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  • Where are the "cool" places in Bristol to live?

    Moving to Bristol in the next few weeks. Frantically looking for a flat. Im 24, sociable guy. Looking for somewhere near where the typical (or stereotypical) cool places are for young professionals to hang around (dont mind walking 15mins or so).

    I was recommended places around montpellier? or the bearpit? But nicer flats look around clifton, which i dont know what its like.

    Any tips and insider knowledge i d appreciate.


    Bristol11 months ago
  • Tennis in London?

    Hey, Im probably moving to London around Liverpool street/Aldgate area. I am a competitive player and performance coach so was wondering what the best clubs are for matchplay/ good quality socials around this kind of area? I dont mind commuting a bit too.

    Cheers for any comments.

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    Brexit is going to be either soft or off. MPs are not going to change their mind overnight unless Boris has an ace up his sleeve with his EU negotiations he hasn't told us. Boris said he will call a snap election if (when) they vote against no-deal. As it stands though, there is a hung parliament so Labour can form a coalition with Lib Dems which Boris can't beat. Both Labour and Libs want a peoples vote, which I think will go towards deal (which pretty much means by any terms) or remain entirely (if that is an option).

    The motion should have been debated after Boris released a Brexit statement, not before. Now we have no chance of a good deal (if it was at all possible).

    I think Labour and Lib could lose given enough debating time as most of their arguments are based on socialist policies which, as the initial Brexit vote showed, does not resonate with the wider public as well - nor have they proposed any valid Brexit solutions. Plus, Boris is a good speaker who appeals to a wider audience than the previous Conservative leaders however Farage might step in again so who knows where that will go.

    Can anyone think of any alternative predictions?

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  • First motorbike help? 23, roadtrips + city living.?

    I am unsure what bike to buy... I have been looking at the Honda Grom for practical reasons (MPG, reliable etc) but i love the look of the Keeway Superlight and is the design style I imagined myself riding.

    I just finished university and live in the countryside currently but i will probably move to London after my gap year.

    On the gap year however, I am going on a 5 month adventure around Europe.

    I am not adverse to fixing my own bike, i am aware the Keeway has mixed reviews but i really know very little about motorbikes. Will I be missing out on a biker experiance if i got the grom? should i just save for the grom if i did go to london? Is the grom actually fine in all aspects or is there another bike you would recommend...


    Thanks in advance :)

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  • Graduate scheme?

    I am closing in on securing a grad scheme im not sure i want. it has a really high starting salary (30k+), travel all around the world, training and qualifications paid for, exposure in many departments and a senior management level position offer at the end of it in a FTSE 250 company.

    BUT, i also want to travel the world and explore. It might sound lame for veterans of the workplace but learning about cultures is something that really interests me.

    How rude would it be to accept the work grad scheme and then leave when it has finished? Or is this something that is not done? I am unsure I want to lock myself into work straight out of uni, but i know this position is highly competitive.


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  • A messy breakup feels on the horizon... Help?

    I'm currently in my third and final year of university, living in an 8-bed house with my girlfriend and a few of our friends. We have been joined at the hip since the beginning of first year and recently I have been having second thoughts.

    I honestly feel that she is one of the most wonderful people I have met and does not have a bad bone in her body. We also have great chemistry and enjoy each others company, we never argue and i find her very attractive. However, I had an epiphany and realised that, whilst i love and adore her, im not convinced one way or another that i want a relationship any longer.

    My mood is flatter, i think about breaking up fairly frequently, but i can't imagine not having her there since she is all i have known in terms of company at university, that and i genuinely adore her.

    I have tried to convey my feelings but fall short of complete honesty. I am concerned that my doubt is starting to affect her mood, which is cruel. I am also her first boyfriend, which shouldn't be a factor, but lets be honest, first breakups are the worst, especially if i cant provide a valid reason as to why. There are no other girls on the scene.

    Anyone else had a similar situation?

    Do I need a reason? I feel i may regret it...

    Some of my friends suggest just sticking it out till after university, but she wants to make travel plans for after and im not sure she would want to as just a friend.

    Sorry for the long post.

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  • What is a vegans end goal?

    I am currently transitioning to veganism as i do not wish to support the way corporations treat sentient animals of any kind. However, i live near a farm and i can see chickens moving around and freely laying eggs, they live until they die of natural causes. Would this be shunned by the vegan community?

    18 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan3 years ago
  • Drugs advice (addiction?) - help.?

    I dont feel the need to talk about this openly, though frequently have moments of guilt and dread. Im typing this in one of those moments, so i will be brief before i lose confidence.

    Male, at university (2nd year). My house is having some drug problems. since the summer i have been smoking weed most days. I dont really remember much of the first semester. Over the last couple of months, NOS was introduced which has now quickly lead to the house (8 bed) going out and having MDMA/ Ketamine. Not everyone in the house takes it, though the ones who do have continued to do so regularly. I have stopped smoking weed because i have ran out of money for it, i also gave my bag of MD to my housemate, though i have looked for it on occasion.

    A girl in my house has MDMA about 3 times a week. To my shame, i wish to join her. Thankfully, I have managed to restrain myself on the vast majority of occasions. I dont know what to do. There is a lot of stress in my life currently, university being a large factor, living with my girlfriend and also my family at home are having to sell our house.

    I know the drugs are wrong, and that it is wrong to normalise it, which is what has been done. I dont attend many lectures, i have dropped my sports and have no external friends to the house. Im not me.

    The fact i know i shouldn't gives me confidence that im fine, but i then i take it anyway. Should i move out my house next year?

    Thank you to all that will read this and take it seriously.

    1 AnswerMental Health4 years ago
  • Should i take an Economics PhD?

    I am an undergraduate studying economics at a top university however my interests also include psychology and anthropology. If i took an Economics PhD could i include these other subjects in my theses or would that be frowned upon?

  • Banking Aptitude Tests??

    I am an undergraduate looking to apply for summer internships with Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and others of a similar vain. Could anyone offer advice with applications, tests and also link where i can practice the online tests?

    Thank you

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment4 years ago
  • Captain America Civil War? Someone explain!!!!!!?

    I get the connection between cap and Bucky... But to me it just seemed like cap was too selfish to see how dangerous bucky was, causing a riff between his friends, the government and putting lives at risk just to keep him alive?

    I just dont see how he could justify this, even if he thought bucky could be "cured". He especially can t justify beating the life out of stark who he hurt to much.

    It just seems to me that in this film, he had his cake and ate at the expense of his friends... I really dislike him after this film (Wasnt to fond before though). can someone explain why he did it? I feel like im missing something as many other people find him to be cool.

    2 AnswersMovies4 years ago
  • Erectile dysfunction help!!!?

    20 with erectile dysfunction. Beautiful girlfriend, eat well (for the most part) and had blood tests which all came back as average + prostate check. But cannot get or maintain an erection. Any thoughts? Btw. On viagra atm but that isn t working too.

    7 AnswersMen's Health4 years ago
  • Fitbit Issue?? Whats with the calories?

    I am using a fitbit charge, i have plugged all my details in and got my diet plan at the ready. Set it to deficit of -1000. I NEVER seem to reach it. I eat healthy and dont need anymore food for the day but im regularly -500 to -1700 calories out! I log all my food down and drinks. I dont do any exercise at the moment. Whats going on?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 years ago
  • Powerlifting Records???

    Im thinking about starting competitive powerlifting, i have been going to the gym for a while and i feel my body is naturally clued up to this kind of sport (or strongman), I am 20, about to be 21 and weigh about 87kg. What kind of weights should i be lifting to have a competitive chance in each category? (In kg's please)

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness5 years ago
  • Girlfriend Lied about Virginity??

    We have been together nearly a year, but when we first had sex she told me she was a virgin. She already knew that lying was a big deal to me, and i had several sensitive relationships that collapsed due to lies, hence my caution. When she told me after a few months of being together, i was really hurt and as much as we still have a healthy sexual relationship, i cant help but think about her with the other guy every now and again. It has been a while now, it is still in my mind. If i bring it up she gets very upset about it (because it sounded like he was a horrible guy and it was a very bad experience). Is there any way to move on from this and forget it? the image seems to be haunting me?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • Dyslexia making uni life difficult!!!?

    I am at a top russell group university in the UK, but more and more i am finding my dyslexia to really be holding me back.

    I am especially week with working memory and phonological processing. I am finding it almost impossible to complete online tests to get placements at top firms for the summer, as the questions play right againsts my strengths. I am finding it very difficult to cope with the stresses of university, the memory capabilities they expect of students.

    Memory does not make intelligence, and this is what they (the university's) seem to be conveying. My essay writing skills are good, with consistent firsts. But i cannot shake off how my underlying dyslexia makes everything far more difficult. I am reading Economics, and this also poses a quagmire when conjoined with my dyslexia, which furthers my frustration.

    Does anyone have any advice as to coping with this? Getting around the difficulties of a system which is heavily reliant on testing working memory and phonological processing?

  • Politics and the Cold war?

    Assess the claim that the Soviet Union lost the Cold War.

    2 AnswersHistory5 years ago
  • Why does my family think im stupid?

    Currently I am studying Economics at a top Russell Group university and on course for a 2.1 or a First. During my A levels i got A*AB, however i have stayed one year back due to illness. I also competed to a high level in chess and whilst i never use to apply myself to studies in school, i was always top of my classes. My brother almost failed his A levels and is going to Oxford Brookes to study management (not saying that's bad, just in comparison i believe economics is deemed to be a more academic study).

    I am always being put down academically, my parents always tell me how my brother could have done great things academically etc, but never offer me anything in terms of credit for my academics it is always suggested that i am some kind of moron and every time i discuss future events such as doing a masters, the common reply is "its good to aim high, but remember to make your goals realistic" i get that everytime i bring up something related to studies. I was never pushed in school, my parents wanted me to be a PE teacher.

    I believe part of the case to be my dyslexia and the fact i stayed back a year, however, my brother stayed one also, so maybe its just favoritism.

    "You use to do a lot of chess and poker didnt you? maybe your not as stupid as everyone thought" - Dad

    what is the reason for this? why cant i seem to get any praise? its gone from something that annoys me every now and again to just being depressing.