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1991, Spain.

  • Why do some people pronounce the "T" as in "excited" or "equality" in different ways (examples included)?


    I just watched those vids:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (At the very beginning, when she says BogtroTTer).

    Youtube thumbnail

    (At 1:11 when she says exciTed).

    And then I look it up in the dictionary:

    And I realised the T is more softly pronounced than in the 2 videos (where it sound like a mix of a rough T and an S).

    So my question is: What is the name of the sound they make in the 2 first videos when pronouncing T and where can I find some tips to help me make it?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • What's the difference between HAVING SB. + VERB and WANTING SB. TO + VERB?

    If I ask:

    - Will you have him practice?


    - Will you want him to practice?

    Is there any difference in meaning? Are both structures correct?

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  • Do you know the name of this instrument? Have you heard it in any song?

    Hello. Any idea about the name of the instrument that enters at 1:02? Is that a theremin?

    Youtube thumbnail

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Please, could you help me finding a pack of .wav sounds for FL Studio?

    Hello. A year ago I downloaded a 400MB (more or less) pack of .wav sounds for FL Studio, but I lost it. I can't find it again on the Internet.

    It was a huge pack of about 40 folders stuffed with sounds. Those folders had names like CLAPZ, SNAREZ, CYMBALZ (all with Z). Some of the files names were Neptunes Perc.wav, 28R1SR2e.wav, Choir-A4.wav, Distorted Bass, Bluezone-BFx-sfx-025.wav....

    Please I'm so sad because I cannot find that pack anymore... could you please help me?

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  • What's the point of using these phrasal verbs? Please explain because I don't get it?


    1.- I'm trying to understand why people use certain phrasal verbs in English, such as:

    - I mean, why do you say "clean UP my room"? Is there any difference from saying "clean my room"?

    - Why saying "rise UP" instead of "rise"? Does UP make any difference?

    - And why do people say "fall OFF" instead of just saying "fall"? Why do they say "topple OUT or OVER" instead of "topple"?

    2.- Why do people tend to use phrasal verbs over anything else? For instance, saying "put up" instead of "tolerate" or "get a buzz from" instead of "be excited by"?

    Is it cool or trendy to use phrasal verbs or what?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • ¿Expertos en Internet: ¿Qué significa que una página web se quede en blanco de un día para otro?

    Saludos. Llevo años comprando en esta página:

    Desde el 3 de Septiembre (más o menos) la página aparece en blanco. Cuando una página está en mantenimiento, suelen avisarlo, y si una página cierra, tu navegador suele decirte "No se pudo encontrar la página" o algo así.

    Pero esto de que aparezca en blanco es totalmente nuevo para mí. ¿Qué significa?

    Por favor, responded sólo los expertos, no necesito respuestas como "A mí tampoco me sale".


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  • Can any Internet expert explain what happened to this renowned website?

    The site VG Shirts ( ) does not work. I've been visiting it and buying there for years, but all of a sudden the site just disappeared. The website is literally blank.

    If it is undergoing maintenance, why don't they notify it as any other site?

    Please, any expert to tell me what's happening?

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  • Can some Internet expert explain what happened to this renowned website? THANKS?

    Hello. I've trying to visit but it won't work. The site is simply blank. I've been buying in that site for years and all of a sudden it doesn't work.

    Any explanation?


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  • Why does Obama always look the other way when it comes to discuss Israel, Guantanamo, Julian Assange, etc...?

    Hello. I'm very disappointed with Barack Obama. He is supposed to be a Democrat, different from the Republicans... but when it comes to talk about Israel he never takes a stand for or against, and I did not notice any change regarding Guantanamo since he became the president. And more recently, he ignored the questions about Julian Assange.

    I prefer a Republican to be the president than people like Obama, who are ambiguous and do not dare to do anything really transgressive (so to speak).

    What are your thoughts?

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  • Don't you think the world was better 10-15 years ago (specially regarding creativity)?

    First of all, this question is for people who are 20 and older.

    Just my imagination, or the world today is a ****?

    Music (just compare, for instance, Madonna's old albums "American Life" or "Ray of Light" and the new one "MDNA"). Definitely, music is dreadful, for Electropop reigns and all the other genres have been relegated.

    Cinema (now there are only sequels, remakes and bullsh*t galore, like "The Amazing Spider-Man" etc.).

    Video games (Since Enix joined Square, Final Fantasy goes from bad to worse. Just compare FF7, FF8 and FF10 with FF12, FF13 or FF14, by which SquareEnix had to apologise for its bad quality ...what a shame!. Or Jak&Daxter, from the 3rd part on the saga sucks).

    TV Series (From series like Dragon Ball, Goosebumps or Pokémon to the crap currently shown).

    And on top of that, the financial crisis and all the rest. Wherever you look at, you only see rottenness.

    Do we have something really good ahead of us or from now on we will only have tedium and disgust?


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  • ¿Piensas que el mundo era mejor hace 10 años (sobre todo en lo que a creatividad y calidad se refiere)?

    A ver, esta pregunta va destinada a los que ahora tienen 20 años o más.

    ¿Es mi percepción, o ahora todo es una m*****?

    La música (sólo hay que comparar, por ejemplo, el disco de Madonna "American Life" o "Ray of Light" y el nuevo que ha sacado "MDNA"). Definitivamente la música es pésima, ya que reina el Electropop y todo lo demás ha quedado rezagado.

    El cine (ahora sólo hay secuelas, nuevas versiones de clásicos y cagadas por doquier, como "The Amazing Spider-Man" y todo lo demás).

    Los videojuegos (Desde que Enix se unió a Square, la saga Final Fantasy va de mal en peor. Sólo hay que comparar FF7, FF8 y FF10 con los nuevos como FF12, FF13 o FF14, por el cuál SquareEnix ha tenido hasta que pedir disculpas a los compradores porque se quejaron. O la saga Jak&Daxter, que a partir de la 3ª parte ha sido totalmente devastada).

    Las Series juveniles (Antes echaban Bola de Dragón, Pesadillas, Pokémon y ahora echan Pocoyó o Los Lunnies).

    La Televisión (Sálvame, Amar en Tiempos Revueltos, Bandolera, Puente Viejo, Calenda y toda esa morralla).

    Encima la crisis económica y todo lo demás. Mires a donde mires, sólo ves basura y más basura... podredumbre.

    ¿Nos espera algo bueno o sólo queda aburrimiento, tedio y desesperación?

    Un Saludo.

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  • Pronunciation: Is this a British accent?

    Hello. Our English teacher asked us to watch different parts of cartoon series and movies she has in a CD for Beginners. We are supposed to guess accents. I'm not good at it.

    This is one of the cartoons:

    The questions are:

    - Are them native English speakers? If not, justify it.

    - Is it a British or an American accent? Justify it.


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  • Does she have a British or an American accent?

    What kind of accent does this singer have?

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • Is this a BRITISH accent or an AMERICAN one?

    What kind of English accent does the Cryptkeeper have? -->

    Youtube thumbnail


    I guess it's a British accent (specifically from London), but I want more opinions.


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  • What's the name of this sound effect (FINGERS PLAYING AN ELECTRIC GUITAR) (Listening Inside)?

    Hello. What's the name of this playing style/effect? It sounds like fingers playing a guitar in a hard way: (THIS IS NOT A DOWNLOAD LINK, BUT AN ONLINE DIRECT LISTENING).


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  • Pouvez-vous m'aider avec cette facile question de le superlatif et le comparatif?

    Bonjour. Je suis espagnole, donc ne répondre pas des réponses compliqués. Je veux aide avec cet exercice:

    Faites des phrases avec les éléments donnés:

    a. Tes amis/moi/avoir/argent (=)Tes amis ont aussi de l'argent que moi.

    b. Cette voiture est très chère: C'est la voiture....MOINS CHÈRE ....du moment (-).

    c. Ma cuisine est très bien équipée: Tu as la cuisine....PLUS BIEN ÉQUIPÉE .... de l'immeuble (+).

    Sont mes réponses incorrects? Pourquoi?


    3 AnswersLangues9 years ago
  • Pouvez-vous m'aider avec cette facile question de les contraires?

    Bonjour. Je suis espagnole, donc ne répondre pas des réponses compliqués. Je veux aide avec cet exercice:

    Répondez aux questions par le contraire:

    1. Est-ce que tu as vu quelqu'un à l'école? Non, n'ai pas vu personne à l'école. EST-CE CORRECT?

    2. Tout le monde a été à la conférence? Non, à la conference n'a été pas personne.

    3. Est-ce que tui as dejà visité ce musée? Non.......

    4. Voulez-vous quelque chose d'autre? Non.....

    5. Ses trois enfants vivent encore avec elle? Non....

    6. Ils vont manger quelque chose? Non...

    7. Elles ont toujours habité ici? Non....

    8. Tu n'en euz plus? Si..... j'en veux plus. EST-CE CORRECT?


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  • Pouvez-vous m'aider avec cette facile question de le discours rapporté?

    Bonjour. Je suis espagnole, donc ne répondre pas réponses trop compliqués. Je veux aide avec cet exercice:

    Mettez le message au discours rapporté et au passé:

    a. Je lui dis: Pourquoi es-tu en retard? Ma réponse: Je lui ai dit pourquoi il était en retard. EST-CE CORRECT?

    b. Le touriste demande: Est-ce qu'il y a une poste près d'ici? = La touriste a demande s'il y avait une poste près d'ici. EST-CE CORRECT?

    c. Le serveur me demande: Que prenez-vous comme boisson? = Le serveur a demandé moi que je prenais comme boisson. EST-CE CORRECT?

    d. Le professeur nous ordonne: Commencez tout de suite l'examen! = ????

    e. Sa mère demande a Jean et à Luc: Que ferez vous ce week-end? = ????


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  • Pouvez-vous m'aider avec cette facile question de les pronoms relatifs?

    Bonjour. Je suis espagnole, donc ne répondre pas des réponses compliqués. Je veux aide avec cet exercice:

    Complétez avec des relatifs:

    a. Picasso est un peintre DUQUEL j'admire toutes les oeuvres. Est-ce incorrect? Pourquoi?

    b. Nous nous sommes trompés, ce n'est pas la route QUE nous sommes passés hier. Est-ce incorrect? Pourquoi?

    c. Les enfants répètent toujours QU' ils entendent. Est-ce incorrect? Pourquoi?

    d. Le jour QUE j'irai à Rome, je serai très contente. Est-ce incorrect? Pourquoi?

    Merci beaucoup.

    3 AnswersLangues9 years ago