, but that's why she's mad at me. Also, for being a bittch.) So I asked her why she is mad, she said she isn't going to tell me because I'll deny it anyway.

    When I did finally get her to say why she was mad. She said it was because I deny things. Like when we were talking about the who. She said I couldn't name three songs(which I did, I named four actually) and she got another friend to back her up. Then I went out and bought a shirt, and apparently that pissed her off. I apologized again, and admitted to that happening to get the fight over with.

    I asked her to give me reasons like I had to do when I was mad at her, and when I was mad at her we(another friend and I) had to just "start over" the whole fight had to be gone.

    How do I get her back as a friend? Or should I just leave her?

    1 AnswerTeen & Preteen1 decade ago
  • What's the cutest way you've asked someone out/been asked out?

    And, on this particularly lovely Thursday afternoon, what is the temperature?

    6 AnswersTeen & Preteen1 decade ago