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  • What's it like having a motel/hotel as a neighbor?

    I'm in the process of shopping for a house and found a really strong candidate, my only concern is that it is right next to a motel (like a stones throw from the driveway). It's off of a highway near a moderately popular ski resort in PA and surrounded by state forest, but the motel is kind of shady looking. I'm probably being paranoid, but the idea of that type of clientele wandering around so close to the property (which is already secluded) makes me a bit nervous. I was hoping people who live next to similar establishments could enlighten me on what it's really like to have a hotel/motel as a neighbor, thanks!

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    which bike should I buy? cbr or r6?

    I'm shopping for an upgrade from a suzuki gs500f I just sold. I'm in the market for a sportbike for spirited weekend rides on twisty back roads and maybe some long distance rides as well. I have a deal lined up for a '00 cbr929rr but I have till the weekend to go through with it. My thinking was the honda is fuel injected, reliable, relatively comfortable compared to other bikes of similar sizes (within my price range). Originally I wanted an r6 but the more I read about them the less appealing they sound, reliability and day to day riding wise. The honda is much more rare for where I live, but if I decided to I have a couple r6 deals waiting in the wings for basically the same price. However my concern with the honda is just it's size, I'm an average sized guy but the honda just seems so wide and heavy, bear in mind my only basis for comparison was my little suzuki and before that a 250cc cruiser. I wasn't able to test ride the honda when I looked at it, but I did sit on it, my feet can almost touch the ground flat but not quite which is off putting. Anyways I suppose my question is does anybody have any advice on which to choose? Another model maybe? I'd hate to go with a 600 and just be shopping for something bigger in a season or two but I also don't want something I'll be fumbling to keep upright every time I come to a stop light.

    Thank you all for any input you can give me and taking the time to read this!

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  • why are some shows only on the netflix website and not on my device?

    I have a "smart tv" that uses "apps" to access things like netflix and vudu. Recently I noticed some episodes of certain tv shows show on the netflix website, but not on my smart tv's netflix app (neither the instant que or on the list of available episodes). Any idea why this might be or how I can fix it?

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  • should I sell my 240sx or keep it?

    I have a 92 Nissan 240sx with around 220k miles on it. The body is in decent shape, paint is fair, interior is fair, mechanically it's got engine related gremlins but runs fine about 80% of the time, oh and it could use a new wheel.

    The main problem is it's really starting to nickle and dime me under the hood, so the options I'm considering are putting in another KA motor, an SR, or just selling the damn thing. I know it's a popular car for tuning and it would make a perfect project considering its almost entirely stock so it wouldn't be hard to sell.

    So is it worth paying for another engine (a nice cheap KA I can rebuild, or an SR so I can sell it for a decent amount in the future) or just getting rid of it? What do you guys think?

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  • male sexual performance anxiety....the next step?

    I am a twenty two year old virgin. I am a virgin not from lack of sexual encounters or interest. During intamite times, when a girl wants to have sex with me I lose my erection. It's a full erection all during foreplay and then once she's ready, I lose it. Dry humping can get me to an orgasm, but almost anything else doesn't. I love the feeling of oral sex but I always lose most of my wood by the time she gets down there. A hand job does the trick sometimes, but not reliably. I've found a condition called male performance anxiety which fits the bill. My anxietys become a self fulfilling prophecy, and I create my own problem. I have always suffered with low self esteem, although I know I am good at foreplay. I was open to everything and anything, so I entertained that maybe I was gay and I didn't realize it. I tested this with an open mind by trying fantasies or even a video, but neither did anything for me. I'm at my wits end and tired of being a-sexual, what should I do?

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