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"All The Glory" Verse 1: The Lord lives! Praise be to my rock! Exalted be my God, my Savior He is the God who avenges me He is the God who saves me from my enemies Chorus 1: We're gonna praise the Lord And give Him the glory We're gonna speak His word And give God all honor Jesus is Lord For he is risen We're gonna give God all the Glory Verse 2: You exalted me above my foes From violent men You rescued me I will praise You among the nations I will sing praises to your name (repeat chorus 1 2x) (interlude) Bridge: You give your kings great victories You show unfailing kindness To your annointed To David and his descendants Forever and ever You are God Forever and ever You reign Chorus 2: We're gonna praise You, Lord And give you the glory We're gonna speak Your word Because you are holy Jesus you're Lord For you are worthy We're gonna give You all of the glory -This is a worship song I recently wro

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