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  • Mad About Facebook Friends?

    My husband and I have a unresolved problem at the moment. I have at different times sent friend requests to his facebook friends. I actually know some of them and others I just know from him talking about them. Many of them like to look at pictures of our daughter which I post more of than him, and several of them are facebook game addicts like me. I'm not going crazy and adding every person he adds or anything, and so he apparently just noticed a few days ago that I had added some people I don't really know. He is pissed, really really pissed, and I guess I just don't get it. He won't explain it either. I just don't see why it would make him mad. If they didn't want me on their facebook they could always ignore the request and I wouldn't be offended or anything.

    Would you be mad if your spouse friend requested some of your friends on face book? Why or why not?

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  • Religious Perverts?!?

    I'm atheist, but my boyfriend is pentecostal and I have been doing some research to learn more about his religion. I recently found this quote on the united pentecostal church website "You women can actually cause a normal, well-balanced man (not some kind of pervert) to SIN if you wear provocative and revealing clothing!! Let us never forget that sin starts in the mind!". He is referring to women who wear pants, sleeveless/backless clothing, or clothes that fit snugly. He also goes on to say "God made men a certain way and the way that God made us means that we can be sexually influenced very easily! To deny this is just to be naive, simplistic and to bury one's head in the sand!".

    I just have to take a moment to say that first this guy already sounds like a pervert by writing this, then it goes into the wow he's in denial stage when he decides to insert "(not some kind of pervert)" in the middle of the whole blaming women for men sinning rant he's on. I mean its kinda obvious that the whole god thing isn't really working for him in this area(imagine that). First he blamed women for men sinning then went on to say that god had actually made men that way. (Shame shame. god doing something that makes people want to sin? *gasp*)

    Keep in mind that I don't have a problem with pentecostals or religious people in general, I'm just ranting about this particular nutjob and the select few who think he's totally right. I wouldn't be dating the guy that I'm dating if the religion thing was earth shattering to me. Although admittedly I get the feeling that my boyfriend's entire church probably has the same sort of opinion on women's clothing.

    Now for the question(s). Why would any rational person want to attend a church service where the sight of a woman's bare arm or fitted clothing would apparently cause all males within eyesight to SIN? Also, how do people come up with this sh!t and manage to convince other people to go along with it?

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  • How many people believe that AIDS is only spread by homosexual people?

    I for one am not that ignorant. I recently saw an answer to a question about homosexuality and someone had replied talking about spreading disease. I emailed them and said "I defy you to find a disease that is spread only by gay sex and sharing needles" Their reply was simply "AIDS". I would have emailed them back and asked if they were serious, but they turned off the email option(I guess they were serious). I then decided to see how many people actually think that only homosexuals(and sharing needles) spread AIDS. And if you think this would you please tell me why?

    *The question that I found that answer on was in R&S, so I decided to post this here*

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