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  • What do Cerwin Vega's current speakers sound like?

    A few years ago Cerwin Vega was sold to Stanton. Now I see that their current speakers don't have the high sensitivity that their older speakers had. I can live with that if they still sound like the old speakers did. I have an old pair that were recently damaged.

    Specifically, I'm wondering if they sound clear and if they're still heavy on bass. I'm refering to both the VE series and the CLS series. I'm interested in the 12 inch speakers.

    1 AnswerHome Theater1 decade ago
  • What's better, a Meade Super Plossl, a Celestron X-cel, or a UO Ortho?

    I am looking to buy a good eyepiece for looking at planets at high power. I need one that is around 5mm. I am considering a Meade Super Plossl (5.5mm), a Celestron X-cel, or a University Optics Abbe Orthoscopic. Which one will give the better image?

    3 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago
  • Has anyone else ever had horrible sound from a Sirius satellite radio?

    I bought a Sirius Stratus yesterday. This model is supposed to act as as mini radio station and broadcast the signal to my car stereo. The reception is absolutely horrible. Has anyone else experienced this? How do I fix it? What's the best station to use in St. Louis?

    3 AnswersCar Audio1 decade ago
  • Do you like goth chicks?

    Co-workers think I have a "goth chick fetish." I didn't know it had to be a fetish but there have been a few that I liked. There are also plenty of regular girls that I like. I think the main ghost woman from The Grudge was hot too. Is that weird?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • What does "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"mean?

    It's one of my favorite movies but I've never understood what the title means. Perhaps it's obvious but I still missed it somehow.

    8 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • What do manmade satellites look like through binoculars or a telescope?

    I have been using the heavens above site to see when the Hubble, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station will be visible from my location. Unfortunatly we have had a couple of days of clouds.

    I have 15x70 and 7x35 binoculars and a 5.1" Meade telescope. How much magnification do I need before these satellites show some shape?

    5 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago