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  • Best dewormer?

    Hello! I have a 4 month pup that has never gotten her dewormer. I know it sounds bad but we got her without any vaccinations and dewormer and when we were planning on going to the vet coronavirus got bad and now we’re on quarantine. Of course when this quiets down I will rush to the vet and get everything done but I just want to know if any of you know a dewormer I can order off Chewy or some pet website to give her now. Thank you! 

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    Puppy ears? ?

    I have a Chihuahua Terrier Mix, but she looks like a lil mutt😂❤️ I’ve seen that mix around before and they either had completely floppy ears or erect ears. When I first got her she had floppy ears and now they stood halfway up and stopped there. Not sure if that’s supposed to happen because I’ve never seen dog’s ears like that. I’m just worried so that they won’t lead to ear infections. 

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  • East West Puppy Legs!!?

    I got my puppy from a breeder in January. She’s about 3 months right now. When I got her she was very tiny and skinny. We started feeding her around 4-5 times a day but it was 1-2 tablespoons of her chicken, rice and meat mix each time. We also give her, her dog food and add in some yogurt to the diet too. She also eats fruits sometimes. Now we feed her around 3-4 times a day. She is a chihuahua Australian terrier mix. When she sits and looks at me I’ve noticed her feet go east west and I’ve been researching and honestly I don’t really know how to correct it or what to give my pup. I give her half a vitamin everyday (how it’s directed on the bottle). I would go to the vet right now and ask but with the coronavirus virus I rather stay inside and not risk everything. I’ve read online that some breeds simply have feet that go like that but their paws have to be clenched together and if their little fingers are apart then it’s not right, which my puppy has her paw flat out and not together. I’ve also read it could be lack of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, too much protein and/or she’s teething right now. For the teething which her teeth haven’t started falling out yet, I have these puppy bone teething treats that she loves to chew and they also have calcium for the bones. Another thing I’ve read online is that she could be slightly overweight and her bones just can’t hold her weight or it’s something that will just go away as she grows. 

    So I really don’t know what to go with..any advice?

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    I have recently got a puppy who is 12 weeks now. She is super energetic and eats great.

    Today in the morning I heard her stomach growling and rumbling. Later on it kept happening and when I would pick her up it would do the same. 

    I cook her food for her so I gave her chicken mixed with some beef and rice and she usually gets at it and finishes in no time but right now she smelt it and didn’t even try to eat it. When I offer her doggy treats she doesn’t refuse them. 

    She’s not completely weak but neither is she her energetic self. So now I’m worried and thinking she has to eat so I give her some yogurt which she also loves and she’ll only eat it when I dip my finger in it and let her lick my finger. 

    I read online that it could be intestinal parasites, but she didn’t vomit neither does she have diarrhea. 

    I’m really hoping that it’s nothing serious and she just simply doesn’t feel good today, like it happens once a while to us all. 🥺

    All advice/comments are appreciated! Thank you.

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