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We are a three- piece band from Battle in the south of England. Our names are Tom, Tim and Richard. We are un-conventional in the traditional sense of a band in that we dont use a guitar. Instead we use the power of Toms voice, Rich's rythmic drumming and Tims melodic use of the keys to project our songs. We had a lot of success with our Debut "Hopes and Fears", which got rewarded with two Brit Awards in 2005, and a headline spot at Glastonbury festival amongst other accolades. Our new album is called "Under The Iron Sea" and is out now. We hope to continue the success of the last album by moving in a slightly different direction, yet at the same time keeping our distinct style that we've already created. Above all we want to keep doing what we love best- making music. To find out more about us please visit Yahoo! Music at: or our official site at: