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  • Can a member of a rival political party contact their MP as a member of their constituency to ask for their help?

    I need to contact my MP over a personal issue that has affected me - it's based on a decision made by the government, however, the only problem is I'm a member of the rival political party.  

    Would it be ok for a member of a rival party to contact their local MP on personal issues, or would they more than likely get told to get lost because they're a member of a rival party?

    I have contacted him in the past about issues and he has actually sorted them out, however, this was before I became a member of the rival political party.  In a way, I feel bad that I can't support his party from a political stance, but it's not him I have a problem with it's his main party due to what they've done in the past and even now are continuing to do as a whole.

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  • What is the idea behind a key in music?

    I'm currently learning a bit about music and up to now most music I've come across has been wrote in a key of C.

    Now I know that the sharp/flat symbols at the beginning of the stave denote what key the music is played in, and ultimately which note each of the lines in the music represent (like in a key of C notes between the line represent A-C-E where as notes with the line going through them represent GBDF)

    But then when you add a key to the beginning this then all changes - one song I was looking at recently is Axel F as the base of it is quite a simple song (mainly A-C-A-A-A-D-A-G repeated) and yet I notice on most websites that says it was wrote originally in a key of A flat Major which now means the Treble Clef is now resting on the B line not the G line any more (I think that's right?) - so is there any reason why A flat Major was chosen over C Major? Was it just the writers preference at the time or is there specific logic in it?

    Please excuse me if you think I'm being a bit ignorant towards the complexities of sheet music with this question as at the moment I'm only just basically reading the music and am currently learning to play clarinet so just wondered if someone could shed some light on why we use keys at the beginning of music and not just write everything in C Major - I'm guessing there must be some kind of reasoning here?

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  • How can I make windows do a system reset on every reboot with open source software (or windows/linux server?)?

    I help at a local charity for people with Asperger's Syndrome. At the moment we've recently got a computer room sorted and we have 5 computers in there.

    All the computers have got fully licenced windows 10 on them from ttexchange

    We allow members to use the computers and afterwards we would like a way to reset the computers on reboot.

    I know libraries and many public places have this system, and I've done computers for many years - usually in homes, I have touched a bit on Windows server and Linux but not Linux as a server, however this is the first time I've ever had the need to do this and am a bit lost as to what type of software is needed to do it.

    I was debating whether or not to have user accounts for each member, but as members come and go randomly and we want the computers to be quite open to access we need more like a "guest account" that gets wiped every time the computer is reset, or the user logs off. I know Microsoft have (stupidly) removed the "Guest Account" from Windows 10.

    We have seen software like Deep Freeze but after pricing it up we're looking at about £1,000 a year just for 5 PC's which is just ridiculous for a charity.

    I'm trying to figure out what the software is called that does this (is it called EndPoint or is that something different?), is there a way of doing it with a Linux server (preferred) or a Windows server (we have a spare computer that could be used as a server).

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  • In the UK can an employer legally except people to work over 12 hours?

    Yesterday I was working and my boss changed the shift just before I started and asked me to be in at 6am instead of doing 12pm-10pm, I asked her twice then what time do I finish then and all I got back twice was I ll calculate it later... Finally at midday she calculated it and said it s the same time so 10pm, and also your in at 8am tomorrow and again work through till 10pm. This makes a 16 hour shift, and a 14 hour shift, and a 10 hour break between the two shifts. Is this legal? Normally our shifts don t usually exceed 12 hours and I m quite sure 12 hours is the legal maximum in the UK.

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  • I went to see a film in 1993 and would really like to know which film it was...?

    Back in 1993 I went to see what I thought was "So I Married An Axe Murderer" in the old Odeon cinema in Warrington.

    I ve since re-watched so I married an axe murderer and realise now that what ever film I saw that night - it certainly wasn t the film that was supposed to be shown.

    At the time it was during the day as I had half a day off from college and so I was the only person in the cinema watching the film.

    I ve always wondered what the film was and have searched the internet numerous times for it but never found any reference to what it could be.

    I wonder if anyone on here could vaguely point me in the right direction as to what film it was as it was a really good film and I d really love to watch it again sometime.

    The film was about a lady who lived in an old shack near a lake. She is living with an abusive husband and one night she has enough of his abuse and so she murders him and dumps his body in the lake. She rows out on a little boat into the lake to dump the body.

    A few days after that she starts dating someone else. She is inspired at night to go for another boat ride out onto the lake. At this point her dead husband comes back to haunt her and encourages her to kill this next person.

    She repeatedly murders numerous people at her dead husbands ghostly request (including the local sheriff) until eventually the police catch up with her and she is arrested.

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  • What is the song used on the new BT adverts?

    I keep hearing the new BT adverts (not the Blue Monday ones - it's the one where someone is karaoking on the internet and on screen it shows "Woah-oh-oh" ) - and there is a song used right at the end of the advert - I think it's actually the same song that the person is doing karaoke to. I heard it on a scout camp this year in the Netherlands and I realised which song it was but when I got back I can't remember what song it was and it's really bugging me.

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  • Is it illegal to use a phone as sat nav in the UK?

    I was talking to my friend last night when I was lost and I used Google maps as a sat nav. I've used Google maps for years as sat nav, police have seen me with it and never said anything about it. My friend said to me don't use your phone as sat nav 'cos it's illegal and apparently her daughter got done for driving and using her phone as sat nav. I looked it up on the net and can't find any proper thing that says using a phone as sat nav is illegal. The only thing I can see is that actually changing the directions on the phone whilst driving is illegal (which is pretty obvious), and obstructing the driving view is also illegal so I have my phone on the passenger side window near where the tax disc used to be - I considered that if that space used to have a tax disc there anyway the police never said that was illegal and even the windscreen wipers don't cover that bit of window so it's not used, and besides my magic tree air freshener obstructs the view from that corner hanging from my rear view mirror.

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  • Do volunteers need the same rest breaks legally as employees?

    At present I m volunteering at major charity event. Last night we worked till 9am to 11pm with a 30 minute break for tea and 15 mins for lunch (although even that was interrupted as we were expected to go to a briefing half way through tea). This morning they expect us to now work from 6am.

    I m slightly annoyed at this as I think it takes the mick. I looked up legal working hours and I noticed that you are meant to have 11 hours break between a 9 hour shift. Is this charity breaking the law or do working hours not count for volunteers - also it s not exactly like we have a choice in this it was kind of yesterday - you will do these shifts.

    Thankfully this is the last day though but just wondered what was the law.

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  • Was Bananarama a big group in the Netherlands in the 80's?

    I was just listening to the song "Back To The 80's" by Aqua and I was intrigued by the line "Back to the 80's - Bananarama and Breakfast Club".

    I remember Bananarama being a big group in the 80's in the UK, but I always thought they were mainly UK only (because they were a UK group) and didn't really go beyond that. I looked on Wikipedia and apart from Venus that seems to be the only song that actually made it into the Netherlands top 10.

    I just found it interesting though that Aqua mention them in the song back to the 80's with them being from the Netherlands.

    Is there some kind of connection with Bananarama and Aqua or was it just because it worked

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  • Do festivals pay for bars or do bars pay for a stall at festivals?

    I was talking to a friend today about working as bar staff at some festivals. I was always under the impression that the festival pays for the bar to be present, however my friend said he was quite sure it worked the other way round.

    Both ways kind of make sense - at festivals you sometimes have stall selling items and these stalls have to pay to be there, because ultimately they know that what they pay for a stall they re easily going to get more back than what they paid, and the festival themselves is in a position that it doesn t actually need stalls to be there so actually has no requirement to encourage them to be there (all they need is artists on stage and a bar).

    However with a bar it s works both ways - the bar itself needs a stall to make money from it s wares, and the festival needs a bar (or else it ends up with a lot of unhappy people! - I was at a bonfire one year without a bar and it was surprising the amount of people who complained to the organisers about the lack of the bar so from the organisers point of view it certainly is necessary). So do the festival pay for the bar or do the bar pay the festival for the stall?

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  • Does anyone know if this Panasonic TV fault will get worse over time?

    I ve just bought a refurbished Panasonic 48" TV from Argos Outlet.

    I ve had it for two weeks and it s started glitching a bit when it s initially turned on.

    As it s only two weeks old I called up Argos to ask for a replacement or repair - it took me ages to find this model at first as it s a 3D and UHD set and I specifically want both 3D and UHD in the TV, unfortunately though 3D seems to have been discontinued in a lot of models.

    When I called up Argos they explained to me that they don t do repair or replacement they only do a full refund - so if I go for a refund I ve then got to find a similar TV again at the same price.

    I ve looked on eBay and that TV seems pretty hard to come by so does many others with both 3D and UHD, there are some other 3D and UHD sets out there but they re about 60" and as this 48" fits perfectly in the space I don t really want to go any bigger.

    So here is my dilemma - the TV itself comes with a 6 month warranty if the TV is just going to glitch initially when I switch it on and then is fine once it s warmed up then I m happy to keep the TV rather than try and find a replacement myself, obviously my biggest concern is that if this glitch on this TV gets worse over time and fully goes - obviously I ve got 6 months to see what happens.

    Here is a video of it glitching...

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • If Newt Scamander could disappeared why did he travel to New York by boat??

    Just watching the Fantastic Beasts film and realised one massive error that isn t explained.

    There may be some spoilers here so if you don t want to know stop reading now!!

    At the beginning Newt comes into New York by boat and has to deal with customs and hide the creatures, and at the end he also leaves New York by boat, but in the movie he apparates to various locations, we also know from other HP books that wizards can apparate over long distances - the tri wizard cup for example.

    So why did Newt come in and out of NYC by a long boat journey when he could have just apparated in???

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  • In the 1994 Film Speed was the bus speed recorded differently for countries that use KPH?

    I was just talking to a friend in Australia today about the 1994 film Speed with Keanu Reeves.

    It just suddenly occurred to me that in Australia (and most of the EU) they have speeds set in KPH rather than MPH.

    In the film there is a point where they have to rescue people on a bus that can t go slower than 50mph or else it ll blow up.

    I notice that like us in the UK the US also use MPH for speed - but I m wondering do foreign translations (or Australian/Canadian versions) of that film have the speed as being 80kph (or make it a nice round 100kph) or did they leave it as mph throughout all the various versions?

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  • Item bought from eBay different brand supplied but brand owned by same company has seller broke trading standards rules?

    I bought an anti-roll bar from a well known car parts shop that trades on eBay and also has high street shops as well.

    On the eBay listing the shop listed that it was supplying a "Lemforder" anti-roll bar. Upon receipt of the item I notice it s actually a TRW anti-roll bar.

    I went onto TRW s website and it seems that both TRW and Lemforder are owned by ZF.

    I m wondering even though these two parts are made by the same company just with different brand names on them have they broke trading standards rules by supplying the wrong brand - I assume the quality of the parts might be the same unless of course TRW is the budget brand of Lemforder which could even bring into question whether or not the parts are in fact of the same quality I was expecting or not.

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  • Do French campsites use the standard 16amp connectors?

    I m going camping in France in about a week. I know France has a different house mains socket to the uk (they have a two pin europlug compared to our 3 pin plug) but I can t find any information about whether or not they have the same camping plug as the uk (the big 16A connector) also does France have the same voltage or do they have 110v?

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  • HMRC is asking to see all my customers information so they can review my tax credits claim - isn t this breach of Data Protection Act?

    The HMRC recently sent me a letter saying they ve got to review my business based on my tax credits claim.

    They want to see all my customers invoices for the past three months (originals not copies).

    I m fine with giving them this apart from the fact that my customers names and addresses and details of what they ve ordered are included on the invoices.

    The HMRC have told me they have their own data protection act that covers them to have this information, but I really don t feel confident at giving them this information as it could possibly be passing my customers information onto a third party. HMRC or not I m quite sure they re not about the data protection law on this one, the only thing is though is that they are withholding my tax credits until they receive this information (I see it is a form of bribery which is most probably illegal).

    So the question is what do I do - give in and send them the information and hope they don t lose or misuse it, or blank out all the addresses on the invoice to make them anonymous or are they likely to come back and demand to see them?

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  • In Turbocash my C= bit at the bottom of the screen keeps showing minus am I doing something wrong?

    I've just started converting my accounts from spreadsheet to Turbocash.

    At the moment I'm putting the invoices in to the system and then going into the Link menu, finding the invoice and marking it as paid when it's been paid

    When I go into the ledger report all the payments show up as sales and they go into "CURRENT ACCOUNT" journal but at the bottom of the report it always says something like



    I'm guessing the D is debits (expenses) and the C is credits (income) but is there a reason C is showing a minus value? Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to link the transactions up somehow from the current account journal or is this just normally how accounts work with credits shown as a minus number?

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  • Does anyone know what are the dimensions of the Xbox 360 controller screws?

    I recently fixed the cover on my xbox 360 controller which had cracked with a new one.

    The worst point was getting those T8H screws out, and the new case didn't have very good drilled holes for them to go back in either (I ended up using a self-tapper to start the hole off).

    Two of the screws have gone missing, the controller holds itself together with a bit of a hole in one corner, but I was thinking of getting a set of replacement screws and also replacing them with ones that have normal philips heads on them (and get rid of that stupid T8H head - why even use them on a controller? they're not really "security" because you can buy the screwdrivers for them anyway so they don't really stop people getting in to the item).

    I went to the local DIY store and they said they've got no screws as small as that.

    Does anyone know what are the dimensions of the 360 controller screws so I can find replacement philips head ones on line.

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  • Facebook Developers - Summary of likes requested but API keeps returning just a list of likes - any idea why?? Works fine in the Explorer?

    At present I'm trying to write a php plugin that will tell me the number of likes a particular feed has.

    I want to use the likes[total_count] field which needs the summary flag set.

    I have the following code

    $fb = new Facebook\Facebook ( /* app id/secret, etc*/ ) ;

    /* the access token is appid|appsecret and it's a public page*/

    $fb->setDefaultAccessToken ( $w->accessToken () ) ;

    $response = $fb->get ('/xxxxx_xxxxx?fields=likes.limit(1).summary(true),id' ) ;

    $graphObject = $response->getGraphObject();

    print_r ( $graphObject->asArray () ) ;

    The result is

    Array (

    [likes] => Array (

    [0] => Array ( [id] => xxxxxx )

    [id] => xxxxx_xxxxx )

    I've also tried a number of other things like getGraphNode() (same result), getGraphEdge () (error 620 - response is not GraphEdge - which I was expecting anyway!), I've also tried it with and without the .limit(1) the only difference being I just get more like id's - so the limit seems to be working it's just summary isn't.

    When I try the same thing in Graph API Explorer on the facebook developer page I get the following result

    "likes": {

    "data": [


    "id": "xxxx"



    "paging": {

    "cursors": {

    "after": "MTAxNTU4NjU4ODY0NDA0MjI=",

    "before": "MTAxNTI0MTQ2NjY2ODIxODc="



    "summary": {

    "total_count": 6,

    "can_like": true,

    "has_liked": false


    In the API Explorer there is an additional array called summary which I can't see in my array.

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  • Will I have to pay a garage again for a fault that wasn't fixed or should they do it free of charge?

    I took my car to a garage yesterday 'cos the brakes were binding.

    I told the garage first to look at the car and let me know what the problem is before fixing it.

    The garage kept me waiting all day and I kept calling them back occassionally to try and find out what is wrong.

    Eventually the garage told me the car is fixed and charge me £84 for the repair.

    I was surprised because I didn't ask them to fix it I only asked them at first to tell me what is wrong.

    The garage then explained to me that the brakes were binding because the caliper is all rusted and they've oiled it for me and freed it up.

    Now had they told me in the first place before doing any work that the caliper was rusted I'd have asked them to replace the caliper if it's likely to do it again rather then mess around trying to oil the caliper.

    After they'd "fixed" the car I took it down the road, and brought it home and found out the brakes were still binding, they're not binding as much as before 'cos the wheel hub isn't as hot, but it's still getting a lot hotter than all the other hubs and is still smelling of burning.

    I'm guessing that they probably need to replace the caliper (which had they told me before - as I asked them to - what the problem was - I'd have told them to replace the caliper).

    My mum owns the car so she pays for the repairs and she's gone mad, she's not happy about paying any more to repair the car and her attitude is that the garage can fix it free of charge.

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